Sister Surprise

by Anonymous (Minnesota)

I always wondered what it would be like to be with my sister. We had grown up together, and both of us were still at home to save money while attending the local college. I was 22 and she was 20 when it finally happened.

One day after I came home from class, I could hear some softer moans coming from her room. I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance to see her, so I quietly walked upstairs to the bedroom area. I was surprised to see that her door was open a good six inches, so I worked my way around to look inside.

She was using both of her hands to pleasure herself, one rubbing her clit area and the other to penetrate her pussy. She made very sexy sounds, not too loud but, but soft either. Luckily she could not see me as she was facing the other way. I had fantasized what she would look like naked, this was much better.

Suddenly she blurted out, "Come in here." I was so surprised that she knew I was there, but did not say anything in response. She followed with, "I knew you were coming home soon." At that point I did walk in the room, but still said nothing. She turned and looked at me, "Let's fuck just once." We had never even touched each other sexually, and there she was laying on her back with her legs wide open, smiling.

I did not waste time removing my clothes, and for the first time she saw my very thick eight inch cock. She looked very surprised to see how big I was and said, "Jackpot!". As I approached the bed she told me that we would be fucking only, and nothing else. Not one to argue, I got on top of her and she pulled my in tight. She was the one that grabbed my cock and put it at her opening.

I pushed inside of her deliberately in one motion. She was moving around a little as I entered her. Once I was fully inside she said, "I like it hard and fast." I started to fuck her furiously and she was getting louder with each thrust. I was finally fucking my sister after all of those years of fantasizing about it.

"You could have had me for a long time, but you never made the move." I was so surprised to hear her say that. I told her that I had masturbated many times thinking about her. When I said that, it instantly sent her past the point of no return and she started coming hard on my cock. The bed was soaking in her juices as she had sprayed during her orgasm.

The fact that I made her cum like that put me past the point of no return, I pounded her with a few more strokes and exploded inside of her yelling, "Take my cum!" When I was done she simply said "Lovely!"

We came down together for a few minutes. It was slightly awkward because it all happened so suddenly. The whole event probably lasted fifteen minutes from start to finish. We never did it again, but we were more open about seeing each other naked when nobody was around.

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