Sister Submission

by Donna (Las Vegas)

Before I was forced to leave my house at a young age, I had a raging lust for sexual fantasies. I found my father's Penthouse and Playboy magazines and while looking at the pictures of naked women, it was the articles that got me hard and horny.

After reading about how wonderful the scent of a woman's pussy was, I started smelling my sisters used panties. I found that some were almost clean and some were very dirty with "skid marks" in them.

When I would dig into the clothes hamper, I would try to find the ones that had some moistness or dried fluids on them (Not poop) but pee and pussy juice my sister called "discharge"(I found out later.)

On one afternoon I found a pair of my sister's panties on the floor of her room. They were still wet in the crotch and I took them into the bathroom with me. As I held them to my nose and inhales the essence of her wet pussy, my dick started to get hard.

I had beat off many times using my sister's panties and as I licked and tasted her wetness, I started to stroke my cock. I put the underwear on my head with the crotch over my nose. I was in self pleasure bliss. My eyes were closed and the image in my mind of my sister letting me eat her pussy while she sucked me off, I came all over the bathroom floor.

As I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, I saw my sister looking straight at me (I forgot to close the door. She had a slight smile and said "I have seen you masturbate before and I was sure you used my panties but I never saw the whole thing". She also said "you've got a big dick and cum a lot, I mean a whole lot. "Look at how much you got on the floor", "Now clean that up and bring my underwear back to my room.

I used her panties to wipe up the floor and brought them back to her. When I got to her room, she looked me in the eyes and told me " If you wanted to smell me the just ask". I said I did like the smell of her and want to smell her more. With that she reached under her dress and pulled her panties off. I went to grab them and she threw them over my head and said "OH NO" you get to smell me now".

She pushed me down and said "lay down, I'll do it all". She then took off her dress, un did her bra and pulled her socks off. then as she was standing over my head saying, "look at my pussy, look at how wet I am". My cock was at full attention.

She kneeled over my head and lowered herself onto my face. As she "hovered" over my mouth she said "smell my cunt, smell my womanhood" "do you like to smell my pussy"? I said that I do and want to taste it. lowering her snatch onto my face I began to lick and suck her pussy. I have to say it is even better than her panties.

I was trying to lick her hole and she started sucking my very hard dick. she would take it out of her mouth and tell me where to lick and just how to suck on her pussy. she then had my dick in her mouth and started to moan and move around. the moans turned into little whimpers and got louder and louder. she was moving more and quicker. letting my cock out she said "I'm cumming, suck my pussy you ass hole, eat me and make me cum". With that she screamed loudly and shook uncontrollably. I was sucking her for all I was worth as I felt her juice get all over my face.

She just fell limp on top of me and we just stayed there for several minutes. As she was getting up she gasped and said "oh my gosh, I forgot to get you off brother". I told her to let do it and grabbed my dick to beat it off. She said "No I told you I would do it all" and layed back telling me to put my cock in her.

I climbed on her shoved my manhood in and started to fuck her. I was thinking how good it felt to have my dick in my sister's pussy when she commanded me "Harder, push it in harder, oh yes, that's it keep doing that". I shoved it in all the way as hard as I could, pulled it almost all out, grabbed her waist right above her hips and shoved it back in to the hilt as I came inside of her, pushing harder and harder in her with each spurt.

I collapsed on her, we hugged, both sweating and not saying a word for several minutes.

As we got up she asked me "how long would I have waited before I asked her about her womanhood?" I said I had no intention of ever asking her but now that she invited me to do that to her, I would like to learn more about how to satisfy her and other girls.

She looked me in the eye and said "oh dear brother, you don't need to learn more but we will be doing this a lot more often now"

After about two years of "Learning" with my sister I had to move out to my best friend's house down the street.

Only on rare occasions have I got with my sister since. I do love her and her pussy to no end.

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