Sister Or No Sister Is The Question: Part 2

by Null

(A young man goes to a hill station with his newly married sister)

There is not much to do as weather was not allowing us to go out. We ate food and took tea together until it was night. Payal told me that she received another call from her husband. He told her that he was on his way to hill station but due to car trouble will reach next day. I was happy to hear that and planning to fuck her. As I sat to take some wine, Payal slipped inside her blanket.

Me: do you want some didi
Payal: No I am not going to taste more
Me: I know you waiting for your hubby
Payal: forget me but is he allowed you to drink all his wine
Me: No, but he told me the address from where I can purchase more
She fell silent but through a hole in blanket watched me drink. When I emptied two glasses and tried to fill a third she jumped like a cheetah from the bed and took the wine bottle away from me. She told me I had enough and should sleep now. I asked her either to sip the wine I poured in glass or let me have it. She obliged me by drinking it in big gulps. Her behaviour was unusual.
Me: let me check the bed in other room
Payal: bed is still wet but blanket is ok. I think we should put that one over this blanket to fight cold

It was unbelievable. She was asking me to sleep again with her?
Me: But then we'll have to sleep together again
Payal: I won't mind sleeping together in this cold
Me: But didi.... You know what happened...
Payal: It was an accident. I know you respect me a lot
My heart started beating again. I accepted her offer and soon we were lying together on same bed.
Me: I hope sun will be out tomorrow and our cloths will get dry.
Payal: Are you feeling warm?
"Yeah enough" I replied.
"But I am feeling cold." She sad
"Give your hands in mine so I can rub them" I said

She extended her soft small hands and I rubbed them until they are warm. Taking her hands near my mouth I warmed them by blowing warm breath on them. Next I encircled her in one of my arms. I touched her feet and rubbed them too with my feet. The innocent touching made me horny again. Didi felt my devil awaking again. Slowly my cock got harder and harder. She noticed it and said,
"Hey bro, why this happening again?"
I stammered before saying. "I am sorry didi, I think feeling your body next to mine is too much for me!"
"I am your sister and a married woman, I don't see any reason for this behaviour of yours" she said

I decided to be honest with her, nothing else could explain this. I replied, "OK didi, you are my sister but you are very desirable too as woman. I am so sorry, but I cannot help myself!"
"You are disgusting" she said and turned away from me. I let her on her own but then touched her shoulder. She slapped me on my hand. I took her in my arms and try to convince her of my logic. "Didi, can we talk please? It is not all that strange, all men lust women related to them at some stage in life. I am loosing control due to this strange weather and wine. Forgive me. I am not forcing you to anything"

Payal softened a little and replied, "OK but I have no idea what am I going to do with you once we go back home?"
"Do as you wish but don't be mad at me now"
Her attitude made my erection slowly soften and then disappear. Now I had an angry sister in my arms. She spoke again.
"I am worried if you create a mess today like yesterday then I don't have another warm dress."
For a few seconds I just kept silent then whispered. "Why not sleep like yesterday and save our dresses from getting dirty."
Now she fell silent for a long time. Then she said,
"Will it be a good idea. I will agree only if you promise to behave properly."

I promised and soon we took our dresses off and slid under the blanket naked.
For a brief second I stared at her petite beauty. Fine lines, small but pert tits, and firm nipples. Payal tried to keep herself away from me but when I asked to get close for warmth she agreed. Never ever I thought that one day I will hug my sister nude. The hug made me hard again but she let me hug her close.
"I always wanted to hold you like this but never had the courage." I said,
"Well you're certainly getting your wish fulfilled today! But that is as far as this can go!" And she gave a little laugh.

I buried my face into her neck and mumbled, "OK, I am sorry, I just love you too much" and started kissing her neck. I felt Payal relax a bit more and a humming from her throat as I kissed her. I knew my sister had a hobby of singing movie songs so I asked to sing one. She agreed after a little persistence. I don't know why she chose a romantic number. When it ended I thanked her by kissing her neck more and more, all of this only making me harder and harder!
"OK, you need to stop that," she said, but didn't sound like she meant it. I kept kissing.
After a small pause I moved my kisses down her neck. I could tell she was enjoying it but not ready to admit it.

“This is crazy. You’re my brother and this is not right."
I knew I crossed the line she drew. Despite that I kept on kissing her, answering her vocal objections with more kisses and touches. She was as horny as me but didn't want to admit. He body was tense. Getting bolder I kissed on her lips and she started breathing heavy.
"Enough, you need to stop that," she said, but didn't sound like she meant it. I kept kissing her.
"There is no harm in showing my love for you by kissing you" I replied.
Payal kept silent but hugged me close.
"I don't know about the nature of your love but your kisses are giving me the warmness I need"
I took it as a permission and began kissing her more, on chin, under her ears, along her neck. I felt her body shudder in my arms. It was so surreal. I was naked, holding my naked sister in my arms and kissing her. As I kissed her on her lips she just laughed.

"Isn't that getting out of control, I am afraid of where this is going." She said
My hard cock was rubbing on her soft tummy. Gently I began moving my fingers against her boobs. Payal made no move to stop me and I felt no tension in her body, so I increased my fondling. I was so happy squeezing her tities! This was great!
Payal started a quiet moaning and said, "No" a few times, but she put her hand over my left hand prodding me on with more fondling. I kissed her more fervently and pressed my hard cock into her even harder!
"Please keep in mind that who I am, who you are." Payal said that but with no conviction.
I kept kneading her fantastic tit while my brain searched for an answer.
I said, "Payal, I love touching you. I just want to make you happy! I want to love you more badly"
I squeezed her tit and moved my fingertips gently to her nipple. I let my hand move between her legs.

Payal gasped and muttered 'No' but did nothing to stop me. Both of us we getting hot and starting to breathe heavy, and her moans and shivers were becoming more frequent. I pushed Payal to onto her back and lowered my mouth to her tit. I began kissing it all over, then sucking on her very rigid nipple. Payal was writhing in pleasure from my suckling. I let a finger to slide along her pussy lips and she shuddered. I was happy that she did not pull my hand away, but pressed it harder into her soft mound. I slipped my finger inside her wet pussy and began to finger fuck her slowly and gently. I broke from sucking her nipple to raise my head and kiss her. Payal was panting and replying my kisses back.
"Ahhh, ohhh, I, ohhhh!" Didi cried into my lips.

She was so turned on that she reached down and grabbed my hard cock in her hand. She squeezed it and stroked it slightly. I pulled back and rose onto my hands and knees over the lovely body of my sweet sister. I let myself down on top of her slowly while maintaining most of my weight on my elbows. The feeling of my cock against her pussy mound was so intense. I kissed her hard and rotated my hips to grind my cock into her clitoris. Payal thrust her hips back at me and sucked on my tongue like it was her life! She reached down and grabbed my cock sliding the head up and down against her wet pussy lips.

Pulling from my lips she said, "You son of a bitch you made me so hot now go ahead and fuck me"

I pushed gently until the head of my dick was inside her pussy. It was so hot and so tight! Applying the pressure slowly and wiggling my hips slightly, I slipped all the way into her pussy. I could easily explode and come right now if I did not get some control! It was so hot and so tight!

Payal sighed and moaned, "Oh my, easy, easy, wait a second, this is, this is so wrong"
She reached around my back and pulled me to her body. I started to pull back and thrust into her in slow easy strokes. Between her moans and groans I could hear her breath exhale when my weight came down onto her. She clutched me more tightly as I increased the power of my thrusts. Her pussy was squeezing tightly around my hard pistoning cock as though she was afraid I'd pull out. This was absolutely heaven! I could not believe this was happening!!!

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