Sister Or No Sister Is The Question: Part 1

by Null

Like every others story this one has a background.

I had a sister named Payal who was 4 years older then me. She got married when she was 22 and settled down with her husband in a nice house. Her husband was holding a good job in a MNC so my family was happy over the marriage. My brother in law often visited other towns and took Payal with him. But due to his busy schedule he missed a proper honeymoon.

It got delayed for a year then my brother in law hired a cottage at a hill station for a week. Payal didi was happy to go there as her friends were teasing her about her honeymoon. Everything was going well but on the last minute the company assigned of my brother in law him a work in another city. It was only for a day or two so he sought my help. He asked me to take my sister to hill station and stay there until he joins us.

Payal didi was not happy about this adjustment but agreed finally. One sunny day we hired a car and after travelling for 3 hours reached our destination. On the way we saw cloud gathering and air becoming chilly. The cottage was a little away from the main road so the car dropped us on the road. To our bad luck rain started to fall quickly. The trees and mountains around us were looking very romantic but rain stopped us from enjoying them.

We walked briskly but still got wet by the time we reached the cottage. We have some warm cloths with us but we were not wearing them. Payal didi was wearing a blue shalwar suit. It was a bit tight on her and highlighting her womanly charms. I never paid much attention to her but fact was that she had all the right charms of a female. She was fair colored. Her oval face was accented by big brown eyes, long eyelashes and seductive, pouting lips, framed by soft, flowing black hair that cascaded to her shoulders.

Due to the set up I was in I gave her a close look. She was looking quite sexy in her fitted see through dress. I thanked God that we were almost alone. The rain made her dress seemed to disappear and cling to her body. Her brassier and her belly button could easily been seen through. She was giving a very erotic look in that posture. It took sometime to open the door as I tried a wrong key first.

Payal realized her condition and put her arms around her heaving breasts. She shivered and complained of cold. Once we were inside she threw her dupatta away and started searching her beg for another dress. The house had two rooms and a small kitchen. I put our bags in one bedroom. Soon she moved to bathroom and then came in a warm maroon dress. Her hairs were loose and she was drying them with a towel. Good God she was looking damn sexy.

To control my emotions I moved to bathroom and reappeared after getting into warm cloths. Now we have a problem. We could not go out for dinner due to rainy weather. Luckily I bought some bread and butter for breakfast. So I decided to prepare tea and eat some bread with it. The tea, however was not enough to warm us. My brother in law gave me a bottle of wine to carry in my bag.

My sister received a call from him. She complained of cold and asked him to join her soon. Then she handed over the phone to me. My brother in law was quiet frank with me so he advised me to warm my sister with some wine. As I cut the phone she asked what was her husband saying. I told her about his advice. I knew she tasted it after the marriage.

Payal: you drink too

Me: only occasionally

Payal: OK then but only for warmness, otherwise mom will complain that I corrupted you

I opened my bag and brought out the wine bottle. Payal brought two glasses from the kitchen. Looking at the rain we started sipping wine. As Payal sipped her drink she avoided looking in my eyes. I started talking and discussing things and tried to pour more wine in our glasses. She came to senses and asked me to stop.
"I feel tired, I am going to bed."

Mom stood up but due to being a little tipsy fell back on couch. Her loose hair got spread on her shoulders. I came for her help by putting my arms around her. I pulled her up and took her to bed and let her sit on it. The feel of her female body and her perfume gave me a warm feeling. she said 'thank you'. I went to other room for sleeping but found that due to a broken glass of window part of the bed was wet. I came back to tell this to Payal. In a sleepy voice she said I can sleep with her.

The way things were going was very abnormal but then I couldn't do much about them. My sweet sister had no idea how much horny I was feeling. I switched main light but let bathroom light on. I moved under the blankets and tried to sleep. I was tired too due to travel so I started falling asleep. I woke up a bit later in the middle of the night and noticed that I was holding Payal tight from behind and because of the cold our bodies were close together.

She was fast asleep. My penis was against her ass and I started to feel something, it started to get hard. I didn’t know what to do, as it was growing it rubbed against her back. The feel of her soft back was amazing. I started moving and rubbing against her. My arms were wrapped around her and I could feel her breasts. Payal was not wearing a bra as one she was wearing was already wet. Her breasts were nice and soft, I squeezed a little just to know they feels like.

I heard a soft moan coming from her, she was still fast asleep. I started rubbing more against her back. I was horny and drunk so I kept moving my hips up and down rubbing against her back. The movement lifted her shirt and I was rubbing against her bare back. My penis was so hard it started coming out of my pajamas until it slipped all the way off from my movements.

Now my penis was against her hips. Slowly I lowered her shalwar a little and rubbed on her hips. That was too much for my boiling blood. I couldn’t hold it anymore and suddenly started Cumming in between her legs, it felt too good. My cum oozed and dripped over her ass and dress. She woke and felt the wetness with a hand. She turned to me and it took her some time to realise what has happened.

"Bastard, what were you doing. You soiled my entire dress. One was already wet and now this." She shouted.

"Sorry didi, it happened in sleep. Still I am sorry"

She sat down and slapped me on face.

"Only a sick of mind can think of fucking his own sister." She screamed

"Please calm down didi, it was not intentional and it was not fucking"

My argument cooled her a bit. She jumped from bed and Looked at her image in the wall mirror.

"Another dress and another shower in this cold night. Do you want me to die?" She asked

"Please understand. My condition is not any different." I said, "I will suggest not to change now. Just drop our dress and sleep inside the blanket nude. We can take shower in the morning."

"What! You want me to sleep with you again and nude." She said with a smirk

"If you have a better idea then tell me." I said

"You are a drunk and a dog" she said

Despite her anger she finally agreed to sleeping nude. She asked me not to turn my face to her so we lied down with our backs to each other. Sleep was hard to come due the unusual incident.

"Since how long you were planning this?" I was shocked to hear Payal asking this.

"Planning what?" I asked

"Bringing me here to fulfil your evil desires" she said

"What are you talking about. There is no such thing"

"Then why your ... tool got hard and discharged on my hips" she asked

"Come on didi it was accidental. You might be a sister but a beautiful woman too. Anybody who can see you in a wet dress can fall in love with you." I was a bit frank

I heard Payal laughing in mock. "I am amused at your compliment but I was not expecting this from a good brother like you."

"Let's get some sleep and can talk later" I said

With that we got silent and went to sleep.

When I woke it was next day. Rain was still falling. Payal was preparing breakfast in the kitchen so I walked naked to bathroom. There I saw not only her dresses washed and hanging for drying but mine too. I took a quick shower and changed to another dress. When I went out I was greeted by Payak as normal. She mentioned nothing about last night. We took breakfast and discussed about food availability for next meal. We have no more bread or butter and rain was still falling. I decided to use a old towel as cover and went to market.

There I bought a few items from a shop and a few from a hotel. When I was returning the rain started to fall hard but now I had an umbrella to protect me. As I reached my destination, my beautiful sister saw me coming and she came out to meet me on the veranda. Her hairs were still loose on her shoulders. She welcomed me by saying that I took too long to return and she was feeling very lonely. I handed her my shopping and told her that with the Umbrella we can go out together next time.

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