Sister In Law

by Anonymous

It was a winter's night and I had finished my tea and was sitting watching the TV. All I could think of was that in twelve hours time I would have my new porn magazine that I had been waiting for.

I was hoping that this edition would be better than normal as it was the xmas one. My trail of thought was broken by the sound of my wife saying I'll be off now see you in a few hours.

I got up to go and see her out as she was off to her friend's house. As I entered the kitchen she smiled at me and said I've got you a surprise and at that she handed me my new porn magazine and said enjoy yourself.

I said ok I will and went back to the living room and started to look through the magazine. I stripped off and began to play with myself.

I decided to prop the magazine up so I could really enjoy it. I played with my cock and it grew harder and harder. I started to pour baby oil onto my body and lube myself up.

My cock was dripping with oil and ready for a good beating when I heard a knock at the front door. I quickly grabbed my dressing gown and put it on and put the magazine on the table.

I answered the door and it was my sister in law so I invited her in as she was returning some glasses she had borrowed. I said just put them on the table and I'll sort them out.

I just wanted her to go as I wanted to get back to my magazine and a good wank. She sat down and said bet this is a good read as she held up my porn magazine. I said yes it's a good read.

She said since when do you need baby oil to read and tissue paper. So what were you doing she asked. I said wanking hoping she would go at that but no she just said well what is stopping you.

My cock went hard again and I said well you. She said I like to watch so show me how you wank. I took my dressing gown off and started to rub my body and cock.

I said just a minute I'll need the magazine open so I can see a pair of tits to wank over. She opened the magazine and flicked through the pages and said no good how about these and with that she got her tits out.

I nearly shot my load. I stopped wanking and started to play with her tits sucking and caressing them. I don't know why but I undid her jeans button and soon we were both naked.

I said fancy a shag and with that she opened her legs and said well fuck me then. I obliged of course and shot my load all over her tits and face. We both got dressed and to this day have never stopped fucking each other now and again.

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