Sister Does Daddy, So Mom Does Her Baby Boy

by Kim Cummings (San Francisco, California, USA)

Daddy wasn't satisfied with mommy. My 18 year old sister however was ripe and juicy. So curious and coming of that age when cock and cum is so irresistible. Daddy was in his prime. Mommy often was tired and not in the mood.

After all, the family vibrator was convenient and handy. I should know as I personally availed myself of that same vibrator often with a pair of mom's or my sister's wet panties, sniffing the sweet nectar while applying that device to my young erect cock.

Slowly but surely I came to rely on those silky panties and found that sheer to the waist pantyhose frequently felt so smooth and delicious as well as smelling sweet. I never bothered to wash the panties or pantyhose I used to sniff and later on even wear during my naughty little fantasizing of mine.

My sister was hot often wearing little but nylons bra panties and high heels around the house. I was just her younger brother and pretended to not pay attention to her antics of strutting around the house her high heels clicking on the hardwood floors. Her thighs rubbing together in her silky pantyhose.

Those same panties and pantyhose along with mom's things would invariably be used to satisfy my urges along with the family vibrator. That same vibrator got a lot of use in our home. Mom would usually take a nap complaining of a headache and not always close her bedroom door.

Mom and dad slept in separate bedrooms giving me a chance to rummage around her wardrobe for choice items of interest. Mom and my sister had excellent taste in lingerie. Frilly lace colorful panties all smooth and delightful to the touch. Expensive pantyhose, many, many pairs to choose from. A large walk in closet where dozens of sexy high heels were.

By now I was 18 and my sister was 19 and at night dad would covertly sneak into her bedroom. It actually became an "open secret" that nobody said anything about. That is except my sister who mentioned that royal families would engage in inbreeding to keep the bloodlines pure.

Dad like me had a fetish for all things feminine and silky along with very high heels. He bought "presents" of shoes and lingerie for his daughter and mom. Some of them in larger sizes.

Luckily for me those sizes fit me your truly to a tee. I suspect, like many men do dad knew about my little hobby and sometimes could be seen wearing pantyhose like me.

Now with dad doing sis mom was conspicuously left out. One day I was under her bed looking for leftover panties and pantyhose when mom came in and laid down to take a nap.

I hid carefully under the large bed in a nice pair of pantyhose I found. Embarrassed, I was trapped. Mom reached under the bed for her personal lover, the family vibrator.

Luckily, she didn't see me. I was nervous but then I heard this low humming of the vibrator going. Soon after mom was moaning and enjoying the wonderful vibrations of the device we all used. I relished in listening to my mom's breathing and her sighs of delight as she slowly but surely came to her powerful orgasm.

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