Siesta in Majorca

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Our family holiday in Majorca. We had a four weeks holiday, Mum, Dad, Erin, Caroline, Drew and Me Tommy. We spent time just lounging on the beach sunning ourselves, supping Kronenburg beer and noshing the odd Pizza. My sisters became bold enough to go topless (much to Dad's dismay and got Drew to keep an eye on them....and the 'hunters' Mum of course preserved her modesty and kept her rather large bosom sheathed in a full cup swim top.

My sisters were growing up to be terrific nubile young teens, figures developing with pronounced curves, breasts high and thrusting provocatively (which had reaction from local boys), Drew was a typical teenage boy, scruffy, untidy, slouchy and morose He was obviously at war with his raging hormones. Dad was just dad, always there, dedicated to us, kind and considerate, long suffering, but just our Dad.

We were all out at the beach, by now suitably tanned when Dad said we should go into Palma for night out, the girls and Drew were happy about but Mum said she thought she had too much sun and would stay home at the apartment and have her siesta. I told Dad I would stick around, just in case I was needed by Mum. They got the local bus and took off, Mum went to bed and I sat on the patio having the odd gargle of beer.

A couple of hours passed before mum came out onto the patio groggy with sleep, grabbed my bottle of beer and took a long swig then sat down on the sun lounger, I asked her how she was feeling, then she dropped a Bomb on me. She looked into my eyes and said softly...

"I'd feel a lot better if you come to bed with me".....

"Wha' what did you say Mum"??..

"I'd feel a whole lot better and more human for good hard shagging, my boy"

"Mum! for fucks sake........"

"Yes, Fuck being the operative word, I NEED a bloody good shag, I NEED to nice stiff dick thumped into my itching pussy and fucking me royally, So I'm here, you're here come and do the honours, I'm wet and just soooooo fucking HORNY"

As she said this, Mum reached down grabbed my hand on firmly pulled me off my chair and led me, bewildered, indoors and in to my bedroom here she turned to face me, shucked her robe off to reveal her naked body. In spite of my reticence my dick rapidly grew to it full stiffness of nine thick engorged pulsating inches which Mum reached for then sank to her knees, unzipped my shorts and engulfed my manhood in her mouth as it swayed into view, I was Lost, she had me where she wanted me, Mother or Not she was for fucking me, getting my dick in her body and gratifying herself in her own salacious way by having incestuous sex.

I watched entranced by her nakedness as padded over to her crumpled bed, her tits jiggling and her lush arse swaying provocatively she lay down and looked hot eyed at me, she spreadeagled herself, her befuzzed pussy showing her moistness. In spite of the immorality and debauched perversity of the situation, I was consumed by uncontrollable lust for this woman who had given birth to me and was now intent on taking me back into the very gaping pussy I had emerged from years ago..

"Come to me, darling, come and do it to me, get between my legs, do what you want with me, cram that big fat thing hard a deep inside me, FUCK me son, fuck your Mum, fuck me had don't hold back on anything, I want it, I want it badly. Ohhhhhhhhhh!! uhh! uhhh! yesyesyes! ohhh yes! hard, do it hard, So BIG! so fucking hard, Ohmygod! Oh my God!, nnnnnnnnnhhhhh! I'm going to cum Son, going to cum, fast! fast! faster! faster! Harder.......Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

My mum bucked and flailed under me, I hear a quavering shouting, I realise it was me when my climax seared through me as my pulsing dick spewed ropes of spunk into womb making her convulse uncontrollably her finger digging viciously into my arse cheeks. Her orgasm seemed to last an age before I felt her slump and become a trembling wet breathless drooling mess.

It was while before her tightness allowed my spent dick to flop out of her body, followed by a dollop of my spunk. After A long silence extricated herself from under me, measured her naked warm damp sweaty body along mine, kissed me deeply for a long time before whispering.....

"What happened in this bed and this room must NEVER be talked about except between you and me, what we did here, stays here. I will want you again at some stage my love, you can do anything you want to me, with me, OK!?

We were about to become incestuous Lovers.

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