Shy Girl

by Lil shy girl (Jamaica)

It was my 22 birthday and I just wanted to chill and smoke some weed drink some alcohol and have some nasty sex. I left work early stopped at a store got some liquor a cake some weed from a friend and picked up my hot neighbor who I was fucking we smoked and talked for a while until we got really horny so I started to kiss on his chest down to his dick I love sucking is dick but I had huge plans for it that night I wanted to get fucked in the butt.

I licked his hard cock while he is moaning fuuuck...... Oh BBY ..... I knew he was enjoying himself so I went a little further to his balls he spread his legs a bit so I took the invitation to licking his ass hole I licked it with my sloppy tongue rimmed him I knew he liked it because he was so excited and I was loving it.

He got up put me on my back and started to lick my pussy he played with my clit then took it to my ass he lick my ass and it was Soo hot my pussy melted when he got my ass wet enough he slid a finger in and stared licking my clit again I was ready to be analyze he got up lubed his dick with some lube I had on the night stand and then placed the tip of his cock at the rim of my asshole.

My ass was jumping it needed to be penetrated he took his time to slide it in while I play with my pussy I opened up my ass and let him right in then I started to squeeze his cock with my muscles while he pumps my ass .

Ohhh... Fuck BBY I love this fucking ass hole I want to fill your big ass with hot cum he moaned I love every minute of the fuck and I wanted him to filled my ass so I pushed back screaming yes BBY fuck this ass harder and deeper I felt his cock throbbing in my asshole leaking hot cum.

While he was screaming oh fuck BBY I'm cumming in your butt I love fucking this tight ass ohhhhhh fuck he shoved his cock deep in my ass and the feeling that he came in my butt had me cumming like crazy.

The End

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