Shortly After my Divorce

by Anonymous

After my husband and i divorced i got the house and all he wanted was something that belonged to him, so he came and picked them up and left one weekend. I’m 30 still in good shape with 36dd tits.

The house was nice and i had a privacy fence around and all. One Saturday morning i decided to put on my bikini and lay on my lounge chair and get some sun.

After i was there for about half hour i heard a tapping at the gate and it opened a little and a couple of the older guys in the neighborhood asked if i needed any help with anything ,they were always helping out.

I told them i didn’t need anything done but they could come and talk for a bit if they wanted so they came in and closed the gate and sat on either side of me in lawn chairs as we chatted some it felt nice to have a little company.

After a bit as i was chatting with one guy i soon felt a hand start to caress over my stomach slowly and soon i felt it sliding into my bottom and caressing over my pussy it felt good and i moaned low as he did it.

The other guy smiled as he got next to me and kissed me and he slid my tits out and played a moment with them and sucked on them both, i smiled and said we should go in.

After we went in the house and closed the curtains they both took turns standing there kissing me, i was turned on some from so long, i smiled and took them into my bedroom and we soon undressed, as i looked at them i seen they both had 9" and they were both ready.

I laid down on the bed and spread as they took turns eating my pussy and sucking and playing with my big tits, then one of them got a bottle of baby oil and spread some on my tits and soon he was titty fucking me and i loved it and when he was ready he slid it in my mouth and i swallowed.

After his friend slid up between my legs and started to push his dick slowly into my tight pussy opening it as he went until he was all into me deep, then he fucked me until he unloaded his hot sperm deep inside of me.

He pulled out and we all laid there resting, then the one guy who titty fucked me rolled me over and lubed my ass and started to fuck my ass as he did he slid his hands under me and played with my tits.

I loved it a lot as he did and when he was finished and laying back i smiled as i told them they could keep fucking me anytime they wished to.

One of the guy smiled and asked what i was doing anything tonight and i said nothing id be here and he said he could come over for the night and i said fine as long as we don’t get into trouble.

That evening i was ready for him in a robe and after he came we went to my bedroom and he undressed as i took off my robe and soon i was sucking his dick, after i got him hard he smiled as i laid back and spread and he ate my pussy and sucked both titties for me and he whispered in my ear how great i felt as he slid his big cock into me and soon was fucking me.

He soon had my legs around him as he fucked me and then i felt his hot sperm shooting deep inside of me, when he was finished he kissed me and had me roll over after i did he slid in my ass and fucked it good to. I laid there in his arms knowing I do anything for him sexually from now on.

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