Shopping For Vacuum

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I was vacuuming one day suddenly my vacuum decided it was time for it to die so I threw the old vacuum out.

With all of this going on where you couldn't even go outside your house without some young men groping women's breasts and either putting their hand down your pants or lifting up women's skirts to finger their pussy.

On this one day I had to go out and buy a new vacuum cleaner, I got on the bus to go for a new vacuum cleaner and while riding the bus I allowed some men to place a hand up under my blouse and under my bra, it felt great for men and maybe some girls to play with my huge breasts.

I just sat there while someone placed a hand down my pants and my panties and began playing with my pussy, some girls even played with my pussy too.

By the time the bus arrived at the mall I had my breasts groped and my pussy fingered by what seemed like everyone on the bus including the driver.

I was very happy when I got off of the bus, I got off the bus and went in to shop for a new vacuum cleaner, in this one store where I was looking at this one vacuum I liked the salesman came over and offered to demonstrate this model of vacuum cleaner.

He turned on the vacuum, without knowing where the end of the hose was when he turned the vacuum on, I suddenly felt something strange touching my body.

I had a very funny and odd feeling around my pussy all of a sudden, here the end of the vacuum cleaner hose grabbed onto my pussy, the salesman stood there laughing.

The vacuum cleaner sucking my pussy, the salesman laughing so hard because I was getting sucked hard in my pussy that he increased the speed.

I was getting my pussy sucked extremely fast, I was having one major orgasm after another. I told the salesman that I wanted to buy that vacuum.

Now not only did I have a new vacuum cleaner, I also discovered a brand new kind of sex toy too, once or twice a week I play with my new sex toy, I remove my pants and panties to vacuum.

While I am doing the vacuuming I place the end of the hose against my pussy, I turn the vacuum on and suck my pussy with my vacuum. I even turn up the speed and have many massive orgasms.

Once in a while I even try other sexual things with the vacuum, I sometimes place the end of the hose against my own boobs and let the vacuum hose suck on my tits making my nipples hard and erect.

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