Shopping For Vacuum: Part 2

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I would like to finish the story when I was looking for a new vacuum cleaner.

Well, here it goes, while the employee began to demonstrate the vacuum at the time, he had no idea that the end of the hose was against me.

After he started the vacuum and with the end of the hose against my body, the first item of clothing the vacuum cleaner removed from my body was my blouse, the next to be removed was my skirt.

Followed by my bra and finally my panties was removed from my body, now here I am standing in the middle of the department store completely stripped naked, that's when I started to feel this funny sensation between my legs.

Now after being stripped of all my clothes by the vacuum the end of the vacuum hose was against my pussy. I was now getting raped right there in the middle of the store by a vacuum cleaner.

After this was going on and all of the other customers shouted out there was a woman in the store completely naked, hearing this the salesman looked and notice what happened.

When he looked to see that the end of the vacuum cleaner hose was he suddenly started laughing, he saw that I was now stripped naked and I was getting fucked by the vacuum.

He decided to see what would happen if he turned up the power on the vacuum, well that is what happened, he turned up the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, he left the end of the vacuum hose against my pussy and now I was getting fucked harder, faster and deeper up my pussy to where I thought everything inside was getting fucked.

The salesman continued to laugh even harder, this went on for about forty five minutes and after I have many massive orgasms, finally he turned off the vacuum cleaner, after the store manager came over along with four police officers.

The salesman was arrested and taken to jail, the store manager told the police officers to charge him with raping a customer using a vacuum cleaner, after the police took the salesman the manager turned to me and apologized for what happened and let me pick out some clothes at no charge.

I found a really nice pair of panties, bra, nice sexy blouse and a very nice skirt. I was told by the manager to go into the dressing room and put my new clothes on. so I did.

I came out of the dressing room after putting my new clothes on, the manager looked at me and told me how sexy I looked and even drove me home.

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