Shocked by Mum

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I got a call on my moby from my Mum.....

"I'm at Steph's place, son, can you be a sweetie and pick me up, I've got a flat tyre."

I told Mum ok and got my keys, locked the front door and away I drove ten miles to Auntie Stephanies, my Mums older sister.

I knew the two of them together were avid 'Swingers' and frequently 'entertained' several men at Stephs house, and many time my Mum had come home tiered, frazzled and certainly looking the worse for being used sexually, and no doubt her sister was in just as ravaged a state.

On arriving at Stephs, she and Mum came to the door, Mum almost fully dressed except for her bra, which she carried and with her shirt unbuttoned so that I had a good view of her big joggling tits. Steph kissed mum goodnight, looked me over, smiled lasciviously and leaned in to give me a quick kiss on my cheek.

In the car Mum reclined her seat and asked me to take the country route home and give her some time to unwind and recover. I obliged and away we went. The atmosphere was heavy with the aroma of stale perfume laced with dried perspiration and the unmistakable musky smell of horny female.

As we drove, I kept glancing down at Mum, her skirt was above mid-thigh and legs were as akimbo as room allowed. After a mile or so Mum suddenly reached to pull up her skirt, raise her hips, hook her thumbs into her knickers and push them down far enough to kick them off.....

"Ugh! sorry son, they're too uncomfortable, soggy and wet with you know what....Steph and I got quite a hefty trunking over the last few hours, fingered, fisted, licked, fucked, gang fucked and extensively spunked up, we sucked for England, screamed, moaned, squirted, you name it we did it, Sally and Chloe as well. Sorry lad, to subject you to all this mucky life I lead but it's my only release from drudgery and being a fucking wage slave and with your dad gone.. is what is!

While she was speaking my cock was raging hard, unable to straighten out in the confines of my jocks and jeans. What made it worse was the sight of Mums parted white thighs and her hand on her hairy pussy, the middle finger delving inside her obviously soggy hole.

I had to force myself to concentrate on the road ahead while my Mum did what she did and lost herself to whatever she was thinking. Arriving home at least she went straight upstairs, presumably to shower and wash away her evenings debauch, I meantime locked house up, drank a few shots of Mums vodka and after a short while went up to bed. Mums room door was ajar, i could see her laying on top of the duvet. I went into the room, looked down her naked body......"Mum! are you getting into bed? its gonna get chilly, Mum!...

"You get in with me, son, get in with your Mum and cuddle with her, I so NEED to be cuddled and feel Loved, you do love me, son don't you, say you do, say you love your Mum, son...."

I stripped and unashamedly displayed my proudly swollen cock before slipping under the duvet with my Mum, cuddling and spooning into her back, my erect dick pushing between her soft warm thighs and rasping softly amongst her dried spunk stiffened pubic forest....

"I love you Mum, really, I love so much, I'll do anything for you, Mum...."

My dick was throbbing between her thighs, she could feel it, she gave a shudder and a hissing intake of breath...

"Oh God you're so hard son, nice and big and hot and as stiff as iron. Does thinking about your Mum get like this?"

"All the time Mum, even when others are doing stuff to you."

"Me swinging you mean"

My cock leaped between her legs.....She flexed her thigh muscles around it...

"Yes, other men sticking their dicks up you, fucking you, fucking my Mum and shooting their stranger's spunk into you..drives me crazy Mum, thinking about that...strangers shagging my mum."

"Son! Look where we are, you and me, in bed, naked, your big dick between my legs, almost in my poor abused pussy, think about it."

"Mum! you mean Me and You doing it, having sex, mother and son....."

"For God's sake son, I'm a woman, I have needs, I have You, here in this house, in this bed!! for God's sake....just...."

Mum wriggled around till she was on her back, legs spread wide, knees bent, I could breathe in the heady aroma wafting from under the duvet.............

In the madness that followed Mum and I fucked like enraged rabbits, she squealed aloud as I plunged my bloated dick savagely into her ravaged body, bringing moans and cries from her, her wetness coated both our grinding groins.....

"So hard...Ohhhhh God! fuck me, fuck me, yes yes yes, Ohhhhh Fuck me. breed me, seed me, shoot your spunk into me, I feel sooooo watery inside.....Oh Fuck I'm gonna cum, gonna cum son....cummingcummingcummmmmmmmmmmmmm Gaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

My own orgasm crashed over me, my head seemed to explode as spasms seared through me as I ejaculated massively inside my mother's heaving body, her fingernails raking my shoulders until her climax passed and she went limp, dragging breath into herself while I willed my spent dick to stay hard and to shag Mum again. But that would come, certainly that would come, I wouldn't let a day pass without fucking my mother, stuffing her with my ever-ready rampant dick.

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