She Never Knew

by Gene (Columbus, Oh)

In our early 50's, my wife lost all interest in sex. That meant no sucking my cock, no eating or fucking her pussy (except on very rare occasions.) My cock still needed and wanted attention. I started chatting online with bi and gay guys, who introduced me to the old Craigslist personal adds. All I can say is I wish I would have enjoyed males sucking my cock a lot younger! The wife never knew or even suspected.

Now fast forward fifteen years. Sadly, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I was her caregiver for over three years but then it finally became too much for me. There were several times when we were on a trip before, she got too bad, that we would stay in a motel.

The first time I remember starting to perv was after watching a Monday Night Football game. After the game, I decided I was going to jack off. I turned the tv off, stripped naked, then laid in bed and started jacking off.

While I was jacking off, I started getting as pervy as I could, talking about fucking her little sister when she spent the summer with us after she graduated from college, guys sucking my cock and eating my cum. I had a great cum and shot all over my stomach. I didn't bother getting under the covers or wiping the cum off.

The next morning we get up and I make her a cup of coffee. She didn't comment on me being naked or mention seeing the dried cum on my tummy. I asked her if she slept well and she said she did and had no idea when the game was over. The next night, a different motel, I thought I would try something a bit different.

We were settled in for the night. She was in her nightgown and I striped in front of her and stroked my cock hard. She watches, not saying a word. I walked up to her and put my cock up to her lips. I said "remember, we talked about this on the drive today. You're going to be daddy's little cock sucker tonight."

She blinked her eyes, shook her head and said "Oh, ok. I guess I forgot." I put my cock in her mouth and gave her mouth a good fucking. The entire time I was perving out, saying how good her sister's cunt was, how good it felt with her sucking my cock and how I love guys sucking my cock now too.

After I cummed in her mouth I asked her "wasn't that the hottest cock sucking you've enjoyed." She said yeah it was. When I asked her about it the next morning, she didn't remember anything about it at all.

Since she didn't remember I smiled at her and said "we do need to have our morning fuck before we hit the road too." She said "oh yeah, sure."

As her memory continued to decline, I became more brazen. I'd invite guys over to the house, introduce them to her and tell her we were going to go to the basement so I could help my friend with whatever problem popped in to mind at the moment. She sat on the sofa upstairs, I'd lead my cocksucker to the basement.

We'd both strip. I'd enjoy a hot cock sucking with my wife upstairs. Sometimes I'd be getting sucked on the sofa, which she could have seen from the top of the stairs, or in the spare bedroom. A couple of the guys were very apprehensive about sucking me, let alone getting naked, with my wife upstairs.

Others loved the excitement. I even debated having my cock sucked in front of her but never did...and wish I would have. I also wished I would have fucked her in the ass more too. Before her mind started to go her ass was off limits. But then she seemed to think I'd been fucking her ass all the time and was good with it.

Before I put her in a nursing home, I'd walk around the house nude, jack off in front of her and have her sucking my cock. One of my ploys was to tell her it was time for her medicine. AKA my cock fucking and cumming in her. She was in a nightgown 24/7 and never any panties. I'd ask her if she wanted to get her medicine on the sofa, kitchen table or in bed. Sadly, COVID and pneumonia took her from me but I do have those wonderful memories.

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