She Loved to be Fisted

by Kyle Makie (Kansas City, Missouri)

When i was 18 i had my virginity taken by my girlfriend (Connie) and her mom. It was the best sex i ever had. Anyways one Friday night i was over at her house which was the first time i met her mom Cathy, she looked just like my girlfriend about 5'3 skinny with little tits but a nice round ass.

So anyways me and Connie went to her room to study and i kept hearing this noise in the next room and i asked Connie what was i hearing and she looked up and hearing the moaning like noise got embarrassed and explained her father left a few years back and her mom was lonely so she loved to masturbate not caring who could hear in fact her mom was nympho freak and Connie sometimes would join her.

I looked at her in awe and replied no fucking way?? She proceeded to offer to prove it and in shock (so to speak) i got an instant boner, which was about 7,5 inches hard. This was the first time me and Connie have had sex as well.

Anyways she says come with me and took my hand and we walked in her moms bedroom which the first thing i noticed was the smell of sex, like a musty odor which i really liked anyways we enter her room and low and behold i see this petite beautiful middle aged woman riding this huge red dildo in her tiny ass.

She says hi mom this is my new boyfriend Chris and he wanted to watch us have sex. With my jaw on the floor watching her take this (at least 2 foot long and 3 inches in diameter) up her ass oh and during the introduction she was pulling it out and handing it to Connie asking her to clean it.

No sooner did she ask Connie started licking it and trying to suck it while I’m standing there. Now mind you me and her started dating 1 week before this night, my cock got so hard it went numb.

Cathy proceeded to stand up and say nice to meet you Chris did you like what you saw? I said well fuck ya and they both laughed as Connie was done cleaning it and started taking her clothes off. And at that point her mom lays on her bed and tell Connie she know what to do as her mom spreads her legs so far apart it like doing the splits.

Anyways as i watched in awe my new girlfriend was licking her mom’s pussy like crazy at the same time she put her right hand in her mom’s ass. Her mom started talking dirty to me saying have you ever seen something like this? And once again i found myself rubbing my cock hard as it try to bust out of my jeans.

So as my girlfriend was fisting her moms little ass and eating her hairy pussy she looked up at me and asked if i wanted to join in? Well u won’t ask me twice as i stripped naked springing my cock out and jerking hard her mom says come here Chris so i did and she reached and grabbed my throbbing rod and just engulfed it with ease, as she did that Connie moved closer to me and started banging her cunt.

God all mighty i thought i was in a porno it was awesome. So as i started fingering Connie’s ass while her mom was slobbering on my cock and balls Connie looks up and says more fingers so i said ok and put 3 more fingers in her ass and to my surprise it went in easily she moans more Chris and deeper at the same time her mom was unloading her sweet nectar in my girlfriends mouth my god my cock was going to explode in my girlfriends moms mouth.

She stopped sucking my cock as we all rearranged our positions. This time my girlfriend was on the bed spread eagle as i put my cock in her drenched cunt balls deep and started to unloaded in her cunt as she felt me cumming so did she.

I had almost forgot about her mom but just then i felt a tongue going in my ass and fuck it felt so good. When Connie was done cumming on my cock she went in the 69 position and started sucking my cock to stiffness again. This went on for 15 minutes then i felt something extremely big entering my ass slowly.

FUCK IT HURT so her mom stopped while her daughter kept sucking me off then she started it back in eventually it started feeling good, i mean it still hurt bit a little less with each pump and good god after a few more i wanted more.

I moaned so loud as i started fisting Connie’s cunt past my wrist she let out a scream saying harder Chris and deeper at the same time i have a big dildo up my virgin ass as her mom sucks on my balls and her daughter sucking my cock.

I couldn’t hold back i looked back and told her mom to shove that fucking cock all the way in at that moment i started cumming and couldn’t stop as well as my girlfriend cunt started squirting load after load after load as i begged her mom harder and she did.

After we came she took the dildo out of my ass we all sat there exhausted and still trying to catch our breath. My god the sheets were covered in cum. The big dildo that was rammed up my ass her mom was sucking the shit off of it that i left. Best sex i will ever have no doubt.

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