She Just Submitted

by Donna (Las Vegas)

While I was living with at my friend's house things were great. I had all the sex and a secret affair with his mom. His dad knew we had gotten together a few times but didn't know it was almost every day.

The family was going on a long-planned trip out of the country (Dad's business made him travel) and I wasn't to be joining them.

My buddy's sister did have her BFF to come by and check up on me (she was super sexy and never refused anything I wanted to do to her)

I was home (at their house) alone and started to feel the urge in my pants. I grabbed a pair of sister's panties just to smell her pussy and beat off. they smelled so good I started liking the crotch of them and after my hard on was rock solid. I heard the BFF come in and shout "are you home?"

I walked into the entry way still wearing the panties on my head and noticed she was crying.

She told me that her boyfriend just broke up with her and the Fucker did it right after fucking her several times.

She said their life together for several years is now over for good.

I grabbed two beers and walked her out to the patio. She was a complete wreak. she wouldn't stop crying. We went to sit down in the chairs but she stopped and held me in a tight hug and said "I need your hugs right now"

Feeling like a brother to this pretty girl and my cock was now soft, I just held her tight.

After a while she let go and chugged the beer down, looked at me and asked "got another?"

I told her "I have plenty" and ran to get her more.

I handed her a new one and as I sat down, she came over and sat in my lap. She looked me in the eye and said "I'm glad you're here, I need someone to be with"

I told her I was there for her as long as she needed. She put her arm around me and held me tight.

We were just holding each other and I started to feel my dick getting hard. I couldn't stop thinking of this hot chick that was bra less, wearing a skimpy sundress that just told me her (now X) boyfriend just fucked her several times. As I was thinking of how I could get her in bed she felt my hard on and whispered in my ear " I need you to help me clean up a bit.

I lifted her off my lap and I guess I almost dug her to the bedroom. I whipped her around on the bed and dove in between her luscious thighs and started liking and sucking her pussy. slurping up all those globs of his cum, she spun herself into a 69 and started sucking my cock.

I was just about to move to climb on-top of her when I started to cum. I told her "swallow it all" and she did.

After a few seconds to recover we embraced each other in a tight loving hug. we took off our clothes and just held each other for what seemed an hour. I felt her let go and as she looked me in the eyes (her nose touching mine) she said " I am yours for as long as you want me". I told her "you need to prove it and do whatever I say". She lightly poked a finger on my chest and as she rubbed it around said "I'll do anything for you".

I grabbed her by her hair and forced my dick back in her mouth. I told her to suck my dick and get it hard. With her eager mouth and slurping sounds she started to moan a bit.

My dick now getting rock hard I told her to lay on her stomach. As she layed there I climbed on her legs hand held them closed with mine I told her to now fight me to get free and I was going to "Rape" her. She started to squirm under me and swung her arms around hitting me on my legs and trying to reach my cock that was now sliding up and down the crack of her ass.

As she started to scream "No No don't do that" I pushed my member into her crack and found it place. I slowly shoved my dick in her ass and she went wild. If I didn't know better, I would have thought she was serious and didn't want to get ass fucked.

I had to hold her arms by grabbing her wrists with one hand and playing with her tits with the other. As she kept squirming my boner kept pushing in deeper and deeper until I was in as far as I could go. She started to lighten up on her "Fighting" and said "Do Not Cum in my Ass". I told her "just shut up and take it" as I pulled myself almost all the way out and shoved the entire length back in several times.

She cried loudly and said "you fuck like a sissy gurl, only a real man could satisfy my needs". With that I grabbed both her tits and pinched her nipples as hard as I could then drove my dick in the hilt, ramming it in her time after time until she said "that's better, now you're getting how to fuck a girl in the ass".

As I tensed up, I told her I was cumming, and unloaded my spunk into her ass.

We fell into a sweaty heap of flesh and fell asleep in each other's arm.

When we woke up and showered, we kissed and caressed each other as we washed up, we realized our care for each other was true love.

I could not care for any woman as much as I did her. She would hold my heart forever, My Lover Jennifer.

She gave me a girl name "Donna" in order to talk in code (a fun thing to do from time to time)

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