by Ray (Cape Town)

When I saw her again - I knew her - I had studied with her a few years back in college - she still looked hot - she had filled out a bit - she still caught my eye.

We had dated in college and the sex was pretty good - but very / erm / like missionary- let’s just say no one had left lasting impressions.

She had massive tits. Beautiful actually / olive skin / long dark hair / curvy - and I’m not joking - the most perfect pussy you could ever imagine - tight - proportionate and a little clam that was proud and listening … We shagged once or twice - but i think we both always felt wanting - so we kinda ended it and moved on …

So u could imagine my blood rush up my pants when I saw her 2 years later at a pub ….

I wondered over nervously -she recognized me too - I was delighted.

We hit it off immediately and drinks were flowing - the night sort of got to a close and she suggested I take her back to my place / at first I was a bit nervous / she assured me that she just wanted to take things easy / I agreed.

We got back and to my surprise she headed straight to the bathroom and undressed - she wore my robe / I did not realize she was naked until she sat on the sofa and lay back exposing herself…

I was immediately hard as fuck - a bit confused trying to hide my hard cock under my jeans .

As I came closer I realized she had a rather large bush / it turned my off at first but I noticed her lips and clit were wet and somehow they had my name written all over them.

I poured us a drink - I myself slipped into a gown - and sat next to her on the couch.

We spoke a bit about how me met - and reminisced about how we made each other feel.

We kissed / my hands went straight for her tits - she pushed them hard down on them…

She leant back and an outside light shone directly onto her pussy - she smiled and said - do u remember her - I laughed - and said - u know I do - but can I ask one thing ? - She replied and said - yes sure.

Can I trim it just a bit?

She was excited about the idea and I hurried off to get my toolkit and soon went to work on getting the bulk of the work done - as I got more precise - I worked with a lot more care and precision / I was shaving now - lifting each lip gently and cleaning it - reaching inside and making it completely smooth .

I would lick it now and again to ensure that it stayed wet and excited …her entire body now resembled a smooth clean edible picture.

She had positioned herself on the sofa now - legs wide open and leaning back slightly - her tits were perfect and her nipples were as hard as her clit - well at least I thought so - she allowed me to get closer and finally let me inside.

I was hard and she knew it - I filled her Pussy completely with my cock / shaven and easy I continued to thrust her / it felt tighter / closer / deeper / she eruptely turned me around and sat on me / her tits now in my face - riding me harder with each motion.

End of part 1

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