Shaven For Her

by Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

I was 50 I was watching a movie with my wife and she wanted a clean shaven cock. So I called her into the bathroom and I shaved my nuts and all around my cock.

When I rinsed off she sucked me like never before. I came all over her face and she said she loves shaven cocks. I asked if she had any before and she said she sucks the teen across the street all the time.

So I had her get him over as I wanted to watch. A few minutes later he walked in the house and she told him to get naked. He didn't know I was there until he was about to cum. I walked up with my hard dick lubed up and I stuck it in his ass. He came in about 10 second.

I kept pumping him until I filled up his tight asshole. My cock fell out and I went to the shower to rinsed off and both of them entered the shower to ringed off to.

I was all dried off and I dried both of them off, his dick was 9" with fat girth. It was still hard as hell. I jacked it off and my wife sucked it off, I jacked it off the second time and it was still rigid.

What a cock he had! He said he wanted both of us to lick his dick we were licking it from both sides and when he stuck it in my mouth he was like the garden hose. It shoots like 15-17 huge squirts. I just kept licking under his dick head and finally he stopped cumming and went soft.

He was almost 6" soft and over 2" thick. My wife licked off my face and we commented on no hair. He said his mom shaves it every night before bed. I have not let a hair grow since and the oral sex is awesome!

Book Store Sex
Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

I love going to the book store. There is a 22 year old college girl at the one in Everett Wa. She is beautiful and I love taking her for a ride in my convertible! She was having a slow day, I helped her put supplies and she held up her nighty and asked me how it looks I said you need to put it on, and she stripped down to nothing my cock got hard and she said let me see your dick.

So I drop my pants and she gave me a great blow job. I in turn ate her pussy until she came. The door bell rang and she slipped on a robe and went out front I heard her talking to a lady who asked her to model a vibrator for her.

So she did, then she told the lady that if she wanted to buy it, that today only it came with a tongue job. The lady said she loves tongue so she brought it back to me with her new dildo.

I used it on her pussy and tongued her until she came several times. The young lady came back and opened up the robe and I fucked her over the chair. I came in her pussy and asshole. Then we cleaned up and went back out to the store. I love that place in South Everett Wa. She comes to my place every couple of weeks.

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