Sharing With The Boss

by like2watch (Raleigh, NC, USA)

Back in the 70's I was working at a guy who owned a couple of local skating rinks and a pool hall. Beside the pool-hall was a tiny apt and a big storage room. I'd recently started driving and had bought an old pick-up so he'd given me keys to all the places. As part of my job was after school going around re-stocking supplies like cups, napkins, trash bags or whatever at each location. And the apt had a big couch a chair a TV and a mini-fridge. That was it so it wasn't really a place you could live in. But he did say if I wanted to use it to hang out I could as long as I wasn't using it to party or having a lot of friends there. Because he knew me and my mother didn't get along well.

I'd been dating this girl for about a month named Lisa and she was kind of quiet and reserved on the outside and dressed in a way that hid her hot body. But was actually really smoking hot. She wore her hair pulled up and dorky glasses so barely got a second look from most guys. And we'd gone over to the apt a couple of times nights I wasn't working. Joe, my boss had met her a cpl of times but didn't seem impressed since she was dressed in baggy clothes & stuff. Though he did think she was nice. And even paid for us to have dinner on him one night at a local pizza joint a friend of his owned.

So one day the weather was really nice and we decided to skip school and go swimming. Then around 1:00 went to the apt to take a shower.I normally wouldn't have gone during the day but Joe was going out of town for a couple of days so I figured it was a good opportunity. I let Lisa shower first and when I came out was surprised to see her laid out on the couch in a sexy pose still nude. She motioned me over and we started to make out. I started sucking her huge nipples on those big 36C tits as I fingered her pussy. Her head laid back as she moaned. I moved down and started eating her soaking wet cunt as I fondled her ass. While she lifted her tits licking her own nipples flicking her tongue over them.

Then we swapped places and she started sucking on my very thick 71/2 cock. Those big tits of hers hanging down. Her firm round ass up in the air. And her long jet black hair hanging down. After a few min she was taking me almost to my balls. And was reaching down with one hand fingering her pussy for all she was worth. While I fucked her hot mouth. We'd turned the radio on earlier so hadn't heard anything and all of a sudden I look over and there's Joe standing there with his hand rubbing his crotch watching us. I didn't know what to do and he made a gesture for me to be quiet so I was and let Lisa keep sucking my dick while my boss watched.

A few minutes later she went down to suck my balls and when she turned her head saw Joe standing there. She jumped up but had no where to go her cloths were in a chair behind him. So she just stood there naked letting him get a good look at her firm young 36C-24-35, 5-8, 115-lb body with her long black hair & black bush. And by now I'm standing beside her naked 6-2,190-lb thick 71/2 in dick blonde hair very athletic. And his eyes are moving over both of us. He was married and though he'd never tried anything with me I'd heard rumors he was bi. Now he's looking at my cock as he rubs his own.

No one spoke for a minute then everyone spoke at once. But Joe told us he was sorry he came in once he knew we were there. But said he hadn't seen my truck. I'd parked in back since we'd skipped school. Then he told Lisa what a great body she had. And said we should go back to what we were doing and said he was sorry he interrupted us. Then said unless you wouldn't mind me watching? The whole time still rubbing his cock thru his pants. Then saying his wife wouldn't give him head so it was a real turn on to at least be able to watch. I could tell by the look Lisa gave me it was ok with her. So I told him ok.

Soon She's sucking my cock again and playing with her tits. Then I ask if he wanted to see me fuck her? He said sure, so she gets on her hands and knees on the couch and I get behind her and start to fuck her hard and deep. Those big tits just bouncing and joe gives her a compliment on them and says how firm they look. She thinks a min then says she guesses there's no harm in him feeling them if he wants. So he jumps at that and starts fondling my GF's firm young tits as he comments that his wifes aren't near that big. Then when he says or his daughters. It reminded us he had a daughter our age that we went to school with. And that actually turned me on. And I'd find out it did Lisa too.

As he's playing with her tits she starts rubbing his crotch. Then pulls him around and pulls his cock out. She starts sucking him off while I fuck her. Soon she has an orgasm and just starts sucking him harder. Then I empty a hot load of cum in her pussy and a few min later he cums in her mouth. We all sat around talking for a while Lisa and I still naked. And after Joe left we went at it again. We had a few more similar experiences with him where Lisa sucked his cock and he ate her pussy and stuff but never fucked her. And after a lot of prompting I let him suck my cock a cpl of times when Lisa wasn't there.

And in a round about way he set it up where me and his daughter were left alone a lot and eventually one night we hooked up and she gave me head and I fucked her. And that's what Joe wanted. And he had it all on video. And admitted to jerking off watching his little girl sucking my dick and getting fucked. He wanted to get me to try and seduce his wife but that was a bit much for me. He didn't know Lisa had hooked up with his daughter before any of this had happened. An I did fuck her a cpl more times everyone at school knew she was more into girls than guys.

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