Sharing With A Mate

by Robert (Australia)

As the early 1960s rock and roll was in full swing and so was my cock, in between girlfriends a mate and myself used to go out in my car looking for a bit of pussy, sometimes we missed out so my mate would drop his pants in the car and start rubbing his not so long but fat cock.

I thought fuck this I am going to do the same so here we were both sitting in the front seat wanking off until we blew a load of spunk, it didn't take long before we realized it felt better if we wanked each other to orgasm, sadly we never got around to sucking each other off.

We used to go ten pin bowling at night and sometimes find a couple of chicks that would participate in a bit of fun, one night my mate asked if he could have the keys to my car because he wanted to fuck a chick he had met, I said sure go for it and let me know how you go, about an hour later my mate came into the bowling alley and told me that the girl was still in the car and wanted me to give her a fuck.

I asked my mate who is called Tommy by the way if he had Spunked in her pussy he said yes I nearly blew my fucking balls of when I cum in her, oh well I thought I have had Tommy's spunk all over my hands when I wanked him off and sometimes I would use his cum as lube when I finished myself off, I thought what the hell if I get my cock covered with Tommy's cum and this chicks juice it would be fun.

I went to my car and sure enough this young chick was sitting in the back seat with her pants off and her wet looking but small pussy showing, I got a raging hard on and jammed my prick into her sloppy spunk hole as quickly as I could, talk about a rat up a drain pipe, I had Tommy's hot spunk dribbling down my balls and onto the car seat, before I came I asked her if she would like to make it last to which she said yes.

Fucking hell I thought we have a fucking sex maniac here, I asked her if she would suck my cock with no hesitation she put her lovely pink lips over my knob and slid the rest of my 7inches into her mouth, I wanted to make the most of this so I stopped her just short of Cummings in her mouth, I then asked her to lay back and open her legs which she did without any hesitation, I crouched down and shoved my tongue straight into her hot and sticky spunk hole, even Tommy's spunk tasted great.

I licked her clit with which she arched her back made one hell of a groan and shot a load which dribbled out of her cunt and into my mouth, I then mounted her and shoved my cock as far inside her as I could, she was plunging her pussy at my cock when we both moaned and groaned as we both had a massive orgasm.

I looked at her pussy and loved watching my hot spunk running out of her down her arsehole and onto the car seat, that was one of many great sexual experiences that I had as a young guy, I told Tommy what I had done with her and he could not believe that I had sucked on her pussy after he had cum in her but he eventually got the massage on the way home.

I was so fucking randy that I undid my pants Tommy did the same and we jacked each other off, I met a girl that I finished up staying with for a couple of years and Tommy moved away but I will never forget that time I spent having one of the sexiest nights of my life.

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