Sharing Wife

by Beth (Kentucky)

Me and my wife Rose wanted a little more excitement in our marriage so we discussed me watching her fuck another man in front of me, after we read and found someone online we call the guy Rob who was the most suitable guy we came across.

I had a pretty good size dick a good 11 inches expecting to be bigger than rob that's not how it turned out he was a good 12 inches. To me and my wife surprised her face was glowing when she seen his big cock.

He walked over to Rose and pushed her down on the bed and started eating her out she moaned and grabbed his hair to stop right before she cum. He wanted her to be over his dick as he slowly slide up and starts grinding on my wife's pussy before putting his big cock in, he pushed in slowly at first than half way in, he slammed the rest of his cock into my wife.

She moaned and screamed and after a few rough strokes his whole cock was in her pussy, her moans of pain and pleasure was turning me on and Rob as well, he was pounding the shit out of my wife's pussy pulling his dick all the way out and slamming back in hard.

Hid rough fuck was making my wife screams and were making my dick so hard that I knew she would be in pain after this and wouldn't really want to fuck later made me want it more of her getting few more painful pounds from Rob.

Later Rob finally blew his big load right into her pussy, “fuck,” Rob moaned, as he pulled out “the best fuck I've had in forever,” Rose just layed on the bed as I stood there grabbing my hard cock.

“Looks like you could use a fuck,” Rob said, then looking at Rose already used red swollen pussy.

“Yes, I could.” I replied, walking over to my wife as she looked at me, “you need a minute,” I asked, “no it's fine, just be gentle,” Rose replied, “I'll try,” I said laying down and grinding on my wife's wet and stretched out pussy.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned loudly as I slipped my huge cock into her and started pounding her very sore pussy, I pull all the way out and slam back in hard and made very rough strokes, it didn't take me long to drop a load into her pussy.

As Rob walked over and told me to flip my wife over and as soon as I did he pushed his hard dick into her sore pussy as she scream and moaned, we both roughly fucked the shit out of my wife pussy.

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