Sharing Seed

by Devon (WI)

Brandon and Chris had gone for a walk in the pleasantly secluded woodsy area that was close to where they lived. It was summer and nice be out together and as friends, and with having no one around it was easy to let that encourage feelings that were of a more personal nature.

Even if shyly, they could both tell that there was a willingness to be close in ways that they otherwise might have been hesitant to be. Which for two guys who were not gay, could only too often be awkward and inhibiting.

When they stopped and sat down in a shady spot, Chris remarked, “Boy … it’s awfully warm, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Brandon agreed, feeling the heat himself. “It sure is.”

Chris grinned. “We could take our clothes off,” Chris suggested as a means for them to be cooler. Carelessly he threw in, “There’s nobody around.”

Brandon grinned back over the idea of their being naked together. It sounded appealing, the two of them being open with one another like that. “I guess we could,” he said.

Without making a big deal out it, they took their clothes off and in just a moment more, they were both naked. They laid side by side, propped up on their elbows, stretching out their legs and bare feet.

Each smiled somewhat modestly, although it was quite appealing to be that way with each other. To the point where each found it motivating enough to start achieving an erection in response.

“Oh-oh,” Chris said.

Brandon saw that Chris was beginning to get an erection as his friend’s penis started to become visibly aroused.

“I know …” he said a bit self-consciously, “I’m getting one, too.”

Chris smiled, glad to see that he was not alone in this.

They laid there with their erections pushing up over their stomachs, quickly and uncontrollably becoming almost embarrassingly large and stiff. All they could do was to grin somewhat sheepishly, each with a another male’s understanding. Yet, at the same time it felt good to be nakedly exhibiting their male-feelings with each other like this.

“I’m glad that there’s no one around to see us,” Brandon remarked mindfully.

“It’s a good thing that there isn’t,” Chris agreed. Bravely he added, “Although it’s just two friends having a boner together.”

“Really having a boner,” Brandon appraised, seeing the extent of his friend’s erection as well as his own. “I guess it just shows that we like each other.”

They both grinned, not at all displeased by this. Even if neither would have said as much, realistically, the idea that they might well find themselves innocently enjoying a moment like this after getting naked, had been quite motivational in their taking off their clothes. And finding exactly that happening had been wonderful.

“I suppose we could jack off,” Brandon suggested, sounding entirely casual about the idea.

Chris was still grinning. “We could mix our sperm together … as friends,” he further suggested.

“Yeah,” Brandon agreed, finding the thought of them sharing that kind of male intimacy totally engaging. And right then was a chance for them to do that, with his knowing that otherwise they probably would have never worked up the courage.

They both sat up and faced one another, each taking a hold of his penis to begin stroking its erect length.

They sat there, looking down, watching, as each stroked his male organ purposefully. They let the swollen tips of their penises touch and the holes come even more intimately together.

“Oh, man … I’m getting close,” Brandon said.

“Me, too …” Chris breathed breathed.

Their hands continued to work their stiff lengths. To show just how close they were coming, the swollen tips of their penises were now fully expanded, making them shiny smooth and a deep blushing shade of purple-tinged crimson, pulling the holes wider open so that they glistened with the clear pre-cum that was being squeezed out.

Then, suddenly, they were both climaxing. Their white semen erupting in thick pulses, shooting out to wet each other’s organ, doing so again and again with intense pleasure.

“Ohhhh…” Brandon gasped and Chris did the same.

It was so incredible to be ejaculating together like this, but the best part came when they began to rub their penises against one another to thoroughly blend and mix their sperm. It was incredible to be this physically intimate and in a way that only two guys could be.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Chris panted as his now slippery wet hand let his penis smeared its male liquid with Brandon’s.

They continued to hold their male organs against one another as the combined overabundance of their discharge dripped down in its excess. They looked at one another, pleased with the sexual success of intermixing themselves, both smiling proudly. It was so incredible doing this with each other, to now have their sperm cells swimming together in the combined substance of their male-liquid.

Breathlessly they kissed as their slippery wet hands exchanged places to hold and fondle each other’s reproductive organ with a loving satisfaction.

“Oh, man …” Chris said, taking a breath, “I think we really needed to do this together.”

“Me, too,” Brandon agreed. “Me, too.”

Satisfied they stretched back out to lay side by side and recover. Then after a twenty minute interval, there was no surprise as they both started to get another erection. This time with each thoroughly and quite unashamedly enjoying his responding maleness. The very idea of each fertilizing the other’s semen with his own sperm could not be more appealing or attractive. The urge to do so was very much mutual and all male.

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