Sharing Pics

by Anonymous

It all happened innocently enough. I was driving while my mom was in the passenger seat. We were using a map app to find her sister’s new house. Just as we were about there a text came through. The name on the text was Chris, the same name as mom’s sister. She believed it was from her sister and opened it. It wasn’t from her sister, but from a girl I had been with just a few days earlier. The picture was of her spreading her pussy lips.

Later that evening when mom and I were alone, she asked about the pic. I explained that girls now are more free to send a pic. I inquired if she ever sent a pic and vehemently denied ever sending one nor would she. Our discussion continued to the fact that I have sent pics of my cock to different girls and the crazy pics that girls send to me. She was shocked. I just told her to loosen up and try it sometime.

Over the next three days, three different women I knew sent me different nude pics. The best was from Sarah who took a pic of a dildo in her pussy. With each pic, I handed the phone to mom to let her look. She was amazed with each pic. I continued telling her to loosen up.

It was about three months later when I got a text from mom. It read, ‘I understand what you meant. Here is a pic.’ At this point I was expecting a pic of mom, instead I received a dick pic and it didn’t seem to be a very big one. I replied that I thought she was sharing a pic that she sent to someone.

The text back was that she was not going to send a nude pic of herself and there is no way she would ever send a nude pic of herself to her own son. I simply replied that she needed to loosen up. Once I realized that she wasn’t going to send me a pic, I replied that she needed to find a much bigger cock. She replied that he is on the small side. There were so many naughty texts I wanted to send back, but decided not to.

A month later mom called me on a Saturday morning. I was sleeping in when she called. She didn’t seem to want anything as we talked. Just as we were done talking, she said that she was going to send me something. A minute later another dick pic, but at least this one was a little bigger.

I quickly replied that I hoped it was a nude of her, but at least she found a bigger cock. This set off a flurry of texts. Mom couldn’t believe that I would want to see a nude pic of her, but I clarified that I think she has an amazing body and I am a little curious. When I asked if she was a little curious about my cock, she called me back.

We spoke for about five minutes. Mom finally admitted she was curious, but didn’t want me sending her a pic. While talking, I told her she needed to find a much bigger cock. I wanted to send her a dick pic because she was curious, but I also realized I had to take it slow or this would all halt immediately.

A few months went by when mom sent a text, ‘what do you think of this one?’ A pic followed of a fairly good size cock. I replied that she needed to find one bigger than that. Her reply stated, ‘damn, that is a big one. Do you want to destroy my vagina?’ I replied that I wouldn’t mind the chance to destroy her pussy and that mine was bigger than his. Mom replied, ‘bigger?!?’ I replied with a simple, ‘yes’ she didn’t even acknowledge that I said I wanted to destroy her pussy, so I let it go.

It was maybe another month when at one a.m. on a Saturday I got a text. My phone was on silent, so I didn’t hear it. The next morning when I woke up I saw a text from mom and worried it was something bad. Instead I opened it to a dick pic and a follow up text asking if it was big enough. I called mom who quickly answered and asked who was the guy.

She said that she talked to a few friends and pointed out a guy that they knew was well endowed at the bar. She went on to say that she wanted to tell them that her son wanted her to find a huge penis, but didn’t tell them. I asked if she wanted a big one, she replied that only guys want big ones as women want a guy that fits good and can last.

My follow up questions had to do with his size. She confirmed that was by far the biggest that she ever had and said she enjoyed it more than she anticipated. Her next statement shocked me. She said, “I was able to take it all when I had it in my mouth. He said I was the first and only woman able to do that.” I begged for video of her sucking his cock.

To my surprise, mom loosened up enough to say that was a possibility. Before we got off the phone, I told mom that she finally found a cock bigger than mine. She reiterated that size isn’t everything.

I knew my approach of taking it slow was working. She seemed willing to take a video of her sucking cock and sharing it with me. The next time I was at mom’s house, the cleaning lady was there. I asked mom if she had been with big cock again.

She said no, but she was planning to meet him again. I asked for the video again and she said that she would probably do it. Mom was sitting in a chair and I was standing just a few feet away from her. We couldn’t say much as the cleaning lady was in the next room.

I reached down and placed my hand over my cock while wearing jeans and asked if she was curious. Her face turned bright red as she jumped up and looked over at me a few times with a little smirk. As I was leaving shortly after that, mom followed me outside.

She repeated that I better not send her a pic of my penis. I agreed that I wouldn’t, but asked her to be honest with me. I asked, “Are you curious about the size?” Mom shook her head and gave me a big smile acknowledging that she was. I told her I wanted to send her a pic desperately, but she told me it is better that I fight that desire. I knew sending one would not end well.

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