Sharing My Wife

by James (Vallejo Ca Salono)

We had been married a short time but our dating had been wild to say the least. Monica loves sex and we met at a river party when I was a senior in High School and we got together that night for sex and started dating.

She was so much fun and was willing to try anything and I talked her into giving my friend Mike a blowjob in the back seat one evening while I watched her suck him off and she would look up at me when she was just jacking him off and we talked with her cracking jokes until Mike was ready to blow then she sucked him back into her mouth and sucked him dry then leaned out the door and spit his cum out after opening her mouth first showing me his cum puddled inside on her tongue.

Well she got pregnant so we married and one night after sex we were laying side by side our bodies covered with perspiration gasping for breath she had my soft cock in her hand slowly stroking me and I admit that I had fantasized from time to time about watching her get it on with another guy and had teased her about it too.

I asked do you love me? And she cuddled closer saying of course I do baby what brought that up and I asked would you do me a favor and she raised up looking down at me with a knowing grin and said alright buster spit it out what is it you want?

I asked would you let another man have sex with you while I watched? She looked at me with a strange look on her face and asked could you handle it I mean we weren't married when I sucked Mike off?

We talked for a long time until she agreed and then the question of how came up and she didn't want one of our friends involved because of them maybe passing it around so we tossed that around deciding to make a dry run of letting her try to pick up a guy in a bar then have me hide in the walk-in closet and watch from there without him knowing anything about it.

We arranged the closet where I had a chair in there and bottled water and she got on the bed to see the best view of what I would be able to see then we made our dry run to see if it would work. We had shopped and bought her this cute little cowgirl blouse and skirt and a cowgirl hat and boots and her tiny body looked good enough to eat.

We got there just as the band was warming up and from the first we agreed that if she picked a guy she was to signal to me when she was going to leave with her hand behind her back with her thumb and forefinger in a circle so I could leave before them and hide so I could watch and she was to warn the guy in advance that I would be home by midnight so he would not hang around long after he came.

This was just a dry run and Monica went in first and I could see the excitement sparkle in her eyes as she kissed me and went inside. I followed minutes later and picked a table way in the back where I could watch and Monica was perched on a barstool talking to a young cowboy and she already had a drink in her hand.

She was only two months pregnant with only a slight bulge to her belly and when the music started guy after guy pulled her out to the dance floor and she laughed and wiggled her sweet ass with the best of them and on slow dances I noticed that she was letting the guy hands roam freely over her cute ass then this older guy danced a slow dance with her and had his mouth close to her ear as they danced and Monica was talking back to him and that was very arousing to me to see her in another man’s arms talking to her and I could only imagine what they were talking about.

Monica was supposed to tell the guy that she was out on purpose to pick up a guy and take him home for sex but he had to leave before her husband got home at midnight.

I was watching so intently that at first I didn't see her hand signal me then I realized that she was going to do it and I was surprised this was just supposed to be a dry run but it was the signal we had agreed on so I left my half finished drink on the table and hurried out watching my speed so I wouldn't be stopped by a cop then into the house leaving it dark and I stood there looking out the window and it was only a couple minutes before a car pulled onto our block and parked out front.

I watched him open her door and me feet felt glued to the floor as they walked up the sidewalk and then I hurried upstairs breathing harshly trying to be quiet and stepped inside of our closet closing the door leaving a couple inches open so I could watch I felt light headed knowing that in seconds a stranger was going to fuck my wife just feet from where I was sitting.

I was afraid that he might find me out but he was so interested in getting into her pants that when he came into the room she and him were locked into an embrace with her standing on his feet as he made his way to the bed then they stopped breathing heavily and quickly undressed and Monica backed up onto the bed her face a snarl of anticipation and his cock swung back and forth as he moved toward her legs that had opened for his invasion cooing softly and taking his cock guiding it into her then they were wildly fucking and their flesh smacked together in wild abandon and I was looking up from the foot of the bed and could see his cock in my wife as he frantically fucked her grunting like a pig and Monica's arms were around his back with her feet hooked around his thighs crying out in passion also.

I found that I was holding my breath and felt light headed watching his hairy ass thrust his cock into her and I could see a foam from her fluids frothing around the base of his cock they were rutting like animal's with grunts and then Monica said I'm Cumming and he stopped humping her wildly and slowed giving her orgasm a time to fulfill her then he was wildly fucking her again grunting until he busted his nuts in her grinding his pubic bone against her as he came and Monica laughed cooing her encouragement as his body strained against hers spitting his sperm into her then he lay on top of her gasping for breath as Monica traced circles on his back with her fingernails laughing softly then she said you better leave my husband will be home any time now and he dressed quickly and she said lock the front door please and he was gone.

I waited until I heard his car start then I opened the closet door and stood there looking at my wife, her hair was in disarray and her lipstick was smeared all over her face but her nipples were still hard like little pebbles and she looked up at me with raised eyebrows and asked WELL????

I gasped out you are beautiful and climbed up between her legs looking at her pussy that had cum leaking out of it and I could smell her excitement and the musky smell of his sperm and Monica looked at me and my finger slipped into her and more of his sperm flooded out of her.

My ears were ringing and I lost control Monica said what are you doing stop he just came in me but I lost control and was licking his cum out of her. Monica struggled for only a few moments then laid back as her body responded to me and in seconds she came again and I licked up her fluids then I mounted her and I felt his sperm inside of her coat my cock and I lost it too.

We are now happily married for 10 years and although she has fucked many men in front of me now we still sometimes have her dress up in that same cowgirl suite and pick up a guy in a bar and I hide in the closet and watch.

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