Sharing My Hot Teen Wife

by Keith Wilson (Myrtle Beach, SC)

My wife and I got married at an early age and I knew she loved to fuck and suck dick before we got married. We lived in a small town where everyone knew everyone but we'd become friends with a couple that lived across the street from us but they were about fifteen years older than us.

But still, the wife was really smoking hot. But then so was my wife and I could tell my neighbor was hot for her. But really didn't see anything happening until one night they invited us to go to a little lake house they had. It wasn't anything fancy but a nice place to party. We cooked out and drank a few beers. Them joking saying they hoped they didn't get busted because we were a few years under the legal drinking age.

Then he suggested we go swimming. And when I said we hadn't brought anything to swim in he said that was no problem. And I thought he was going to say they had some. But instead, he just slid his shorts and shirt off. He had this look like so what about it? And in no time we'd stripped down. And I saw his wife who'd been inside coming out and she was already nude. And damn she looked hot as hell. And a lot of it was just because of the way she carried herself. She just looked so damn casual walking around naked.

She didn't get all the way in she just got at the edge with the water about halfway up to her knees. Between looking at her big tits and hairy pussy and watching her husband checking out my hot young wife my cock got rock hard. My wife happened to brush up against it and she'd noticed me checking out Carol so she laughs and looks over and tells her she thinks I like her. She has a curious look and she pulls me over there and once I was out of the water Carol knew what she'd meant.

I wasn't sure how she'd react to this but she stepped closer and without hesitation reached down and wrapped her hand around it and starts stroking. I look to see her husbands reaction and he's just got a big smile. He comes over and in no time he's squeezing my wife's ass and sliding his hand up between her legs. Then Kathy has her hand wrapped around his cock. Now as all this is going on there are boats going by on the lake and an occasional car on the road. And it wouldn't be hard for them to see us where were standing. But it's only turning us on more.

Then all of a sudden Kathy kneels down and starts sucking his cock. I thought his eyes were going to roll back in the back of his head. I soon found out his wife gave good head but she wasn't near as good as Kathy. Which she had started early on and gotten lots of practice. Including sucking off several of my friends. Both before and after we got married. But she'd never been fucked by another guy until after we were married. The first time she had 3 guys at once.

But Carol sucked my Cock while Kathy sucked Gerald and they were on there knees right beside each other. Soon they were reaching over and fondling each other's tits and pussy. We heard a boat go by and slow down. Then could hear it turn and was coming back and the engine cut off. I casually glanced over and there were 3 older guys on a little aluminum fishing boat. And they were obviously enjoying watching us get our cocks sucked.

And when the wives started to suck each other's tits and kiss they really got an eye full. I knew Kathy was enjoying the attention as she was an avid exhibitionist. But it turned on Carol too. As she took me by the hand and lead me over to the deck which was much closer to these guys and more visible overall. She had me lay down and she straddled my almost 9-in cock and as she rode my big dick her big 36C tits were bouncing around. She was moaning and loudly telling me how much she liked being fucked by young boys like me with big dicks.

She was going on about how she'd wanted to feel my cock inside her from the first time she'd seen me and that her husband had been hot for my wife. And said at first they thought we were brother and sister we were so young and figured they just hadn't seen our parents. And they'd gotten really turned on one day when they saw me put my hand under Kathy's skirt and play with her ass when we were going in. And they could just imagine us going inside and me fucking the hell out of my sister.

And she was saying all of this loud enough for these guys to hear her. About then she had an orgasm but I kept just fucking the hell out of her. After a few more minutes she started talking about seeing Kathy outback lying in the sun and see her firm young 17-yo body 34D-24-36 with long red hair in a skimpy string bikini that did little to cover anything. And how she went home and masturbated as she thought about going back there eating her pussy right there.

By time she finished describing this she had another orgasm. She was getting off on not only having these guys see her being fucked. But by them hearing her fantasies. And she was still moaning and going on and on about how big my dick was and at one point said real loud oh yea baby feed me all 10 inches of that big dick. Knowing it was only 9 in but embellishing for them.

By now I couldn't hold back and I told her to get on her back and I straddled her and started fucking her big tits. And couldn't believe it when one of those guys hollered over and said I bet she's one hell of a fuck aint she boy? I just smiled and nodded yes about that time I blew a load all over her face and tits. And the guy waved and said thanks for the show. Carol rolled over and waved to them.

During all this Gerald had been busy fucking Kathy but had to take a little break. But was ready to go at it again so Carol and I sat and watched them fuck. By now it was starting to get dark so we cleaned up and got ready for the 45-min drive back home. We had several more hot experiences with them but most of the time we had to go out of town. Though one family did move in with a really hot daughter but that's another story.

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