Shared By My Sister

by like2watch (Raleigh, NC, USA)

Growing up my sister did more at raising me than anyone. My dad was out of the picture at an early age and my mom was out with her boy or girlfriend of the month. But my sister was always there whatever I needed. She was a few years older and She'd seen me naked when I'd been growing up. But at a certain age, I started wanting to see her naked. So I started trying to peek in the shower and things like that.

But boy did I get busted big time. I heard the shower running and I looked and saw the door open about a foot. So I snuck up and got on my knees just waiting to see my sister's naked body. I'd looked at one of her bra's and knew she had 34C tits. And from girls, I'd seen in magazines I knew that was good. Then all of a sudden I hear her voice and she's behind me. She'd just turned the water on to get warm.

She asked what I was doing and I made up some lame excuse I don't even remember now. And when she asked if I was sure I wasn't trying to see her? I asked how I could see her in there when she was in her room? She bought it, for then and the excitement of almost getting caught kind of turned me on. So I went to my room and within a few minutes after thinking about if she'd been in the shower what I'd have seen. I had my shorts off and was laying on my bed jerking off for all I was worth.

Then Son of a bitch busted again. My sister walks in my room in her robe with the intention to ask if I was sure I wasn't trying to see her in the shower? At first, she gets ready to go, then she comes back in. I'm covering up with a pillow and she sits on the side of my bed and say's not to be embarrassed. That all guys start doing that at my age and keep on doing it. Then she says and wanting to see a girl nude isn't unusual. Though he wouldn't want anyone he'd tried to see his sister naked.

She explained to me about how people thought about things like that and incest and that even though those things did sometimes happen it was something that had to remain a secret. She blew my mind then when she asked If she let me see her naked could I keep it a secret? And of course, I said I could. She slipped off her robe and damn she was hot. Those nice tits with big dark nipples, a flat stomach, and shapely hips. Long black hair and neatly trimmed black bush. And when she turned a nice firm round ass I wanted to kiss & lick even at my age.

I could see why she had so many boyfriends, she looked better than most of the girls in the skin magazines I had hidden away. Without even realizing it I'd reached down and started to slowly stroke my now rock hard cock again. Having layed the pillow to the side. Only noticing when terry looked down at my hard cock. When I stopped and reached for the pillow again she stopped me and sat on the edge of my bed. I couldn't believe it when my older sister who was sitting here naked leaned over and started kissing me. Her bare tits pressed against my arm.

Then as she wrapped her hand around my hard cock she whispered to me. No one can ever know about this because they wouldn't understand and I assured her no one would. She fondled my cock and balls then moved up and put her tits in my face telling me how a girl liked having them licked and sucked. Then went down and stroked my cock a little more. This went on all afternoon her playing with my cock then having me explore various parts of her body. Then finally she went down and started sucking my cock. My first blow-job ever and I shot off in no time.

But she soon had me hard again and ready to go. She sucked my cock again with me lasting much longer this time. She was telling me my cock was bigger than guys much older than me and that I was still growing. And told me as long as I kept quiet and this was our secret we could keep doing this. I loved the sound of that and from the way, she made what people thought of incest. I sure as hell wasn't going to tell anyone.

This went on for the next couple of years and things progressed to the point to where I was fucking her a couple of times a week. Then she went off to college and I only saw her on holidays and during the summer. But we kept in touch and even had phone sex. And I'd had a pretty big growth spurt during this time. And by the time she was in her second year at school I was old enough to drive. I'd had a part-time job for a few years and mowed lawns and stuff. Anything to save money up. And my mom had said she would match whatever I saved to buy me a car.

My sister was now living in a 3-Br Apt with two other girls she went to school with. And all three worked part-time in a club dancing. It wasn't exactly a strip club they wore very skimpy outfits looking kind of like bikini's. So one 3-day weekend I went up to visit my sister. These girls couldn't believe Terry's little brother was well over six foot tall & two hundred pounds. Nor my age I looked much older. I looked their age yet I was five yrs younger. But they were in for more surprises.

All three had to work that night so I went with them. And between walking in with them and being introduced to the security guy at the door as Tammy's big brother and my being bigger than him. He didn't ask for my I'd. It was a blast and not only her roommates but a few of the other girls gave me free lapdances. But I didn't push my luck by ordering alcohol. When they got off we went for breakfast. And I'm in Denny's in a wrap-around booth with three hot girls all over me. Man, I was in heaven, and you could tell other guys were envious.

We get back at their apt and one of them takes me by the hand and says she needs my help with something. She leads me in her room and in no time is kissing me and undressing me. So I start undressing her. We sucked & fucked the rest of the night. That was Fri. So Sat we hang out around the pool during the day and that night Tammy was off. So while the roommates are at work my sister and I go crazy and have sex in every room in the apartment. And Terry comments on how big my cock has gotten. And measures it 8 1/2" and I ask if she's going to mark that on the door for next time she measures.

But we shower "Together" well before time for her roomies to get home. And good thing because I had my 1st threesome that night when they got back. And got to see two girls do me and each other. And was so hot to see my sister with another girl. But this needs to go without saying. But still saying...WOW That night was amazing. The next day Sun we all hung out and all three girls were practically nude. We drank beer most of the day even though I wasn't really supposed to be old enough to.

But later on we decided to order a pizza and they started asking who's turn. And I offered to pay and they said cool. Then went back to who's turn? So they ended up doing rock paper scissors and Terry lost ( Or Won? ). She goes in her room and comes out with a very skimpy towel wrapped around her. She puts her pocketbook under a table a few feet inside the apt. The other three of us move to a couch out of view of the door but can see the door in a big mirror.

There's a knock at the door and terry opens the door. It's raining so she lets him in and closes the door. And turns on a bright light right over the foyer. As he hands her the food her towel drops to the floor. So she leans over and sits the pizza in a chair beside the door. She turns back facing him again stoops down to pick up the towel spreading her legs apart. Then stands up and puts the towel back on. She turns and as she bends to get her pocketbook the towel rides up and he can see that fine ass.

The towel falls again but this time she mumbles fuck it. Gets the money with a generous tip and turns to face him ( totally nude ). She hands him the money and sees a bulge in his pants and apologizes about the towel and he says not to worry that's the most excitement he's had in a good while. Then said new baby and wifes been tired and cranky.

She stepped closer and started rubbing his cock through his pants and he began to fondle her tits. Then he rubbed her pussy and played with her ass. She went to her knees and soon had his cock out sucking it. Then it was more like he was holding her head and just fucking the hell out of her mouth and throat. Before long you knew he'd emptied a load down her throat and was gone.

Tammy was giving us all the details as she stood there right in front of us naked, though we'd seen it all and the delivery guy had no idea we were there. But it didn't register it was my sister who was standing there naked and who I'd watched suck a guys dick. And the roommates who were sitting on either side were both rubbing my cock. And It was like a piece of steel by now when one of them said they should all three do me at the same time. And I saw a brief glint in Tammy's eyes. Then it hit her and she said but he's my little brother.

But they convinced her to join them and all three sucked my cock and I shot off on Tammy's tits and watched her friends lick her clean.

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