Senior Couple Has A Fun Time!

by Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

The senior couple that I have known for a lot of years came over a while back.

We were having a good lunch and out of the blue Cathy asked me if we could have a 4 some with them?

She said that they were clean shaven and they loved oral and hubby could cum huge loads. I was shocked at the request but intrigue.

She wanted to be double fucked while she ate pussy. He wanted to be butt fucked and have a cock squirt in his mouth.

I was like ok but why me?

She then told me that she has been watching me fucking the teens and couples around here.

So I told them to go home take a shower and I will be there tonight.

So I told the lady boy and his sister from next door and we went down there at 3:30.

The couple was just getting into the shower and we stripped off for them and as they were getting dry we all showered.

The older couple were in good shape he was 11" long hard. I told sissy boy to lick my asshole and the older man got hard.

His wife was licking out young girl and she was sucking my dick, then the old guy spit on sissy boy asshole and stuffed his dick into the tight asshole.

Boy's tongue was deep in my holes old man yelled I filling up your ass. I then fucked the old ladies ass up with dick and I came in it.

She said put all dicks in me. So sissy stuff in her asshole I did her pussy and pops did her mouth.

We had her coming then we all filled her up. Young girl licked her clean.

Then old guy fucked the 18 year old good, she came hard. And he came good to.

He was laying over the arm of the chair and sissy boy asshole fucked him. He was asking boy to take it out.

I put lube on my 7" cock and as sissy boy pulled out I told sister and sissy boy to spread that asshole, i squirted lube in his hole and he said it felt great then I stuffed my dick in.

I pounded it hard and sissy boy fucked his mouth and we both filled both ends full.

His wife said to fuck her the same way so we did.

Hubbie was watching and jacking off.

We filled both ends of her and he came on her face. It was a great evening and they want to do it again soon...

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