Seducing Little Brother

by Sara horny mom (MO)

"Do me in the ass!" I moaned with need grinding my plump 33" bubble butt into Jensen's hard cock as he kissed my neck and squeezed my plump 32C tits from behind.

"You are one very dirty girl." Jensen chuckled.

"Little brother you have a very big cock that makes me that way." I giggled as I unbuttoned my shorts and wiggled out of them.

I had just gotten divorced and moved back home.

Mom and dad were gone more than they were at home leaving Jensen and me a lot of time by ourselves.

I didn't go right after Jensen.

But, after hearing my best friend talk about how great he was in bed and how big his dick was I got to thinking about it.

Jensen and I were hanging out at the house one evening bored with nothing to do.

"Jensen. How about some cards?" I asked him.

"Strip poker?" He laughed as he set down on the floor with me.

"You lose and I'm going upstairs and getting my strapon and your getting pegged." I laughed.

"Then you better not lose. Because I'll fuck you in the ass.' Jensen grinned at me.

"First one to lose all their clothes gets fucked in the ass." I smiled at Jensen laughing.

I lost the first hand and my socks.

"What?" I asked Jensen as he looked at me stupidly as I took my socks off. "We are playing strip poker." I finished smiling.

I also lost the second hand and my shirt along with the third and my shorts.

Luckily I won the next hand.
But, Jensen only lost his shirt.

Three more hands and was completely naked.

"Well, Beth. You want it dry or with lube?" Jensen chuckled.

"Little brother you better go easy." I laughed as I stood and headed to my bedroom.

Shopping at the door I look at Jensen.

"You coming. We had a deal." I smiled.

"Sis. I'm gonna tear that ass up." Jensen laughed as he stood up.

He didn't lie to me.
Jensen banged the shit out of me, giving me two loads of goo in my guts.

I was addicted to his cock.

First I had a talk with him about other women.

"Jensen. I'm the only woman your fucking or you're not fucking me at all." I told him after Cindy had told me about him hitting on her.

When he went to say something.
I cut him off.

"This isn't a subject we are going to talk about.
You want extra pussy.
We will discuss it.
But, I'm the only woman your sticking that Marvelous prick in.
Do you understand me?" I asked Jensen as I started undressing and a hard look.

"Deal. No fucking other women.
If I want to I need to talk to you." Jensen said as I straddled him at the kitchen table.

"Close enough." I smiled as I inserted his prick in my wet pussy.

So I went and talked to Cindy.

"Lana is this gonna be like our senior year with Mr. Mars?" Cindy chuckled.

"Better. We are older now and Jensen has a lot better cock." I laughed.

Cindy and I were laying on the bed in sexy lingerie when Jensen entered the hotel.

The sun was coming up when we finally fucked ourselves out.

When the fall came and Jensen left for college I almost died from not being around him every day.

So I took every opportunity I could to go see Jensen and Christmas was a constant fuck fest.

During spring break I met Jensen in a sleepy town in the Ozarks and spent five days making love to him.

When Jensen came home from college for the summer.
We moved into the cabin on the back side of the farm.
Where we spent almost every night making love.

When the fall came I followed Jensen back to college where we rented a house and lived together as a couple.

When Jensen graduated college we moved back home to the little cabin and Jensen started farming.

Our mother asked me once about Jensen and me in his first year of college.

I figured I should not lie to her and told her we were in love and we were very sexually active.

I could tell it broke her heart a little bit.
But, she also understood.

She also made me promise we would never have any children together.

Jensen and I married in a very private ceremony on a warm spring afternoon in the front yard of the same little cabin.

Mom and dad eventually retired to Europe and gave us the house farm.

Jensen and I never had any kids together.

That gift was given to Cindy in a rambunctious fuckfest in our sleepy little cabin one rainy Saturday night.

Jensen gave us a blue-eyed little boy.

Cindy still comes by on occasions and she is still my best friend.

I still miss Jensen when he is gone too long and I still screw his balls off every chance I can get.

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