Secret Boys

by Don (WA)

“Oh …Oh …Oh …” Cliff panted as he took his boner all the way in Jared’s butt. It was so cool to be doing this with a friend, and to be impregnating Jared as another guy with his sperm.

That morning, mostly just for something to do, they had gone over to Jared’s house to fuck. It wasn’t like either of them was gay, but they just did that together as friends could and did.

As Jared had discovered, he love having his butt fucked. It just felt so good having his friend’s stiff penis in him doing that, stimulating his sensitive butt hole and giving him the biggest boners imaginable. And Cliff loved indulging him and sliding his maleness into his friend’s butt and fucking him.

In the vernacular they were what were called “secret boys.” That is, two friends who enjoyed being homosexually friendly, but who were not gay. This was hardly uncommon.

They had started fucking about six months before, and it was so wonderful.

“Oh, geez!’ Jared gasped. “I love to feel you coming in me!”

“I love coming in you. I love giving you my sperm …” Cliff said breathlessly as his penis finished throbbing out his liquid discharge.

When he pulled his penis out it was brown with a little bit of shit. It would have been more hygienic to use a rubber, but they both preferred doing it natural and naked as nature intended, finding that so much more satisfying.

Jared got to his feet and took a hold of the he boner that he had and quickly jacked it off, sending his own semen spilling across Cliff’s bare chest and nipples in a serious of powerful pulses.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Jared groaned as he ejaculated.

Cliff sat there receiving Jared’s wet discharge of semen with pleasure.

He then smeared the spermy substance around with his fingers, loving that it was Jared’s cum.

“I’d better go get cleaned up,” Cliff said, referring mostly to his dick. There was a smell of excrement and they both wrinkled their noses over that and laughed. It was just a small and very minor inconvenience compared to the thrill and joy they shared as secret boys.

They kissed fully on the lips and smiled at one another with a shared sort of boy’s love. It was so wonderful.

Cliff went and took a quick shower and when he returned, Jared was sitting on the floor, with his back against the bed. He had gotten out some cigarettes and an ashtray and was having one. Cliff joined on, sitting on the floor with the ashtray between their legs.

“You know …” Jared said thoughtfully. “I think that I’m falling in love with you. Do you think that makes me gay?”

Cliff laughed. “No. I love you, too.”

“That does sound kind of gay,” Jared remarked.

Cliff smirked. “Gay is like when you only want to be with other guys. It’s different between friends.”

Jared appreciated Cliff’s appraisal of this.

“Then it’s ok to be in love with your best friend?”

“Definitely.’ Cliff looked Jared. “I’m in love with you.”

“Oh, it’s so good to be able to say that. I love you, too.”

They kissed and then just sat there being nakedly and lovingly companionable, smoking their cigarettes.

“And so what if we are gay? We’re just gay with each other. That’s just labels. It doesn’t matter.” Cliff grinned. “Of curse if we do become gay, we could always get married.”

Jared laughed and grinned, too. “Actually,” he said, “I was thinking that maybe we could become roommates.”

“You know,” Cliff confessed. “I have been thinking about that. About how neat that would be.”

“Two living as cheaply as one,” Jared remarked, presenting a practical side to it.

Cliff smiled. “And two guys being in love.”

They kissed again and sat there smoking heir cigarettes.

Who needed labels? They were friends. Friends and lovers.

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