Secret Boy Moments

by Carl (CA)

They were walking back home from college along the old road when they had decided to do it.

It was fall and the weather was cool, so they had only taken down their pants.

Ron was leaning with his hands on the old wooden fence, while Danny stood behind him and assaulted his butt with his hard dick.

“Uhhh … Uhhh …” Ron moaned with the repeated insertions that violated his anal depths.

Danny was grunting with his steady rhythm of short, thrusting jabs into his friend’s butt.

He enjoyed fucking his friend, it was so easy and convenient, just as Ron enjoyed the thrill of feeling his friend’s erect penis in his butt.

They continued breathing hard, not wanting to rush their secret pleasure, but at the same time not wanting to risk having anyone see them fucking like this.

Although where they were it as sufficiently isolated and they were safe enough.

When the weather was warmer they would go back into the bushes and enjoy the pleasure of getting naked behind the screening greenery.

Then they could take their time and thoroughly have fun. Right now, this was just a quickie.

“I’m going to come!” Danny announced as he delivered several more inward plunges into Ron private hind quarters, feeling ever so pleased to be privileged to do so with him.

In the next moment Danny felt the liquid throbbing from his dick deep inside of his friend.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah!” Ron breathed as he masturbated his own erection to a healthy climax, his wet, creamy discharge shooting out several feet through the air with a satisfying intensity.

Then they both breathed a sigh or relieve, having taken care of their sexual urges so efficiently.

Danny pulled his dick from Ron’s butt and they both pulled up their pants, each grinning happily over their impromptu session.

They would go home and no one would even noticed that they had taken fifteen minutes longer and the two of them would be pleased to have once more shared a secret boy moment together.

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