Second Toy

by Rob (Kelowna)

Our first toy was no longer big enough.

Gigi and I went to a toy store looking for something. Not sure what at that point, but thought it would be a place to start. We were not about to use cucumbers yet, but …
At the store we found a sleeve that added an inch to my length and the walls of the sleeve was a ¼” thick which would add a ½” to my thickness.

That night I added a very thin layer of lube to my cock to help slid the sleeve on and worked out the air trapped at the tip. I was know 8 ½” long and over 2 ¼” thick.

Laying in bed with my cock pointing at the ceiling, Gigi sucked on my nipples to get me really hard, while applying more lube to the sleeve. Gigi then straddled my hips and squatted over my cock, worked the tip back and forth over her swollen cunt before lowering herself onto her new toy. She nearly passed out when my cock head and the full thickness entered her for the first time.

With half the sleeve inside her, she slowly got down onto her knees then eased the rest of the sleeve inside. After sitting there for a minute, she started to slide up and down. Her position was perfect as she could only lift herself as far as the length of her thigh. There was always 2” – 3” inside her.

The only problem was that I felt very little other than the pressure of her tight cunt as it slid up and down my shaft. I started to get soft, so Gigi leaned forward and sucked my nipples again which always gets me very hard. After about 10 minutes, Gigi sat down on me, lifted her legs and spun around so that her butt hole was facing me. I knew what she wanted and reached for the lube.

Squeezing some lube above her crack and letting it run down to her butt hole, I was able to play with her hole while she continued to fuck herself on the sleeve. Every time she sat down onto the sleeve; she also got a finger into her butt. When I slid my thumb into her butt, she collapsed from a huge orgasm.

Now it was my turn. After crawling out from under her loose body, I rolled her over onto her stomach and reentered her not so little love tunnel and started to pound her. After a few minutes, I rolled her over onto her back, raised her legs over my shoulders and shoved the sleeve back into her. Now I knew I was hitting her cervix as I could occasionally hit it with my 7 ½”. At first, I was not getting full penetration, but that changed after a few strokes and Gigi appeared to be cumming continuous.

The next night, after the kids were in bed, again, Gigi presented me with a gift to be used that night. Gigi had gone back to the toy store and bought a second sleeve that she wanted me to wear over the first sleeve. I am now 9 1/2” long and over 2 ½” thick.

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