Saturday Matinee

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

When I was younger in my later teens I sometimes went to the cinema on a miserable Saturday afternoon and so it was that nearing my eighteenth birthday I found myself sitting in partly empty auditorium watching a travelogue about Africa.

I was surprised therefore when a man came and sat next to me, give the amount of other empty seats around me, but I gave it only a passing thought before returning to watch the movie.

The main feature began screening, 'Zulu' as I recall and I became quite absorbed in it, so much so ht I paid no attention to a sensation of my thigh being lightly touched by something, I moved my leg but after a bit I felt it again, light, moving gently on my thigh toward my hip.

Again I moved my leg but once again the touch happened. It was then I realised that this man sitting next to me was touching me up. I didn't know whether to make a scene, get up and move, shout at him to leave me alone, but instead I said and did nothing.

Several minutes passed before he touched me again only his time I got a terrific ZING! of the most amazingly sensual feeling striking through me as if I had been electrocuted and instead of moving my leg away, I moved it deliberately nearer to my groper.

I don't know why it happened but those searing thrills had me feeling an overpowering sense of pure lustfulness. This man must have sensed this and emboldened him to touch me more intimately and I felt his fingers moving toward my crotch. He put his hand flat on my fly and my cock grew hard, he must have felt gushing down the leg of my underpants because I heard him definitely sigh next to me.

My tummy was tumbling with fluttery sensations that thrill me and I spread my legs wide he lid down slightly in my seat. Then deftly and very expertly my groper undid my trousers and so very carefully and lightly his inserted his fingers into my underpants, search out my balls and my cock and again gave a shivery sigh.

I felt as if I was on another planet, I was nigh on swooning as the thrilling sensations blaze through my whole body. I tried to stretch my legs out but the seat in front on me prevented me.

Next thing he hand his warm hand on my burgeoning cock and at that point I orgasmed, spunk streaming from me and into his hand. He squeezed my cock as if trying to stop the flow of warm liquor but to no avail, he just withdrew his and and out of the corner of my eyes I caught him wiping his fingers with a handkerchief.

I was a mess in my underpants, wet and stick with spunk, furtively I did myself up and went to the toilet. Using paper from the loo cubicle I tried drying myself off even more but it was no use I was still a spunky mess.

Then to my surprise my groper came into the loo smiled at me and asked me if I was upset at all. I told him no, I blurted out that I had enjoyed the thrills and that it was the first time I had ever experienced it.

Unexpectedly he fished out his cock and wagged it at me and asked me if I would like to feel it and when I said, nervously, yes, he said we could go home to his house and play some more.

End of Part 1

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