Saturday Matinee: Part 4

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Henry was really probing my deeply with his hot tongue and I got a feeling that he wanted to prepare me for him to stick his cock in me, which terrified me because I'd heard stories about boy being fucked and what it did to their arseholes.

But really I suppose I was too far gone with what we were doing and how Henry had been with me so far and so I was past caring what he might do in spite of my fear.

I was mentally bracing myself for being bum fucked but in fact I needn't have bothered and my fear became groundless. Henry stopped licking my bum hole and he pressed me flat on my front and then he lay full length along my body, I actually enjoyed his whole weight on me as it pressed me hard into the mattress, and then....... I felt his fingers on my bum cheeks and his voice softly muttering about how silky soft my skin was and how deliciously soft my bum was.

He separated the twin mounds and I felt the blunt head of his cock touching my tightly clenched hole and I prepared myself for it. Henry whispered for me to try and relax and breathe normally and that he was not going to hurt me and he should stop if I want him to.

He moved imperceptivity slowly, the cock head pressing firmly but not forcefully on my hole, it became I bit more firmly and I began feeling the twinges of stretching flesh and automatically clenched myself. Henry's soft voice said to try and relax and stay calm while all the time pressing into me.

The twinges became hotly painful but not enough to make me cry out and I strove to do as Henry said. The pain didn't increase although the feel of stretching increased and I realized in wonder that his cock was in me, in my bum hole, in my body, part of this man’s body was actually inside me.

My insides felt as if they were being dislodged as Henry's big cock shouldered its way deeper into my arse, my head was spinning, all my senses were concentrated on this hot hard monster penetrating my bowels, and in fact I recall sighing when Henry's pubic bone was pressing on bum.

It was all the way in, his long thick cock was actually sunk all the way inside me quivering arse, and I was loving it. He started to fuck me, slowly at first, pulling almost all the way backend then running the monster back into my depths making me gasp. On and on he went, eventually pulling me up onto all fours and really cramming himself hard against my arse as if trying to force his body inside me.

I was moaning my happiness as he fucked on until he managed to gasp that he was going to cum, he was going to orgasm inside my arse. My own cock was rigid and Henry reach under to grasp it wank me off. Then he was panting brokenly and inside my hole his bloated shaft felt ever harder.

Henry came with a cry and I distinctly felt his cock bucking and spasm I knew his spunk was being squirted into my bowels. At that point I exploded and I came in Henry's hand, my spunk coming out in spasms I had never felt before and which he smeared all over my quivering belly.

Behind me and still filmy spearing me he pushed me down until once more we lay full length breathing hard and sated. We stayed locked together for what seemed ages until I could feel his glorious dick soften and begin rowing back until it slithered out of me, followed by a stream of warm slimy spunk which ran own and bathed my balls.

Afterwards as we lay side by side Henry asked me how I felt, I could only say it was lovely and that I hoped we might be able to do it again sometime and he kissed me and said to come to him again on the following Saturday.

Later we dressed and he gave me he taxi fare to get home. He kissed me again calling me his little lover and we parted. I was his lover for several months before the novelty wore off and we parted.

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