Saturday Matinee: Part 3

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Still nervous I let Henry continue with me. He was so tender, caring and gentle as though not wanting be to get up and get dressed and flee, but his light touches all over my body was wonderful, his fingers found spots on me I didn't know could react in the way they did and thrills were soon coursing through me making me writhe and gasp delightedly.

Then his lips followed his questing fingers, he kissed my mouth, my neck and on down to tease my hyper sensitive nipples making me whimper and tremble.

When he kissed my belly button and tongued it I cried out at the sensation, and then his warm fingers were on my hard cock, it was so dreamy, an older guy touching and fondling me like that.

I was in ecstasy, the more so when he wiggled down the bed and took my cock in his hot wet mouth, all the way to its root and down his throat and humming his delight.

I don’t know why I didn't cum, the thrilling shocks were out of this world. His hands now reached under my bum, each one clasping my cheeks and making me arch my spine. Henry sucked and slobbered on my dick causing us both to moan and pant breathlessly.

Then still keeping it in his mouth he moved around until he straddled my head, his prodigious manhood just touching my skin. I didn't hesitate but opened my mouth to enclose the big purple helmet which was oozing clear fluid.

There we were, Henry and I in my first time ever doing a sixty niner and loving it, the feel of his thick cock on my tongue was rapturous and I tried to get more of the shaft in my mouth but it was just too thick.

We stayed in position only briefly before Henry moved once again, this time kneeling between my legs, bending he back until my knees were beside my head, the holding my like that I glimpsed him bending his head, then.........

I couldn't believe what he did next, but it was the most sensational feeling I had ever experienced, I felt his hot breath on my bum hole, only very briefly before his moth was on it and then his wet tongue was probing me, licking the tight crinkled aperture and making me sort of giving out a wavering wail almost a quiet scream.

He licked and probed till I was trying to lit myself into an arch, like a bow and flogging the bed beneath me with my arms. This was something so unforgettable and intensely enjoyable that I was not going to forget any time soon.

But the best was yet to come.

End of Part 3

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