Saturday Matinee: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Outside the cinema the man introduced himself as Henry then hailed a Taxi. After a short ride to a part of the town I knew well, we stopped outside a townhouse which he said was his and when we got inside he asked me if I would like to go upstairs with him and to only agree if I was certain of what I was doing.

I nodded and he led the way up. There were a number of bedrooms but he opened the door to a single bedded room which was decorated with medium red wallpaper and lit by a window across which the drapes were drawn.

I was really nervous not knowing what I needed or wanted to do, but Henry soothed me and assured me that he would do nothing to hurt me and that I could leave at any time. I said I was fine and that he could show me what was what, and he suggested that we go and lay together on the bed and just play around for a bit and put ourselves at ease.

Still nervous and uptight I joined Henry on he bed and after a while he started touching me,stroking my face and unbuttoning my shirt. In spite of my nervousness I felt that familiar jolt of swirling arousal in he it of my tummy and a thrill seemingly in my arsehole and at the tip of my cock which started moving in my undies.

He put his fingers inside my shirt an began touching my nipples which had me squirming with delight and then knowing I was responding to him, he suddenly kissed me on the lips.

I was shocked, guys kissing was something I,d never heard of before but it was a nice sort of sensation and I felt his tongue on my closed lips and in spite of myself I parted my lips and Henry's tongue snaked into my mouth.

The most terrific shock went through me, a lovely warm zinging sort of shock that started in my head and then radiated down my spine to my arse which I clenched and then into my cock which kind of surged to full erection.

Henry obviously knew what my reaction would be and I copied his and kissed him back, my tongue fancying with his which our open mouths welded together. He got me on my back and lay full length on me, gently moving his pelvis on mind, his cock was hard, I could feel it through his clothes and feeling bold I put my hands on his bum cheers and squeezed them softly. That must have been the signal he was waiting for because he began undoing my trousers and shirt before slowly removing them.

I was past caring what was going to happen, once started I was lost to my sexual dominance, an erect cock knowing no master, and Henry knew this would happen as he was certainly a man of experience. What followed seemed to be in slow motion, item by item of clothing seemed to flow off us both until we were naked on he bed, and I had my first look at an aroused adult male.

I felt fear then. His body was totally hairless except for his head. He was slim, pale skinned, nicely built but what scare me was the size of his dick. Henry was Very Very well Endowed indeed, I was a decent 6.5 inches but his was easily 8 or maybe 9 inches long and it was thick to boot and it hung or rather protruded from huge ball sack.

I gazed wide eyed as it rose majestically, his fleshy foreskin rolling back on its own accord to display a wet shiny knob. What scared me was the thought that he might want to stick it up my bum and I'd heard some friends saying that they knew of a boy who dd it and it had split his hole open when a big cock was forced into him.

But Henry then took the lead and I jumped when he took my cock in a soft warm hand and closed his fingers around it murmuring his pleasure. I couldn't help it I reached for him and lightly took his hot hardness in my shaking hand. We seemed to be committed and moved closer to each other and as kissed again he put an arm around my waist and gently pulled me towards him.

End of Part 2

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