Satisfying Mom

by Scott (CA)

Brendan was taking care of his mom’s needs that morning as he usually did. He was lying nakedly on top of her, sliding his stiff penis in and out of her wet vagina.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she told him. “I love having your penis in me.”

“I like having my penis in you, mom,” Brendan said, enjoying how it felt to have his erect reproductive organ enveloped by the soft warm interior of hers. Although, at the same time, thinking that soon his best friend Jimmy and the others would be there. They were going to play ball. Which meant that he had to hurry up and take care of his mom’s needs and fuck her to an orgasm.

Since his parents had been divorced, he and his mom had started having sex. That was just something that was easy and natural for a mother and son to do, and even though it was something that nobody really ever talked about, mother and son copulation was not all that uncommon.

His mom had her eyes squeezed shut as she lay beneath him, savoring the pleasure taking place in her vagina, arousing her clitoris.

“Oh, yes … yes …” she breathed, making her bare tits push up.

Brendan held himself up on outstretched arms above her, his hips working efficiently up down in what he thought of as being sexual pushups, driving his boner in and out of his mom. During that last year he had gotten very good at doing this, of making his erection last much, much longer in order to satisfy his mom before he ejaculated. The first few times they had done this together he had ejaculated almost right away.

In fact the very first time his penis had ejaculated before he had even gotten it into his mom’s vagina, squirting his slippery white liquid all over her pubic hair and between her legs. He had been just too excited. But now he could fuck his mom fully and completely without that awkwardly happening too quickly.

“Ohhhh ….” She moaned.

Brendan looked down at his mom and smiled, enjoying giving her the pleasure that she was experiencing. It felt so satisfying for him to be performing the process with his mom which had brought him into the world. At least part of that process, since his sperm would not be actually impregnating her. As his mom had said, it would best if that did not happen.

Brendan felt the rigidity of his penis and was aware of just how big and stiff it was as his mom’s vagina caressed it sexually, encouraging it to be that way. He was doing his best to held off climaxing until his mom did first.

He felt the pressure of trying to do that, as well as knowing that his friends would soon be there. They had no idea of course that he fucked his mom. That was private and just something between himself and his mom as such things were. Of course for all he knew his friends might be fucking their own moms, although he doubted it, since none of their moms were divorced.

“Ohhhhh … Ohhhhhhh …” she moaned and was now moving her hips in unison with his to further stimulating her clit. Then she started climaxing. “AHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!”

Brendan gave her every inch of his hard boner to ensure that she did come.

She struggled on the bed beneath him with her overwhelming release, every inch of her naked body being sexually alive.

“Yeah. Mom … Yeah, mom …” he encouraged as he fucked her in her moment of orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhh …” she whimpered, her body losing its tenseness.

As her needs were met, Brendan fucked his boner into her a dozen more times, increasing his own urge until suddenly his penis was ejaculating and fulfilling it male purpose.

“Oh, yes!” his mom said, holding him tightly as she felt her son’s penis doing this in her.

“Uhhhh …” Brendan groaned as his penis throbbed again and again to wetly fill his mom’s vagina with his sperm. “Uhhhh … Uhhhhhhh …”

Then it was over and they both laid there savoring the satisfaction of their once more successfully enjoying the intimacy of the reproductive process together as mother and son.

They both opened their eyes and smiled at each other.

“I like it when we fuck like this, she said. “It’s so special for a mother to be able to do that with her son.”

“I like fucking you, mom,” Brendan said.

“I’m glad that you do.”

They did an affectionate kiss on the lips and smiled at one another again with a pleased and shared sense of satisfaction that only a mother and son could truly experience.

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