Sara and Jason Begin

by Sara horny mom (MO)

Sara leaned back pulling her tone legs up and curling her toes inwards. She aimed the camera and snapped one photo then adjust and snapped a second.

"MISS YOU!!!!!" She types under the two pictures and hit send with a naughty smile.

Jason looked at the photos smiling.

"Three more hours" He sent back.

"That's too long" Sara typed smiling with a naughty thought.

Going to the bedroom, Sara picked out her favorite chrome plug and looked at it smiling.

Looking at it carefully Sara grabbed her phone hit and hit record.

Slow and methodically she licked the chrome bulb before she stuck it in her mouth and pulled it out with saliva dripping from the tip she leaned over and lewdly pushed into her puckered starfish.

"I'm waiting for you" Typed then hit send.

"You are one bad sexy woman" Jason typed.

"God made me sexy. You make me a bad girl" Sara typed.

Sara thought back about her life and how much it had changed from the low-rent trailer trash she was born into.

She thought about her mother and the night she got pregnant when she was two weeks into her teenage years. Sara was grateful for Jason and how he loved her unconditionally.

Sara also thought about the last time she saw her mother alive. It was bittersweet after all her mother put her through. Her mother was the reason, Sara was pregnant at such an early age.

She remembered watching her mother take one guy after another and sometimes two or three at a time on the living room floor on Friday nights as the rest set and cheered.

Sara thought about the first blowjob she gave as her mother couched her on and she thought about how she lost her virginity in the middle of the same floor she had watched her mother take so many men.

Sara also thought about the day she left home at fifteen with a hungry baby, a train ticket, and forty-three dollars age stole from her mother's purse.

Sara never planned on sleeping with Jason. It was the farthest thing from her mind. She loved him unconditionally. But, she was still his mother.

Jason was the one that made all the moves. From asking her out on their first date to the night she let him seduce her. Jason was nothing like the men her mother hung around. Jason was kind and compassionate. Loyal and trusting with ethics and values.

When Jason was sixteen he moved Sara from their one-bedroom apartment to the quaint little farmhouse with two bedrooms and a yard.

Jason worked for the man after school and on weekends. Cutting a deal with the man. Part of his pay was rent on the house. Sara had never had a house of her own. She was so happy. It was six months later Jason brought home Sara a car.

That's about the time Sara quit looking at Jason as her son and started looking at him as a man and not just any man either. She was falling in love with him even then.

She would lay in bed at night slowly diddling herself thinking of Jason wondering what it would be like to have him inside her.

Jason Graduate high a week after he turned eighteen and started farming full-time with the man he rented the house from.

"What is this?" Sara gasped when Jason handed her the white box with a large red ribbon riding closed.

"Happy birthday Sara." Jason smiled.

Sara almost cried when she pulled out the white evening gown that fit her 5'1" 32C-26-34 115 pound figure just right showing off every curve she had.

"Our reservations are at seven." Jason smiled as Sara set looking at the dress.

"Reservations?" Sara asked looking at Jason stunned.

"A woman only turns thirty once." Jason smiled at Sara.

"How do I look?" Sara stood in the living room proudly displaying her new dress and shoes with her blonde hair curled, red lips, and high-lighted green eyes.

Sara felt like a queen. She looked good and she felt good. No one had ever bought her anything so nice.

"Jason. Where did you get the car?" Sara asked when they walked out the back door.

"I borrowed it from Mr. Plimm." Jason smiled as he opened the pasture door.

It was the first time Sara had ever ridden in a Mercedes.

Sara road with a smile holding Jason's hand the entire way.

Jason held Sara like she was the only woman in the world as they stood waiting on their table to be seated.

"He really loves you." An older woman smiled at Sara looking at the younger couple.

"You know, I think he does." Sara smiled back after a moment of thought.

"He is a lucky man to have such a pretty young bride." The older lady's husband smiled at Sara.

"He's not the only one who is lucky." Sara smiled thinking about her past.

"Well, maybe he will be getting lucky tonight." The older woman snickered to Sara in a hushed voice. Making them both giggle.

"Care to dance?" Asked Sara after their meal.

"Yes, I believe I would like a dance Sara blushed.

As they moved around the floor Jason pulled Sara close and she melted into his arms.

When Sara looked up at Jason she couldn't help herself. Reaching up she pulled him to her and kissed him. Gentle. But deeply.

"Would you like to get out of here?" Jason smiles looking Sara in the eye.

"Take me home." Sara almost moaned.

When Jason opened the car door for Sara. She climbed out of the Mercedes and with a lusty smile, she climbed right into Jason's arms kissing him with more passion and aggression than she had ever kissed anyone in her life.

Jason wrapped his arms around Sara and kissed her back with just as much passion and devotion. When Jason cupped Sara's shapely ass and pulled up she wrapped her legs around his young tone body and held him tight as he carried her into the house and straight to her bedroom undressing her as they went.

Sara was filled with love, lust, and need.

Foreplay would come later.

At the moment Sara needed Jason in her.

"Fuckkkk!" Sara moaned when Jason's large dickhead slid past her quivering pussy lips.

Grabbing Jason by the face Sara looked him in his sexy brown eyes with need.

"Fuck me, Jason. Fuck me now! I need you!" She said with a heat and passion Jasin never knew existed in a woman.

Spreading her legs wide. Jason planted his large hands on each side of his older lover and started shoving into her hard.

"Fuck!" Sara grunted holding Jason's writing looking him in the eye. "That's it fuck me with your big cock!" Sara moaned with lust-filled eyes.

Jason lasted longer than Sara wanted him to. But, he didn't last long enough to put out the fire he had ignited in her.

Throughout the rest of the evening and into the early hours of the morning the two lovers took one another. Each time with as much passion and devotion as the previous.

Sara woke to the smell of bacon cooking, wondering if last night's events were just a dream.

Knowing they couldn't be from the way her soul felt. Sara climbed out of bed and slipped Jason's shirt on and padded barefoot into the kitchen.

Standing at the stove in nothing but his jeans Sara stopped and looked at Jason.

"Jesus is he gorgeous." She thought to herself with a smile wanting him just as much at that moment as she did the night before.

"Morning." Sara smiled wrapping her hands around Jason's waist from behind kissing him on the shoulder happy to have him in her arms.

"Good morning gorgeous." Jason smiled turning to look at his lover feeling his tool start to harden in want and need.

Sara didn't wait for Jason to clean the table or take her to her room.

Standing up with a sexy smile and needful eyes Sara straddled Jason as he set in his kitchen chair.

"God I love you!" Sara moaned looking Jason in the eye as she worked her shapely hips back and forth enjoying the feeling of him inside her.

With his hands wrapped around her hips. Jason looked at Sara with devotion.

"I love you." He smiled in honesty.

That was all Sara needed to hear and see. She knew at that moment she was Jason's for the rest of her life. She knew that she would never have to worry again about anything.

It was after one before the two new lovers left the house. Sara would have been content in never leaving the house. She could have stayed and made love to Jason for eternity if he would have let her. But, Jason being the man of his word had to return the Mercedes he had borrowed.

To Be Continued.

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