Samir: Pt 9

by Yani (Bahrain)

I woke up to Samir quietly rubbing his finger along my cheek.

He smiled: “I didn’t think you would ever sleep longer than me.” He kissed my cheek and snuggled in next to me.

The guy had even paid attention to when each of us had been going to sleep apparently. And yes, it was unusual. One more hint I had never really put together. Every day, every night. For months already. I just didn’t realize he had paid that much attention, even though he had been the one to bring it up. In retrospect, almost every day, but so casually I never really paid attention.

Almost as unusual as what had made me fall to sleep?

I continued to seem to be trying to catch up on so many different levels.

“My surprise for the day is that I’m happy to stay here as long as you would like to.”

And here he is already running circles around me. Now I was certain he had made me fuck him. I was just his pawn.

But it was ok. I was a happy pawn. I snuggled in closer. It was so nice to have his warm naked body next to mine.

“You’ve been awake for a while already?”

“On and off. I had no idea that you fucking me would make me feel so in control somehow.”

“I smiled. You figuring out more tricks of mine?”

He kissed me again.

“I know we have a lot to figure out. Really. Just not today.”

I looked as deeply in his eyes as he would let me. He let me in so far I was almost scared.

“Today’s issue was solved as soon as I picked you up.”

I looked at him quizzically. “You’re having such a fun time keeping me speechless, aren’t you?”

“I’ve been wondering half this week whether I was just too crazy horny, or whether something else really was going on here.”


“You adorable fuck. You’re going to force me to tell you, aren’t you?”

I was half curious, half bewildered.

“I may or may not be gay. But I don’t care. I am in love with you. And I need you. For real. It doesn’t matter what we do. I’m not even close to getting enough of you.”

I just hugged him. Of course my eyes were tearing up.

He knew. “You can’t not share your tears with me. Fuck. My cock already knew what was going to happen with those adorable eyes.”

Damn. He actually had gone hard just knowing that my eyes were wet?

I had no idea what I was going to do with him. And with every idea I had that he could do whatever he wanted to with me. Whenever. Wherever.

I tried snuggling in even tighter.

Fuck. He actually started cumming…

“I’m actually starting to decide you can do whatever the fuck you want to to me.” He kissed me again.

But hold it. That was my line. Not his.

I couldn’t. I crawled on top of him and smothered him with a kiss, even as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I sucked the air out of him, hard, and made him help me get some back in. I kept doing it until I almost had no wind left in me.

And then he took over, doing the same and more back to me, as he rolled us over and pinned me down.

Fuck. I was shocked about how calming it was as he impaled me. It was almost like his cock knew where to go, all by itself.

Damn. That was the most intensive kiss I had ever been a part of. Almost as if the fuck was part of the kiss.

I was trying so hard to find some place inside him where I could hide. Forever.

I backed off. “Fuck. I would happily do a blood transfusion with you. I don’t seem to be able to get my head around even half the things that go through my mind when we’re together.”

He hugged me back, and rolled on top of me. “Not today. Don’t overthink this.”

He laughed: “I’m sure you’ll come up with plenty of time to overthink it later.”

Fuck. Was this dude even human?

He squoze me tight. Both outside and inside.

I sunk my teeth into his neck.

His strong hand held my mouth tight, making sure I would keep biting.
Yet one more of those fascinatingly new smiles from Samir as I pulled off from giving the first serious hickey I had ever given in my life.

It was almost like he wanted even more, although I was worried I had made him way too sore.

How was he smiling like that?

So either as a show of my confidence, or my insecurity, I had to venture at least one question, even if my plan really had been to just spend quiet time with this man out of my dreams.

“So is it ok if I throw one request out there?”

Samir laughed: “So there was more to this than just quietly hanging out?” He put way too much emphasis the quiet bit, as he blew me an adorable kiss.

Damn. He already caught me. But we talked like this so seldom: “Honestly, no. But I kind of want to try it out anyway?”

He kissed me, more informally and playfully than ever before. I felt owned. And I have to admit it felt pretty cool: “Go for it.” It was like the mood had opened up. I was both excited and worried about what this new world might feel like.

Fuck. This dude was never going to allow me to get settled anywhere, before whisking me off to yet another world.

“So what would happen if I wanted to talk about some kind of minimum contact agreement?”

Samir burst out laughing yet again: “Please do, mister planner. Although I do expect you to catch up with me at some point, since you are the tutor, after all.”

Damn again. What was he talking about? But I still wanted to see where this would go.

“Ok. So don’t get mad at me, but what if I wanted to make sure we had at least some kind of physical contact at least once a day?”

“Kiss me, just so I will never forget this moment. You mean fucking? You want a written agreement?”

I turned red.

“Because just in case you haven’t been paying attention, there have only been two days I haven’t touched you since my birthday a year ago. One when you were out of town, and the other on a day when I was sick and for some reason you refused to come over and check on me. But it’s ok. I forgave you a long time ago.”

Fuck. Had I really been that blind? Or should I actually go down the path of getting an agreement on fucking?

“Oh. And on the fucking side, since it’s only been a few days, you might be able to remember that since that started, we haven’t gone 12 hours without a fuck. Although I’m happy to move it up to 8 if you can handle that. I know I can. Although you do have me a bit concerned that you might be a bit too demanding on all this cum that you keep insisting on milking out of me.”

The fucker just kept laughing.

“Wow. Are you always going to be so far ahead of me?”

“Shit, kid. If I don’t, how will I make sure you stay attached to me?”

I hugged him close. And of course started getting emotional.

“You really still don’t understand how long I’ve been trying to win you over, do you?”

I was working hard to get up to speed, but once again he really did catch me. Even as the fucker’s cock started growing. Was there anything that didn’t make him horny?

“We really don’t need to get into it too much. Especially since even the sound of your voice is starting to make me horny now. Probably because your spell over my cock probably won’t let us. But a couple of points, teacher. One. The number of times I’ve written a note like that note I wrote to you? One. And the number of times I’ve ever made plans like you seem to make me make—like touching you every fucking day? One.”

He actually seemed serious.

“Don’t get me wrong. I am actually a bit concerned you might be a hornier fuck than me, even if I never dreamed that might be possible, but this horny bit has tried my patience more than anything. In my whole life. For months already.”

And now his cock was throbbing.

“You are so so adorable, though. So should we talk about a maximum as well?”

The evil fucker.

“No. No. No.”

“You sure?”

But of course I was already moving down to take care of his huge evil partner in this game of ripping my heart out and doing god knows what with it.

Fuck. That gorgeous dickhead was already leaking precum. And it was light enough outside now that I could even see it as I rubbed some of it on my nose before I stuck my tongue ever so gently inside.

I licked around and around his cockhead, both ways. Then slowly down around the rim of the head, even nibbling on it. And I just barely got my tongue back up to that piss slit before that magical cum was flowing, once again, as I kissed deep and swallowed, keeping as much in my mouth as I could, to use to lubricate that thick shaft as I worked up and down it.

I looked up at him, with bits of cum all around my lips and tongue.

I did the best I could at an evil look his way for a change: “I promise there will never be a maximum. Even if you try to beat me into it. So doesn’t that make the real question whether you’ll be able to keep up with me, even if I may be a slow learner?”

I squeeze the base of his huge shaft, at the same time I tugged on his huge balls.

His cock’s answer was a massive cumshot that hit me, right in the left eye.

“There is no challenge you can come up with that I won’t happily accept. None.”

Damn. I just kept wanting more and more of him.

I went all the way down.

Fuck. Nothing felt better than when his cock was all the way inside me.

And nothing sounded better than hearing him moan while I was preoccupied…

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