Samir: Pt 8

by Yani (Bahrain)

In fact, come to think of it, that seemed to be the whole story of all of samir’s escapades.

But now he had to know he was controlling everything as he crawled in and held me close. He laughed out loud at how emotional I was, as he held me tight. “I love your blue eyes even more when they’re filled with these adorable tears.”

Then he almost got serious: “Fuck. This is better than anything I could have imagined, you cute fuck. Damn. One more thing you’ve waited way too long to let me in on.”

I held him as close as I could.

Sure, I could feel how huge and hard his cock was. But just holding him. Naked. The two of us together in bed. In a little trailer in the middle of nowhere. Just the two of us.

I had no idea that would feel so amazing.

And then he slowly climbed on top of me. Spread my arms and started kissing me.

I knew once again I would never be able to say no to him.

I could feel him cumming. Shooting wherever the hell his huge cock wanted to shoot.

I was pretty sure I probably already had shot as well.

“Fuck it. There is no reason in the world to rush anything right now. This was such a good idea.”

I held him as close as I could, and closed my eyes while his wet tongue slowly entered my oh so willing mouth.

Damn. I could have just done that for hours and hours.
I surrendered.
I had no idea what Samir was going to do. I didn’t care at all. Hell. He probably could have killed me right there and I would have died happy.

I trembled at every touch of his hand. Every kiss made my eyes water.

I tried so hard to keep calm. Every touch of his hand seemed to bring me back to life again. I closed my eyes so his kisses wouldn’t drive me so wild. It only partly helped.

I knew I had to have his cock in me. Fuck. That enormous cock. There was no way I was ever going to complain. But oh my god. What a cock.

I almost thought at least it would stop me from trembling so much.

As I felt his hand go down my side.

I felt his hand touch my ass. Damn. I swear he had never touched me that gently before. Ever.

I remained committed to surrendering.

Then he worked his way down. Shit. I was trying so hard.

Samir kissed my hole. Fuck. No one had ever touched me like that. I was trembling. Even worse. He maintained control. For both of us. I felt his tongue go inside. Damn. I was wishing I was a girl. He was driving me crazy.

I tried to breathe slowly. I still trembled. I tried to hold on to him. Anywhere. Almost just to let him know I was there. He seriously could have done anything to me. Anything at all.

I had never felt so much like I needed to be fucked. Ever. Fuckkkk. Was he making my ass have an orgasm?

I tried so hard to stay calm. The fucker knew I was trying. He bit my hole. I tried not to moan. He bit it more. I was quietly hoping he was leaving a hickey. I worked big time not to beg him to fuck me. I could swear he knew it.

Damn. I needed his cock in me. Before I went crazy. And how the hell was he not already cumming again?

Ohhhh. I finally felt his cockhead on my hole. The fucker came up for air. One more look on that beautiful face I had never seen before.

“Anything. I’ll do anything. I swear.” Wow. That was pretty pathetic.

He just smiled. He knew he had conquered me.

And then I felt that massive cockhead start to enter my hole.

I couldn’t stop moaning. He had to have been shooting. I was taken over. By the sound. The smell. By how gorgeous he was. By knowing that he was mounting me. By knowing how happily helpless I was. “I wish I were your girl.”

He smiled again. What a gorgeous man. “You are my girl.”

And I felt him enter me.

I seriously couldn’t stop trembling. My eyes watered. “Fuck. I love it when you cry like this. Even if that does sound terrible.”

He pulled out. Then went back in. “I’ve never loved anything like I love this hole of yours.”

I was overcome with emotion. “I don’t even want to ever love anything more than I love you.”

Samir leaned forward. I could see he was starting to say “fuck” as his mouth covered mine. Both his cock and his tongue were fucking me at the same time.

I just held on, as best as I could.

I could feel his huge cock go deeper and deeper. It almost felt like I could feel his cock head leading his shaft in. Deeper and deeper. It even seemed like the wider I opened my mouth for his tongue the more easily his cock went deeper.

Samir was helping me breathe. He pulled back to look at me. “All the way in. I love it when my pubes are rubbing against that sweet hole.”

I was still trembling.

“You know you’re mine, right.”

That was clearly not a question.

His body moved my legs even further apart. I held onto his big strong back.

“Hold my ass. Pull me in deeper.”

I obeyed. I wished he would command more.

I trembled. It was overwhelming. “If you go any deeper you’re going to come out of my mouth.”

His mouth covered mine. Again.

He sucked my mouth. The air left my lungs.

He loved it even more than I did. I was seriously surviving on the air that he breathed into me.

He didn’t stop. He knew I was conquered. He knew he had beaten me at my own game.

I hugged him as tightly as I knew how to. He breathed even more heavily.

Deep into my lungs.

He was taking my soul. I couldn’t have been happier to give it to him.

I still don’t know whether I passed out, or just fell to sleep under him. Sometimes maybe we really don’t have control over even what it appears that we do.

I have no idea how long I slept. We slept.

I woke up, still hugging Samir , and him still hugging me, although we had rolled just a bit, so we were kind of on our sides.

I looked at him sleeping. I trembled again. Wow. I wondered if I was ever going to stop trembling again.

I was so happy. I kissed his cheek. He was sleeping soundly. His cock was softer, but still deep in me.

I loved knowing how he had claimed me.

I tried to think how we were ever going to figure out a way ahead.

He was right there. Still holding me. Still basically fucking me.

He had even figured out how to make me breathe.

I closed my eyes.

I seemed to have moved enough that he was starting to slip out. Damn. My ass seemed so so wet.

I kissed his neck. Still sleeping.

I licked his left armpit. Even nibbled a bit.

He seemed to open his arm further as he slept. And as I licked.

Wow. I loved licking his armpit.

I kissed his nipples.

He rolled a bit further onto his back.

I wanted to slowly lick, all over, his entire body.

He still seemed to be sleeping, although he moved ever so slightly.

I licked his stomach. His navel.

There was that gorgeous cock.

Another wow.

Samir still seemed to be sleeping peacefully, with his spent cock just lying there. That may have been the first time I had ever been so close when he wasn’t already hard.

It was beautiful. His cockhead was still wet, both with precum and fluids out of me. His balls were maybe even more gorgeous than his cock.

Damn. I couldn’t resist.

I kissed it. Then slowly sucked it all in. I loved sucking on his soft, or maybe semi-hard, cock. It actually all fit in my mouth so perfectly, it seemed.

Samir still seemed to be sleeping. Maybe he was so spent he was just relaxing. He had already shot so many times, just this morning. It felt so nice to feel his soft cock, his soft balls, to think about how much cum they had made, and how much of that was so deep inside me.

I kissed his balls. Licked them. They were so soft. Damn. I was even in love with his balls.

As he rolled a bit more on his back, and even seemed to open his legs a bit.

Fuck. His body beckoned me, and I responded.

I licked down to his ass. That beautiful ass.

I kissed it. Samir seemed to wake up, but just a bit.

He seemed to move so I could get at his ass even more easily. Was that my imagination?

He now seemed so vulnerable. So open. I kissed his hole.

It seemed to beg for more attention. My tongue obliged. My long tongue.

Damn. I loved going in him. And samir’s cock seemed to be responding, by starting to go hard.

I kissed his ass more and more. I nibbled. All around it. Again and again and again.

My cock was responding.

Wow. Crazy thoughts were going through my head.

Samir’s right hand went into my hair, as he woke up a bit more, and made sure I had as complete access as I could possibly have to his ass.

I swear it was his doing, not mine. My cock was going harder and harder, the more wet his ass became.

I had never fucked anything.

It really was begging me. And Samir seemed to be hinting even more than usual. At some point I probably needed to stop ignoring hints so much.

I rubbed my cockhead against his hole. Damn. My cock seemed to be under his spell.

And in it went.

As I quietly climbed back up, Samir held me close. He smiled. I was fucking him, and he was pleased?

Fuck. Now I was cumming…

Samir slowly opened his beautiful green eyes. Like a rain forest I needed to be lost in. He mouthed a gentle kiss. “I love you. Stay in me.”

I put my head on his strong chest. Wow.

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