Samir: Pt 7

by Yani (Bahrain)

All I could do was hope he had left a hickey, even on my lip. He smiled, almost as if he knew what I was thinking. Then squeeze my hand.

Damn. I had almost forgotten that I even had a hand while he was fucking my mouth.

I did look down and notice, for the first time, that the top of his pants was undone, along with a couple of the buttons.

Was I really going to be able to contain myself?


His cockhead was out, just barely, and I knew he had to be on the verge of cumming. As in the second my lips touched his cockhead, it seemed.

Damn. I loved that taste too, as I swallowed and swallowed.

And even just let it sit out, as he looked at me, and wiped the cum from my lips onto my tongue, as he smiled again.

As the fucker thanked me, again, as he started the truck.

And we got back on the quiet dark road and continued heading up the canyon.

There was still nobody else on the road, and it was still dark.

Somehow we were being even more quiet together than we usually were. Samir even turned the low radio off, and we both kind of melted into the quiet.

My head was on his shoulder. I kissed his cheek on and off. He kissed the top of my head. I had finally calmed down enough to smell the cologne he had put on for our date.

I held his hand with both of mine. Of course he just left his cock out, almost as a sign that he was happy to be vulnerable around me.

Why did we have so many of these moments where it just felt like our hearts were talking to each other, and we shouldn’t interrupt them?

And how had this come together so quickly in just one week?

Dawn was starting to break, as he pulled off onto an even quieter road. It almost looked like we could see the tops of some snow-covered peaks. An owl even silently floated past us.

I looked into his eyes. I hadn’t actually said a single word since I had gotten in beside him.

I opened my mouth to speak. He looked at me: “We should stop for a minute before it actually gets light, right?”


But impossible not to love someone who speaks your words even more quickly than you do.

Samir found a quiet little pull-out. He opened the truck door so we could just stand outside.

Damn. I loved just being with him. Forget the drama. Forget everything.

I loved the crisp cold morning mountain air. Especially with his smell added in.

We hugged. Of course his dick was still sticking out.

I looked into his eyes. His magical green eyes, which somehow seemed to glow with the break of dawn.

He was a panther. I just wanted him to eat me.

He smiled.

My heart lost a beat just at his smile.

I thought he was closing in to kiss me. He rubbed my nose with his. Then backed off and kissed it.

Of course my eyes watered.

That made him smile even more, as he kissed the corner of each eye. Almost as if he were making sure the tears would flow down my cheeks.

I hugged him as tight as I could. He hugged me back the same way.

“Why haven’t you ever shared this time of day with me before?”

Of course I had no answer, as I hugged him even closer.

He put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me. I melted. I surrendered.

I opened my mouth so I could suck gently on his tongue. He slowly moved it around inside my mouth. Although I did suck a bit deep a couple of times. Just to make sure he wasn’t holding anything back.

He pushed his tongue in even deeper, almost in response to my wondering.

His hand took mine, and put it on his soft cock. He was somehow cumming.

“How do you do that to me?”

I smiled at him. “That cum doesn’t belong to you anyway.”

“You adorable fuck.”.
He took the cum off my hand and rubbed it all over my face with his fingers.

I was so happy to be with him.

“I love you. And I may even be getting to the point that I can’t fight it anymore.”

He laughed. “It’s about fucking time, don’t you think?”

I kissed him again.

He laughed. “Your call, I suppose. Yesterday had to have been the wildest sex I’ve ever had.”

Then he continued laughing: “You monster.”

I had been too excited for this morning to even think about it.

“Lie to me and say you’re not sore.”

I was speechless.

“That’s why I was sure I was there early, just to see you walking up to me. Even in the dark.”

I was somehow even more speechless.

“I’m going to make you even more bow-legged.”

“You cocksucker.”

He smiled: “Just yours. Scouts’ honor.”

I hugged him again.

He squeeze my ass. “Let’s get up there.”

“And look through my wallet. I really had no idea your plan was to be so quiet this morning.”
I really wasn’t trying to be so quiet. It was just that Samir was way more awake than I ever would have guessed he would be, and almost seemed to be working hard to run circles around me.

Honestly, I didn’t care. No matter how nervous I was. Just being alone with him for even one time really was enough for me.

Although this wallet comment was a bit odd, but of course I indulged him, and looked through it.

I was pretty flattered to see my picture sitting on top of his little picture fold. Even before his girl’s. Was that what he wanted me to see?

Nothing else, as far as I could tell.

But he sat there and waited for me.

“Ok. I give. That’s very kind of you to have my picture on top. Is that what I was supposed to find?”

Man. I was clueless.

“Take out my license. Look at the back.”

I did.

Uh. Now what was I supposed to do?

Some old newspaper picture of me was taped to the back of his license. Why? How?

I was even more clueless.

There was way more to this dude than I had ever imagined…

“Ok. That’s enough for now. You really have no idea how long I’ve been eyeing you, do you?”

Now I felt bad.

He smiled. “At least you can’t see the cumstains on it. Don’t worry. Damn. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m as happy as you are to just be with you now.” He squeeze my hand again. “Let’s get going.”

My head was spinning as we pulled around the corner where the cabin was. I was about to get out of the passenger side to unlock the gate, but of course Samir wouldn’t have it. “That’s not the way dates with me work, dude. Damn. It feels so good to have something to teach you for a change. Just make sure you lock it back up.”

He gave me a sweet little kiss as I got out and unlocked the gate. I don’t think I had ever been there when I hadn’t just left the gate open.

“So help me find a quiet place to park.”

Damn. samir’s mind seemed to be running circles around me still.

I helped him get around the cabin and park on the far side. “No one should notice it from here.”

Then he helped me out: “You have a trailer here too?”

I really was trying to keep up. “Can we go in there?”

“Sure. If you’d like. It might be colder than the cabin, tho. I’m sure I have the key here.”

He still hadn’t asked me any more about what my plan was. But somehow that seemed fine, especially since he kept coming up with stuff. Although in retrospect he probably really had figured out I just wanted to spend some quiet time with him. I was still more or less hoping he was ok with that, I think.

It really wasn’t like me to have not planned more, tho…

The mountain air was crisp. We could see each other breathing. The smell of a nearby juniper tree almost competed with samir’s cologne.

The trailer was halfway hidden by a grove of oak trees and bushes. On top of it still not quite being daylight yet. I unlocked it and started pushing the door open.
Samir stopped me. Then out of nowhere he picked me up and took me in in his arms and carried me inside. I was sure my eyes started tearing up as he kissed me as he stepped inside.

Wow. What a smile he had on his face.

I touched it so gently.

He sucked on my finger.

Wow. It really was just the two of us. With no need to worry about anything.

“Damn. You’re even more emotional that usual this morning, man. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I find it adorable. But you’re ok, right?”

I started to answer him, but he covered my mouth with his as he closed the door, making sure he locked it as we made it over to the little couch at the front of the trailer.

He even tried to blow into my lungs, but somehow couldn’t quite figure it out.
“Fucker. You might have to teach me more than math.”

Then he slowly started stripping me as he returned to kissing me.

I was doing my best not to tremble. He was working full-time to make sure I did.

“There’s a bedroom in the back? You ok if we just crawl into bed for a bit?”

I don’t know if I had ever been so speechless in my whole life. His mouth was verbalizing thoughts before they even came to me, as I still wondered what the story actually was with my picture on the back of his license.

I was the morning person. Not him. But there he was, controlling everything, even early in the morning, as we both stripped naked and headed back to the quiet little bedroom, in the chilly trailer.

He opened the bed, and crawled in right after me.


It was like it had never even crossed my mind that all we had had so far was various quickies.

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