Samir: Pt 6

by Yani (Bahrain)

“This weekend? Saturday morning? The mountains would be great, no? We could even leave early in the morning, and stay until noon if you want. Would that work?”

Wow. He actually put it together all by himself. And even offered more than I was asking for?

“Fuck. That almost sounds like a date or something.”

“And. If it were? Would that really be so terrible?” And there he kissed me again, even as his damned cock seemed to be going hard yet again.

“You are worse than an energizer bunny, dude,” as I grabbed his cock, and hit his chest. “I’m not gonna lie,” as I pulled his hardening cock, “I love my new time with this guy.” And I thumped his chest one more time: “But I want some time with this guy, unless that sounds too threatening.”

“Damn. You never stop giving me surprises, do you?”

This time I kissed him. First time I had ever initiated that, all on my own. Just a little one. But we both knew it was a much bigger step than it seemed.

“This Saturday?”

Now he laughed. “Unless you want to cancel stuff and just head up tomorrow.”

I actually rolled my eyes: “Yeah. Like that’s the way I plan things.”

He laughed again: “Fine. Be the control freak that you are. I’ll pick you up just before the sun comes up on Saturday?”

Damn. He was beating me, at my own game. “I’ll meet you at our corner. May sound stupid, but I really would love a bit of time where no one has any idea where either of us are. Let alone that we’re together.”

He smiled deeper. And then laughed. “As long as you can stop walking around like you’re getting fucked hard, we should be good with that.”

I pulled his cock, hard. Hard enough that he halfway gasped. “You’ll pay for that one.”

“How much?”

“You cute fuck. Now you’ll make me restless until Saturday. If you avoid me between now and then I swear I’ll hunt you down, tho.”

And he squeeze my ass, and stuck two fingers in it.

Damn. Of course I went down on him, one more time for the day.

As I kept thinking to myself, I might die if I don't see you for that long...
My mind was in overdrive for the next 36 hours.

I got through the motions fine, and unfortunately for me the only similar event I could remember had been years ago when I had one of my few major sports events come up, and then of course it had been Samir who had noticed how off kilter I was (as opposed to me), even identifying the exact event that was making me act so strange, and even openly letting others know when I would be fine again.

That pissed me off almost as must as living through it, and finding out that he had been entirely correct.

Of course I was clueless that that was exactly the kind of thing that Samir loved about me.

Damn. Was getting even closer to a guy who knew me better than I knew myself really a good idea?

I was almost so busy counting down the hours that I probably wasn’t focusing enough on what I actually wanted here, especially given that Samir had already proposed even more that I had hoped for.

I got through the night. I got through the next day. And I even got through I’m not even sure how many more loads of his. Was he taking advantage of me knowing that I was distracted, or was he just trying to see who actually was the horniest here, me or him?

Of course I didn’t dare touch that second one. No one had ever seen me as a horny type, and everyone knew Samir was, so the thought that I might be even hornier than him would throw all sorts of people for a loop. Most of all, me. Followed in short order by him.

So Friday was crazy. Was it really 4 separate blow jobs, and 3 fucks? Just not time to get into it now, as Friday night approached, and I had to recollect myself for Saturday morning.

I was sure Samir how no idea how much of a morning person I was. How much I loved watching the dawn break. Then the sun slowly rise. Fuck.

He was about to invade the only truly spiritual place I had.

I slowly slipped out and headed to the little corner about a block from his house where we’d sometimes meet, and he’d sometimes drop me off, “just to make sure nobody made too much of me spending so much time with him.” Hell. That had been back in the day when I wanted to make sure others weren’t jealous of the time he was giving me. Afraid that it might seem pretentious that I was getting so much time alone with someone who seemed in such high demand. Even way before I had ever even dreamed of taking his dick.

It was 5:30 in the morning. A bit chilly. Still dark.

And there he was. Waiting for me. Even though I knew he was not a morning person. Never had been.

And before I got around to get in the passenger door, he got out to make sure I slid in on his side.

Damn. “You’re relentless.”

He smiled. “Good morning. It is a date, right?” I was certain that smile was an evil one.

Fuck. His voice in the morning was even sexier than usual. Plus his warm hand slowly held mine, even as he slipped me his last night’s condom. Was he really thinking of me every time he was with her now?

I tried so hard not to get overwhelmed. I really thought I had planned this. Even if all I really wanted was just some quiet undisturbed time with him. Seriously. Just time when we weren’t worried about anybody else, any other schedule, any other anything. Just time to try to figure out what was here, if that was possible.
He started heading up the canyon. The only sound I was aware of was my pounding heart.

Either Samir didn’t notice, or didn’t care.

All he said was “thank you.” I was so close to being overwhelmed with emotion. There was no way I was going to ask what he was thanking me for.

And five miles out of town he pulled over, as I sat so close to him, holding his hand, I was certain sweating away like never before.

It was still dark. Samir hadn’t asked at all about what we were going to do.

“We have time for one kiss before the sun comes up, right?”

I swear just him asking that made more of his cum from yesterday evening leak out of my ass, which I had never been so aware of in my life, since it still throbbed with pain, and since I had already vowed to make sure I took him all the way in, every single time. I quietly wondered if my throat was going to start hurting like that when I finally figured out how to totally deepthroat him. He must have known I would never stop until I succeeded with that.

Nobody was around as he quietly pulled off the road a bit, just behind a couple of trees.

I’m sure my chest was visibly pounding as he slowly slid his tongue into my mouth.

Fuck. I had never even thought about what a guy’s mouth might taste like early in the morning, other than to make sure I gargled that morning before heading out.

Wow. These new tastes. I just wanted more and more of them. As I hoped like hell no one other than me got the benefit of this one. The rawness. Somehow the masculinity of it. Thinking of how he collected that smell all night while sleeping. Opening up just to penetrate me.


All that did was make sure I was even more aware of the taste of him, as I slowly let him lick all over inside my willing mouth, wishing he would fuck ever corner of it, even every damn tooth. He even managed to lick all the way around my tongue, almost as if it were a cock he were sucking. Or a cock I was sucking. Fuck. I wanted him even more than usually.

I couldn’t help my chest from rising and falling ever more slowly as he penetrated me. Even as I tried to reclaim myself by thinking about how many girls had told me what a good kisser I was.

But that wasn’t this kiss. Just his tongue had overpowered me. Forget about his muscles. Forget about his strength. Even forget about all of my emotions. Just his tongue. As I felt him unload more and more spit into my mouth.

Damn. The dude even seemed to be cumming right out of his mouth into mine.

And then he slowly pulled back.

Fuck. Was I really going to succeed in not being overwhelmed?

I was already so close to surrendering. I couldn’t help but wonder if he hadn’t already shot. Just by the way he kissed me.
I thought about returning the favor, but I was way too happy with how he had just fucked my mouth. Even as he pulled all the way back and bit the corner of my lower lip.

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