Samir: Pt 5

by Yani (Bahrain)

So I worked on getting through my day, trying to figure out whether there might be anything at all I could control here.

That was, until I got a message from him that he really needed me to show up for practice half an hour earlier, “if I could.” Interesting, because it seemed to indicate that he saw I had some kind of power here. But just a fantasy, really: I would have dropped anything just to hold his hand at this point. But it still wasn’t like the Samir I knew to leave me with a way out.

And somehow I didn’t even manage to see him at all until that half an hour before practice.

Okay, 45 minutes. I couldn’t risk something else coming up.

And as I walked into the locker room there he was.

The man who was never early for anything.

I had no idea whether he wanted to talk, or just get off again. And it had even hit me that he might have thought we needed to meet so he could somehow apologize again and stop this little whirlwind.

And I swear that was what I saw in his eyes as I looked into them.

Of course, until he greeted me with such a tight deep hug that I had to work not to faint, as his tongue went straight into my mouth. All but making me almost want to faint, no matter how much I worried about control.

“I really can’t stop thinking about you.” He smiled, one of those recently new smiles. “I don’t even want to.”

And suddenly his tongue
stopped fucking my mouth and pulled back to exploring my mouth.

My tears were flowing again.
“You’re worried?”

“Maybe I’m scared.”

He kissed the flow from my eyes. And had this quizzical smile.

“You have no idea how much I need you.”

Need me? Fuck. That didn’t help me figure anything out.

I tried not to break down almost entirely. I held on to him.

Damn. He had such big strong muscly shoulders. I was trying to collect myself.

“Do you have time to fuck me now?”

His smile somehow went so deep.

“You sure?”

And even a bigger smile. “You’re not too sore?”

I lied. Kind of. “Not as sore as I feel without you in me.”

And my hand went slowly down to his crotch.

That had to have been the first time I ever felt his cock not hard.

His beautiful eyes pierced me: “Have you ever done anything like this before?”

Wow. That one caught me off guard: “Honestly?”

He almost seemed crestfallen. “Never anything but.”

“Not even close. Ever.”

He seemed to grow an inch taller in relief. “Really?”

“You have no idea how much this scares me.”

It almost looked like he was going to say the same back to me.

Did I really see a tear in his eye?

But I stopped him with a kiss, before going down to feel his beautiful soft cock.

And there he was, just submitting to me.

I rubbed his stomach ever so gently. I kissed his navel. I rubbed up to his chest. He held my hand while I gently squeeze his nipples, one after the other.

And then I started rubbing under his navel.

Into his pubes. As I could feel his hands gently rubbing through my hair.

Wow. His soft cock was so thick. So long. Way bigger than a handful. His cockhead was perfect. I kissed it. He was still soft, even as the pre-cum flowed out of his slit.

His balls were enormous. Almost seemed like a handful each. I couldn’t help but think no wonder he can cum so much. As I gently tugged at them, and played with the base of his shaft.

Samir pulled me up again, and silently started kissing me again. Even smiling proudly as he kissed the huge hickey he had left on my shoulder.

“I want these all over you.”

As his tongue went back to owning my mouth, I quietly stretched that gorgeous cock, which started growing. And growing. Every time it seemed like it was still bigger than the last time.

I would be lying to say I wasn’t worried.

“Damn. I need more time with you.”

And there I was about to get fucked again. Me almost as worried about someone coming in and finding us as I was that I might not be able to take it all again.

But there was that gorgeous throbbing cockhead. Right at my hole again.

I took over and made sure he got in. With him cumming so fast I got it all over my hand as I worked him in.

Samir smiled. He knew. “I still don’t know how the fuck you do that.” As he pulled my hand up to his mouth, licked it off, smiled at me, and kissed me. As he pushed his cum, together with his tongue, deep into my mouth.

His cock found its way all the way in. Damn. Was this a whirlwind?

He was shooting again. Or still.

I was so worried it might end.

Little did I know Samir was determined that it wouldn’t.
So of course we had sex again after practice, and almost of course it still seemed to keep getting better.

But I had spent all practice, even while still leaking his cum, doing my best to plan the next thing that for whatever reason I really hoped might happen. And if I was really determined, and really had at least my plan A and at least plan B ready, I knew I had a fair chance of being fairly hopeful here.

Experience seemed to be on my side, because I really didn’t ask for much, didn’t really want all that much, and really tried to jump in wherever I could.

So all in all it seemed a small thing, but not being all that needy, of course I worried when I felt like I might be.

So after practice, after another tryst, after being filled with still more cum, everywhere Samir seemed to be able to shoot it, and even after some great kisses, my best of plans got a bit interrupted with me being a bit overly emotional, which would generally have worried me, except that Samir seemed genuinely concerned. Maybe because he really did know how sore I was? How I’d never say no? Or even something more?

So I apologized for yet more tears, as I plunged into what felt like such a huge step for me: “Can I ask you something, for real, Samir?”

He genuinely seemed touched. I really almost never asked for anything, and it was almost like the thought that I had a request seemed to almost make him emotional.

He kissed me ever so gently on the lips, quietly slipping his tongue in just a bit: “I’d love you to.”

Damn. I so often held so much back. I’d even refuse invitations until sometimes the other person would get mad at me and make me accept. And it really wasn’t all that much. But there I went: “Damn. You must know I love everything we’re doing. But is there any way I can actually get a real hour or two of your time, just for the two of us? Without anything on an agenda at all?”

Sure. It doesn’t sound like much, especially if you aren’t in the middle of how we interacted. But I really had never bothered asking for anything before.

And somehow the request seemed to hit him even harder than me, almost as if it actually hit him, right there, how little I ever asked for.

“Right now? Any place in particular? Damn. I’ll do anything. Seriously. Happily. Just tell me when. I can call my girl tonight and cancel if you want.”

Fuck. I could not handle being overwhelmed right now. I knew we needed to work on his math that evening. I knew he’d need to see his girl. And I really didn’t want to upset anything. Seriously.

So I breathed deeply: “I’d really like to just spend an hour, maybe even two, just being with you. I’ve thought maybe your place, maybe mine. Maybe even better my dad’s cabin up in the mountains?”

Such an interesting smile broke out on his face. I was still trying so hard to figure out what all these new reactions of his might mean. So many things I had never seen before.

To be continued

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