Samir: Pt 2

by Yani (Bahrain)

And then the evening came. And the evening workout. My heart was pounding. I kept losing my breath. I tried to get dressed before Samir came in. But of course there he was.

He smiled. I tried so hard to be casual. “You’ve had a good day?”

He smiled again. And nonchalantly ran his hand quickly through my hair. “Of course.” Even as I felt like his pet dog.

As he suited up, of course I noticed he undressed differently than usual. The first thing he took off was his pants, with his underwear. And of course he looked at me, as he quietly took his time taking off everything else, and put on his jock last of all, looking at me once again.

He had to know I would do anything at all for him. With him. Anything. Anything at all.

Just as he tucked his huge dick into his jock, he looked at me one more time. “I can’t wait till this workout is over.”

I tried so hard to focus on working out. Tried not to wonder what would happen later. As my mind kept going from sucking on him to really just hoping for one little kiss.

I was so afraid of what might happen, or what might not happen, that I tried to head for the showers early. But of course Samir wasn’t going to let that happen.

He insisted on making me do another couple of ropes, showing off how easily he did them. Then something else. Then something else.

Until the gym was empty. Except for the two of us.

And then he did it. I thought I heard him humming. He looked at me.

“What if I start singing here?” And he grabbed his crotch.

I was so full of emotion I almost started crying again.

I held his hand on his crotch. His other went into my hair. I had no idea why I loved that feeling so much.

His huge cock was throbbing. Even inside his jock. I knelt down. I pulled it out. I kissed it. I licked his sweaty balls. And I French-kissed his huge cockhead.

And he came. Maybe even more quickly that the day before. Even if that didn't make any sense at all to me.

I heard him say “fuck”, somehow in some kind of disbelief. I swallowed. I kissed. I licked. I swallowed.

I felt his hands, both of them, in my hair. I sucked as deep as I knew how to. I wished I could keep going all night long.

And within minutes he came. Again. And now a “damn”, again somehow in disbelief.

I cleaned up everywhere. He couldn’t have helped but notice how happy I was to have his cum in me, on me.

He helped me up. I had never seen him act so tenderly. Ever. His hands went from my hair to my cheeks.

Oh my god. He kissed me again. That sweet tender little kiss.

Then he looked so deeply into my eyes again. I was trying so hard not to tremble.

Then he slapped my cheek.

“What am I going to do with you.”

Once again, not ever close to a question.

I took a hold of Samir’s hardening cock as he started turning on the shower. I could barely get my hand around it, and there was at least at much exposed as my hand covered.

He looked at me. “Why am I so damn nervous?”

That almost seemed like a question.

He knew I had never done anything like this before.

He gently kissed me. “It really might hurt.”

“Not nearly as much as if you don’t.”

“Damn. I need to get in you before I cum again.”

Samir’s big hands grabbed my ass cheeks as he kissed me one more time. His cock seemed enormous, as it continued to leak pre-cum.

I was like clay in his hands. He turned me around and pushed my ass cheeks apart with both hands, as I felt his huge cockhead at my hole.

Then he slowly pushed me against the shower wall, and even more slowly started driving in. He whispered “my virgin” as he drove slowly in, deeper and deeper, then bit my neck as his cockhead slowly popped in, and he worked his huge shaft in right behind it. “Fuck. I’m already cumming.”

My neck hurt as I felt Samir’s teeth sink in, but my ass almost magically opened as the pain in my neck seemed to make me forget about how tight my ass was.

Samir’s hand reached around for my cock, just as I started cumming. His big hand caught it all: “thanks, baby.” And he pulled back just a bit, enough so he could wipe my cum on his throbbing cum-covered cock, before slowly driving back in: “I’m in all the way. Oh my god. This is even better than I dreamed it would be.”

I could feel his cock pulsing deep inside me once again. “Breathe, baby.” And he gently pumped in and out, just a bit, at the same time he eased my back and stomach, almost breathing for me.

I tried to hide that I was crying.

Samir whispered in my ear: “You ok?”

“I love you so much, man.”

“I’ve wanted you for so long already.” I couldn’t even tell if I was the one who said that, or he was. Samir kissed my cheek, as the tears flowed down, even as he slowly drove all the way back in again. “I could stay here forever.”

I put my arms up over my head and my hands into Samir’s hair. He was gently pumping back and forth, all the way deep inside. “I’m all the way in. But I’m still going to find ways to get in you deeper.”

My heart was pounding so hard both Samir and I could feel it. He just held me close.

Just as I was feeling amazed at how gentle the whole thing seemed, even as I had been afraid that it would hurt so much, Samir whispered more in my ear: “I would never have dreamed this would seem so tender.” I could now feel his heart pounding against my back.

Our silence was amazing, even as I felt his cock start to soften deep inside me.

Samir let me turn his back to the wall as his softened cock started slipping out. I hugged him tight, and slowly worked my way down his body, kissing both of his nipples, his navel, and slowly working his still huge but soft cock into my mouth.

I buried my face in his pubes, kissing everywhere I could. I kissed his low hanging balls, I licked slowly up his huge soft shaft, working all the fluids deep into my mouth, spitting some back onto his beautiful cock just so I could lick them up again.

I squeeze the base of his shaft as I tenderly sucked his cockhead, and as I felt his hands back in my hair again. Then Samir slowly lifted me up and stuck his tongue deep down my throat.


I just looked into his eyes, and lost myself.

“Thank you.”

It felt like our hearts were talking to each other, as we just held each other.

“Shit. What am I going to do with my girl tonite?”

I smiled right into his heart. “Fuck her. Just not like you just fucked me though, please?”

That broke the air: “You keep hiding parts of you from me. I’ve never been all the way in anyone. Ever.”

I laughed. Was that the first time I had ever laughed around him, ever? “Just promise me you won’t feel guilty.”

“Damn. Just when I thought I might have control of you.”

“I might have to complain to your girlfriend.”

We both laughed.

I pulled his soft cock. Firmly. He stared in my eyes.

“All of you.” I laughed again. “Even the inches you don’t realize you have yet.”

He grabbed my ass.

“Yes. It is yours.”

He lunged in and bite my lips.

“I’m taking way more than just the ass.”

I felt like I slept better than I have ever slept my whole life that night.

Even though my ass hurt like hell… But I also had the first hickey I had ever had. In my whole life.

And it was Samir who had given it to me.

But then I woke up feeling ridiculously guilty.

How could I have slept so well? What if Samir ignored me today? What if his girl found out?

What if he felt guilty? Did I make him do something I shouldn’t have?

Damn. And then I felt my ass. Still leaking his cum. He really did fuck me. He really shot his cum. Right inside me.

Was I just another conquest of his?

And then I tried to breathe deep and slow as I got dressed and headed off. Even if I did leave yesterday’s underwear on.

Of course I couldn’t stop thinking though. So I hesitated before I headed off to where I usually saw him.

What if he weren’t there? What if he ignored me?

What would a good response from him be? How should I respond?

Fuck. I knew he wasn’t really a talker. And I really had blurted out how I loved him.

To be continued

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