Samir: Pt 17

by Yani (Bahrain)

I felt so different as we walked off the field.

I couldn’t even get into wondering about how much coach already suspected, or even knew.

I was horny in such a weird way. And horny just sounded stupid.

My heart was pounding. This dude really loved me.

Samir looked at me. As he quietly squoze my hand.

“You still don’t believe it, do you?”

Fuck. How did he read my mind so quickly?

He smiled. A quiet one, that I wasn’t sure I had ever seen before.

How many new things were there still out there for me to learn about him?

He lifted my hand quietly up to his lips, and somehow even more quietly kissed it.

“So are you gonna tell me what happened in Physics today?”

I really knew I would have to give up at some point. But I really had no idea how to even begin to feel more vulnerable than I already felt.


He smiled. And bit his lip.


I was scared. Samir had to know it.

Sure. He could tell me how wonderful all this was. Because somehow he could just grab it.

He put his arm around me.

How could I not tell him?

“Someone told you?”


“Yeah. Honestly.”

He quietly almost laughed.

“I know you’re scared. And I know you think I can just confidently grab all this.

But all I know is that you were in Physics when I dunked my basket.

So you gonna tell me?”

Tears were in my eyes. How had this ever come together?

“Don’t be mad at me.”

“How the hell could that happen?”

I breathed deep.

“So we had a surprise test in Physics today.”

“Hm. You’re actually crying?”

I carried on.

“The entire class failed. The teacher had no idea what to say. Average was something like 43%.”

Now he was looking at me even more curious.

“And afterwards the teacher pulled me aside.”

Samir’s curious look was changing. I was trying to read it. Just wasn’t sure.

“My score was 94%.”


“Shit. Why does that make me even more horny?”

Samir grabbed his crotch. His cock was raging.

“Embrace it.”

“Nobody was within 40 points of me. And I have been so busy trying to make sure all of this with you is real I haven’t studied at all.”

I looked at Samir’s face.

His green eyes had never gleamed so gorgeously.

And of course he had to say something first: “Your blue eyes are more beautiful than ever.”

More silence.

“Fuck. I’m gonna cum just looking at you. Please tell me you love me.”

I breathed deep.

“This is so far beyond love I don’t even know how to describe it.”

Samir put my hand inside his jock.

Damn. He really was cumming.

“Just hold it.”

Wow. He was even shooting as we continued walking to the showers.

More silence.

Just feeling him. Trying to feel us.

He looked at me.

“Would you see this all better somehow if I started blindfolding you?”

I was supposed to be the smart one.

Why was he always so far ahead of me? And the fucker was still shooting cum, as he opened the door to the locker room.

“I did tell you you’re gonna have to trust me here, right?”

My heart stopped. As if I had an option.

“I was wrong.”

I looked at him curiously.

“It’s us you’re gonna have to trust.”

Damn. Was that a tear in his eye? I would bet Samir had almost never shed a tear, in his entire life.




There can’t be more.

“You have to promise you’ll help me.”

I trembled.

“I have no idea where you’ve come from.”

Samir smiled.


I was half-shocked.

“And heaven.”

We were inside.

I sighed.

“Only you know how much I need you to fuck me.”

Every time I thought I had never felt so peaceful in my life, there seemed to be more peace ahead.

The locker room was totally quiet.

As we quietly undressed each other.

He had already fucked me so completely just walking with him that it was hard to figure out how there was much to add.

Even if he never failed to find something new…

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