Samir: Pt 16

by Yani (Bahrain)

And you really need to release as much cum as you possibly can. Deep in my hole. This virgin stuff is over.”

As he coached me into getting hard. Coached me into sliding my hard dick deep into his hole.

“Now do that kissing thing again. I promise I’ll help. As you fill both my lungs, and my ass. Damn. I’ve never felt like this. Ever. And I don’t ever, ever want to stop feeling this way.”

So with him helping me, I slowly pumped into him, as I slowly breathed in and out of his lungs.

And Samir grabbed my ass, tightly into his, as I shot. And shot. And shot.

I was exhausted.

He rolled me under him. And slowly went down on me. I had been so happy to be his bottom I had never even thought about anything else. As he slowly swallowed my cum-covered dick, as he went hard, as he made me shoot even more, all of which he took into his mouth, until he climbed up me, went back inside me, and kissed me, releasing my cum into my mouth, as both his tongue and his cock fucked me, from both ends. Until both were as deep inside as they could be.

And then he sucked the air out of my lungs.

I was so happy to give in I couldn’t stop from crying. I knew he was stronger than me. He was easily controlling me so much easier than I controlled him. I didn’t even care if he was filling my lungs with cum. I felt so happy to be under him. To be under his control.

I submitted, like never before.

He backed off. Slowly kissing me on and off, until he had eased his cock all the way back in, as I slowly sucked on his tongue, and as my ass did its best to hug his huge cock.

He looked down into my eyes. I knew he was seeing all the way through my soul. And I knew he knew it was his. Damn. He was my king, and I was happy to be his pawn.

Neither of us said anything.

He kissed each of my wet eyes. And hugged me tight.

I was certain we would never have a better day than that Sunday.

But then the next day came.

Somehow, we just seemed to grow closer and closer through the day on Sunday. And even managed to sleep together again that night.

We were never not touching. Even if I wasn’t even sure whose dick I was grabbing anymore. Or who was biting who.

As long as someone was.

But the next day was the real task, of trying to figure out how to put both parts of our lives together.

I think it was Eddie who woke me up around 6, although I’m not entirely sure. Even if it must have been him who woke me up in the middle of the night to fuck me. Although even that was becoming unclear, since I had already fucked myself with his dick at least a couple of times already. It was strangely nice that I seemed to be getting so mixed up in him that I almost didn’t seem to know or care anymore.

When I was aware what we were doing, we were kissing, about as deep as ever. We had been so close all weekend that it almost felt unnatural when we weren’t coupled.

It wasn’t that I was sore, but I was very aware when he wasn’t deep, like really deep, inside me. I had even gotten so used to his cum all over me that that even that felt natural, somehow.

We had quickly gotten to the point where fucking was all mixed up, and somehow blending. His cock in my ass, in my mouth, mine in him, his tongue in my mouth, mine in his ass. It somehow almost felt like just breathing. So the hour we spent together naked that morning passed quickly, with less and less of a sense of who came, or how often. Let alone where.

What was somehow amazing that morning was the simple act of getting dressed. He dressed me. I dressed him. I put his underwear on him. Then took them off. “You don’t need these today.” Then he put them on me. “To help keep my cum in you.” Together with one of his shirts.

“We’re a mess.”

“Sure. But an adorable mess.” And he kissed me. “Plus you have no idea what I’m gonna show you today. And I’ll bet you haven’t even noticed how much better looking we both are after that weekend. You know that’s gonna happen again, and again.”

He kissed me, again. And he was running ahead of me, but somehow pulling me along. “You’ll just have to wait. I’ve never felt so good in my whole life. But you are gonna kiss my ass before you put my jeans on, right?”

Such a simple request. I bent him over, started to kiss it. Then licked it. Then fucked it with my tongue. Spreading him wider and wider. Damn. I had already left some marks of my own. And of course I had to stick my hardened dick in. And cum.

He kissed me again. “You sure I don’t need some underwear? To keep your cum in me?”

He laughed. So casually stuck his finger in his ass. Wiped some cum on it. Then licked it off.

And kissed me. As we finished dressing each other.

We headed off. “So as normal as we can. And when either of us really need the other we’re breaking and meeting. Right?”


I had my doubts we’d make it through the day.
His ongoing texts didn’t help. Or did. Damn. I loved being in touch with him. Any way I could be. Even if he did seem to just get hornier and hornier. And he so clearly felt the same way.

But we did make it through the day. And I still wasn’t sure what the surprise was. He had requested three breaks. Me one. My ass felt so good. And I loved the taste in my mouth.

Of him.

Fuck. I loved him. And I loved him cumming in me. Hell. Kissing me. Pissing in me. Anything.

Practice came. He eyed me. I was still clueless.

We had a scrimmage. He almost always passed. And there was the surprise.

He ran with the ball. Again, and again. He was so unstoppable. A couple of guys almost touched him. He threw the one, probably 10 yards.

The dude was a monster.

The coach even ended up calling it. He tried not to laugh. “Go take a break.”

Samir looked my way. He looked at coach. Coach nodded.

I followed him.

He looked at me. “And you thought this was just about sex, no?”


“You’ll learn what you do to me. This will be the first time ever that one plus one equals 4. Hell. Maybe even 6.”

“You knew you were going to do that?”

Samir smiled. “I played a little basketball after I fucked you. Late last week. I thought I’d be exhausted.”


“First time I’ve ever slam dunked a basket in my life. Couldn’t have felt easier.”

He kissed me. As we were heading to the showers. Anyone could have seen.

“You ready for me?”

I smiled. “Always.”

He smiled back.

“You don’t really think you’re the only one in this, right?”

He bit my lip.

“There is only one here. We just don’t know what to call it yet. God I’m horny.”

He slapped my ass.

We both knew he owned it.

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