Samir: Pt 15

by Yani (Bahrain)

It seemed like everything I did with him made me think of something else I had to do.

But I really wanted to just enjoy his sweet hole this time. Even as I stretched his balls around in front of his cock, as I worked just a bit more cum out of it.

Into my mouth.

Into his hole.

Samir was going crazy with excitement.

“Just relax. Really. Just let yourself think how much I love this cute ass of yours.”

He moaned.

I spit more in to it. Around it. Even as I stretched his balls, gently, the opposite way.

I kissed it deeper.

I nibbled. I almost bit. But not quite.

I eased his legs down.

“Of course, I thought of fucking you. But I swear. I could spend hours just making love to any part of you.”

He looked at me.

I kissed him gently.

He hugged me.

I hugged him.

“How did I ever get lucky enough to find you?”

And barely halfway into the trailer, with messes all over the place, with clothes strewn about, even with unlocked doors, we fell asleep.

A slow gentle kiss to my neck woke me up from our nap, although it was a long cry from my typical bright-eye awakening.

Plus, so many other slightly off things. I was sure we had fallen to sleep hugging each other directly, but, almost unsurprisingly, I woke up to Samir behind me, holding me, and of course with his huge dick deep inside me. Although it actually felt like it was somehow peacefully resting there.

But it also seemed like we had almost woken up earlier somehow, and seemed like the same kind of gentle kiss had prolonged our nap. Because somehow it still felt like the two of us had been napping together the entire time, although I wasn’t quite sure what made me feel so sure about that.

And the light seemed off, since I was pretty sure the sun was starting to go down when we fell asleep, but it really seemed lighter now, not darker.

As Samir gently rolled me around and slowly kissed my lips. It seemed he was also as sleepy-eyed as I still was, almost as if we had both been drugged somehow. Even that was a new experience, since I had never tasted his raw mouth before.

Damn. I loved the taste of him. All the tastes of him.

It seemed like everywhere I turned there were still brand new things waiting to be discovered, and I went hard thinking of how nice it was to have eaten his ass prior to our falling asleep.

Even as I was pretty sure he would have been more than happy if I had fucked him.

“Wow. What a crazy nap.”

Samir smiled at me. “So, it really wasn’t just me? All I remember is kissing you back to sleep once, but I have no idea how we seemed to move around so much while we were sleeping.”

“Sleeping? Didn’t we just take a little nap?”

He smiled again. One of those newly discovered deep smiles of his. “I don’t think I’ve ever slept so calmly or peacefully, in my whole life. Let alone so long.”

“Long?” I was still confused.

The only thing either of us had on was Samir with his watch. He showed it to me.

Almost 11:00. In the morning?

I was dumbfounded. We had slept for almost 20 hours?

I had never done that, in my whole life.

“You can’t really think you didn’t wear me out enough to sleep so long, do you? Damn, man. I’ve never shot so much cum in my life as I have this past week, and especially over the past day and a bit.”

I smiled at him, and gently kissed his adorable nose. It just occurred to me that I had never looked so closely at another person’s body parts, let alone a man’s body parts, in my whole life, as I had his in the past 24 hours or so. And the more I looked at him, the more I knew I could kiss him anywhere, for hours.

But I was a bit curious. “You really don’t cum that often on a regular basis?”

He looked at me quizzically: “Seriously? If I shoot three times a day that’s a lot, usually.”

I slowly pushed his right arm up, and kissed his right nipple, as I slowly worked my way to his armpit.

“Every part of your body enchants me, like nothing I’ve ever even dreamed of.”

“Oh my god. Don’t make me too horny again already. I surrender. I promise. And by the way, when did you turn around and work my dick back into you?”
I smiled, and settled for just kissing his armpit. “I swear I didn’t do anything.”

“Fuck. Don’t stop there. Damn. I love you. I just wish I had bites from you all over my whole body, that you just spent the rest of your life renewing, again and again and again.”

I nibbled right in the middle of his armpit.
Samir moaned. Damn. I loved his moan almost as much as I loved hearing his voice. Or hearing him breathe. “So what, the mountain demons showed up and made me fuck you?”

His left hand held my head into his armpit, as I nibbled more.

How did he always taste so damn good? Everywhere. And I was even starting to sense different flavors, it seemed.

Plus I was already getting better at leaving marks. As I bit my way back to his nipple. “Damn. I could kiss you anywhere, for hours and hours, in any single spot.”

Samir looked at me: “Please? Plus you know you should have fucked me last night.”

“Wow. We slept for such a long time.” And damn, did he really basically ask me to fuck him?

“I could still sleep longer with you. Otherwise, you’re going to make me cum again. You make me feel like a cow.”

I smiled. “Well. You’re certainly an adorable one.”

And that was all it took for him to roll me on my back. And fucking impales me.

I looked slowly into his eyes as he slowly entered me, so much more gently it seemed than ever before. “I love being in you.”

He smiled. “I love you being in me.”

We kissed. “Wow. I had no idea this was what sex would feel like.”

Samir smiled: “Trust me. This isn’t what sex typically feels like. This is what it feels like to be where you really belong. Even if you do turn me into a cow.”

And he started shooting cum into me.

“Fuck. Wouldn’t it be hot if we could make a baby?”

“Wow. Listen to you.”

He pushed a bit deeper, and hugged me tighter.

His grip was amazing. Somehow soft, and hard, at the same time. His muscular arms were amazing. His eyes. I could barely look at them without wishing I was his wife. His chest. His legs.

“I already need a nap again.”

“How the hell does that work? I’m the one who should be exhausted. And I barely feel like I’ve even begun to fuck you.”

I squeeze him back. And slowly worked my mouth over his.

He let me roll him over, so I was on top, even as his cock remained deep inside me. As I sucked the air out of his lungs, more slowly and deliberately than ever.
So this time I knew we had time, so I slowly sucked all the air out of Samir’s lungs, recirculated it through mine, and took a deep breath in, as if all the other times had been practiced runs.

It was kind of adorable, since he almost panicked.

“Look man, just submit. We can take turns here, but just give in to me for a minute. Really. Trust me.”

Samir looked at me, a bit in disbelief. But then he agreed to give in.

I sucked the air out of him, which was probably more than I anticipated, since the dude had a healthy set of lungs. But I wasn’t exactly out of shape myself, so once I knew he felt empty, I slowly breathed in, and delivered him full lungs of fresh mountain air.

We actually fell in sync for a bit, until he pushed me back.

“How the fuck did you learn this shit? I thought you were a virgin?”

I looked deep into his beautiful searching eyes. “You probably won’t believe me.”

“Try me.”

“It’s all you. I’ve barely done anything sexual in my whole, life until I knew you really wanted me in yours.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“I love submitting to you, man. I mean, I really, really love submitting to you. It’s kind of scared me all week. But I can’t get enough of you. Your cock goes into me, and I know I need it, as deep as it will go. So every time you send me any kind of invitation, I do my best to go with it, as far as it possibly leads me.”

“You’re really fucking serious?”

“I am. Your dick in my ass, your dick in my mouth, my tongue in your ass, you biting me, me biting you. It’s all you. I really have no idea how else to explain any of this. I do my best not to break down emotionally, almost all the time. I would never have dreamed any of this would be even half as wonderful as it is. I was always intimidated by how amazing I thought you were, but I never anticipated even half of this.”

“So you’re really not sore. At all? Anywhere?”

“Anywhere? Sure. My heart hurts. But only when I’m not as close to you as I could be. I’m a little bit terrified, to be honest. I know it makes no sense at all that I’m not sore. I’ve heard all the rumors. And honestly you have to be bigger than any of the rumors ever lead me to think you were. But I trust you. More than I’ve ever trusted anybody. In my whole life. And yes, it feels a bit crazy. Which is why I hold so tight at times. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”



“How the fuck did I ever get lucky enough to stumble into you.”

“Ok. So one more dumb one. I’m sure you didn’t.”


“Seriously. If anything was ever meant to be, how can it not be this? Fuck. You’re gonna make me cry again.”



“You really need to fuck me.”


“You can feel I’m sliding out of you. I really want to walk you through fucking me. I need you in me. Just like you need me in you. So just don’t eat my hole. Breed it. For both of us.”

Wow. Samir was actually helping to make sure I was going to fuck him.

“But you don’t do that, do you?”

He actually laughed. “Hell no. But you’re not the only one who's trying to figure out how big this is. I’ve never experienced so many new things in such a short time in my entire life.”

He was so gorgeous.

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