Samir: Pt 14

by Yani (Bahrain)

I woke up, it seemed like out of some dream, where Samir and I just kept going and going. More sex, more biting, more of everything.

His warm hand was on my face, so gently. It had to have been a dream, right?

But it also seemed like there had been a second dream, with me plotting out our whole future.

Damn. I loved just looking at him. Even if I knew he knew that.

But it felt like I had to get my second dream out before I forgot it, so I just jumped in, talking about moving somewhere exciting, about him being even more successful as an athlete, about me being even more successful academically, about us moving on with our life, and on, and on, and on.

Samir seemed deeply engaged in listening to the whole thing, as I went on and on, maybe more excited than I had ever been. He seemed to be getting excited right together with me. It was like my dream had become our dream.

And of course somehow he became more and more attractive, the longer I went on.

Wow. I was really in bed with him.

The thought of our future got me more and more excited, and it seemed to be exciting him too. I was about as aggressive as he had probably ever seen me, since that was one of the number of things I mostly kept to myself. And he just listened and listened, until I almost broke down emotionally, even as he did as well.

Wow. I had no idea what had overcome me.

And then Samir looked at me for a few seconds before saying anything.

“So I have a bit of a crazy question, mister planner.”

Of course I was all ears.

“Any chance you still have the keys to the cabin and all with you?”

That threw me for a loop, so it took me a couple of seconds to remember. They were still in my pants pocket, on the floor.

He smiled. “So I have a follow-up.”

Now he had really calmed me down.

“It’s Saturday. And I almost never miss a practice.”

My eyes widened a bit: “But?”

“We’re heading back to the mountains, yani , Like right now.”

“Uh. We’re naked…”

“Uh. First. I don’t care. But if you insist, we can throw the minimum on before we run out to the truck and get going. Are you willing to stay the night with me?”

Damn. I had felt so equal just a few minutes ago, and now he had climbed way on top of me, just like that.

“All night?”

“And maybe most of tomorrow, too, to be honest. We have time and space to play it by ear.”

He kissed me. So gently.

“I’ve never spent an entire night with anyone. Ever.”

I breathed deep. Of course neither had I.

He didn’t wait for an answer.

We threw on shirts, pants, grabbed whatever else was convenient, slipped on our shoes. And headed off.

I almost got in the other door. But he insisted, so I got in his. Even in broad daylight. Right there in his driveway.

I looked at him. He looked at me.

Even the way we looked at each other seemed to have changed. Completely. His eyes seemed even more beautiful than before. But they felt like they were mine, somehow. I didn’t know what to think about this, at all. I was lost, or found, or something. Wow. Was this the difference somehow between love and lust?

Even my trembling seemed a bit different. My head was spinning, but not as wildly as before. Everything seemed calmer.

And I was a bottom even more than before.

As we headed out of town, he slipped his right hand down the back of my pants, and worked a finger or two into my hole.

“Wow. I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to this.” As he slipped another finger in.

“So tell me. You really are sore?”

Damn. This was all so casual. So open, somehow. It was like a storm had passed, and taken us with it. To some crazy incredibly quiet place.

“I do want you to tell me, but we’ll make it up there before it gets dark, right?”

So many curve balls. “We should.”

“Maybe we can have a nice walk around the hill, right?”

The wild man had turned into a romantic?

He kissed me. I kissed him back.

“This is like our first real day. Wow. My heart feels so at home with you.”

I was not predicting anything here. At all. My heart was like in freefall, with me only knowing that he was gently catching it, the entire time.

“I don’t mean for any of this to feel weird. Really. It was just that the more you talked, the more I knew I never ever want to forget this day. And. Honestly. I never want to be away from you. For more reasons than I can even begin to count. So thank you, even just for being with me.”

He laughed: “Even if you have become so very very silent. I assume that’s ok, right?”

I tried to figure out what to say. I knew I was his. It was just all of a sudden so very different, yet again.
“Don’t worry, yani. Really.” And somehow as if to prove it, he undid his already open pants even further, as if showing me his hard cock was somehow supposed to let me know everything was ok.

Wow. He was so much more mature than me, in so many ways.

And still so damned horny?

“You’re happy with how things have gone?” I was trying to break my silence however I could.


“I have two regrets. One, that I waited so long.”


“Two. I should have left a hundred roses in your room.”So of course the playfulness led to yet another quickie on the way back up to the mountains, and even culminated with my succeeding in pulling his pants all the way down, and even taking them off entirely as we finished our drive.

And somehow all that playfulness led to Samir seeming to get seriously curious as we approached the cabin: “So of course it sounds dumb for me to get serious when I’m sitting here happily naked with you driving down the road. But there are so many things I wish I understood better.”

I snuggled in closer. Of course I was all ears.

“Wow. You are so adorable when you’re so attentive.” And he kissed me, as I gently fondled his cock and balls. “I still have no idea why this took so long, or why it seems to have gone so crazy quickly. Like why did you ignore so many hints for so long?”

I looked at him, trying to figure out just how much to open up.

“Damn. I can see you thinking, dude. Just tell me.”

“So. Generally, honestly, I’m always hesitant about pushing things. Because I’d rather have a little bit of you, for a long time, rather than push things and ruin everything.”

“But what indication have I ever given that you were even remotely close to ruining anything?”

“Man. I’m going to be sorry here. But I’ve always just assumed you were tolerating some of my antics rather than really wanting them to go further, to be honest. And you might not even remember some of these, but there was a time when we slept in that bed in the cabin one night, and I gave you a backrub until you fell asleep. And when I was sure you were asleep I kept rubbing in between your legs, and somehow got access to touching your privates. You seemed cool. But I was scared.”

“And you really thought I was asleep?”

“You had to have been. I ended up not being able to sleep for at least an hour after that.”

“Even though I joked right to your face about taking you down to the outhouse and fucking you, the very next morning?”

“Damn. I really can be dense sometimes. But you’ve always been so nice to me, even when you joked around pretty meanly with others. Man. I have loved you for way longer than I really want to admit.”

And of course his cock was going hard again.

“You know I’ve also never done anything like I’m doing right now with you, with anyone, yet again, right?”

“Can I tell you something?”

Samir laughed. “Sure.” As he kissed me, again.

“Just being close to you is so amazingly peaceful for me. All the rest is wonderful. Really. And I try to do the very best I can. Really. But I could just hold your hand and be so happy I could cry. That doesn’t sound weird to you?”

He looked at me. He looked down at his hardened cock. “Really? Honestly, it almost embarrasses me how quickly you excite me. There have been times I’ve just been listening to you speak to some random person, and I had to go home and jerk off because you made me so horny.”
“I am so looking forward to sleeping with you tonight.”

“Just to be clear. Naked. All night. And maybe deep inside you. And maybe all night there, too.”

I pulled his shirt up, and kissed his chest. “You know if I could I’d happily switch hearts with you.”

“The crazy things that come out of your mouth.”

“And the hot pieces of you that go into it. I really am anxious to get you back in bed again.”

And we had arrived. And quickly got through our unlocking and locking everything again.

As I rushed him into the trailer, as quick as I could.

“You really are a bit antsy, aren’t you?”

“Just one favor?”

“Anything. Lay down in the middle of the bed. And close your eyes. And lift your legs up?”

Samir looked at me.

And of course he was already hard.

“Just humor me.”

And he did.

“You’re trembling again, aren’t you?”

And I lifted his legs even higher, and pushed them even further apart.

Damn. It was a bit crazy how obsessed I had become with thoughts of his ass.

So I kissed it. Really gently.

He squirmed. I was pretty sure he thought I might be going to fuck him again.

But not this time.

His hole was so beautiful.

I licked it. All around it.

I stuck just my tongue in it.

Further and further.

Eddie was moaning. Wow. What a beautiful sound.

I stuck my tongue further in. He moaned even louder.

I slowly fucked his hole with my tongue.

I even worked his throbbing cock around, even as he was about to cum.

I kept his cum in my mouth. And kissed his hole some more.

I spit some of his cum into his hole. And I worked his cock around, so his cockhead was so close to his hole.

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