Samir: Pt 13

by Yani (Bahrain)

My heart was trembling. I started wondering whether I shouldn’t just leave myself as I was, smelling so much like him. I could even smell his cologne on me, as I even put two fingers in my ass to get some of him on them before licking them.

Shit. Was the dude an angel, or some kind of devil? Not that I cared. Just that I couldn’t believe it possible that my heart could be fuller. At the same time knowing that it would be pretty hard for my ass to be any fuller.

I breathed deep. Tried to think through what a crazy wonderful morning it had been. And there he had somehow made sure that there was a sign waiting for me? From him. That I was sure of. I rubbed my face, still even feeling some of his cum mixed up with the residue from my tears, and my cum. Almost certain at least some of his piss was mixed in there somewhere as well, as it first occurred to me that all either of us had eaten all morning was each other.

I felt like I could have died right then and been happy and content. I felt like we had lived a lifetime in just a few hours. My heart was beating more slowly and peacefully than I even thought possible.

Fuck. A half hour had already gone by.

Would I really get to see him again in just another hour and a half? I combed my hair. Tried to look presentable, without washing away remnants of Samir.

Almost brushed my teeth. But then I thought of all his cum and spit in my mouth.

Not like me. At all. Ever.

Had everything really changed, in just one morning?

Even my comb reminded me of his hands, running through my hair, and I felt guilty I might have brushed away some of the oil from his hands.

There would be more, right?

How could I not worry? I had no idea what the “she knows” comment meant. Hell. I could only guess at what the rose meant. Who had put that there? How could he have known, in advance, that our morning would go the way it did?

I looked at myself in the mirror. Fuck. Why was it his eyes I saw in the mirror? How was it he could fuck me, with just his eyes?

Damn. He had a girl. Shit. I even had a girl, even if mine had to know I had been through enough already that it wasn’t all that likely we would stay together. Otherwise, I supposed it didn’t mean all that much, anyway.

And yet the morning was now history. History I never would have dreamed would have happened.

We both had our futures ahead of us. Would it be possible for them to ever merge? How would Samir not stay with sports? How would I not go ahead to a totally different kind of academically-oriented school?

I breathed deep.

I thought of the air in his lungs.

The crazy thing was, we were both actually pretty successful, in our own ways. Just such different ways.

And of course we both had our flaws. Interesting flaws, in so many ways. But different, even there.

And yet there was the morning.

The morning where I really had somehow quietly hoped just to get to know him better. And for the supposed smart one, look how stupid I seem to have been. Was he really so smart that he anticipated ALL of what happened?

Shit. I even fucked him. And not just once. Actually shot my cum. In his ass. And in his mouth. And didn’t feel the least bit guilty, about any of it? How did he let me do that? Had I never really known him?

Was it possible that nobody BUT me really knew him now?

Of course I overthought things. Always telling myself that’s how I worked through things, as well as I did.

Samir? I had never given him credit for thinking through much of anything. But the fucker clearly knew me, better than I knew myself.

Plus there was that damned rose.

As the phone rang.

I lost my breath. It was Samir.

I would be lying if it hadn’t at least momentarily crossed my mind that he had become busy.

As I still misread him.

Fuck. It was almost 2:30.
He wanted to move things up, not back.

Now I lost my breath again.

Of course I said yes. Clearly my heart. But my mouth clearly cooperated. Could it ever really become my head?

Seriously, right then I knew I didn’t care. Not my body, no matter how much I loved to submit to him. But my heart.

Fuck. Was the problem with my heart, or with my brain? And there was my damned body. Way too proud, rather than foolishly sore.

Had he also known that would happen?

So much to figure out. My quiet morning to still make up for. And obviously unbeknown to him, I really had been looking forward to just looking at him.

Just talking to him.

Just touching him.

And our bodies had become like fucking magnets.

How the hell was I not sore?

Fuck. No time to overthink anything right now. I need to get moving.

Had he said it was ok not to shower?

I need to get going.

Did I remember his instructions? Just go in the door without even knocking? Had I ever done that before?

He can’t seriously have a new surprise put together already.

God I missed him.

I headed off. Trying to think if there was any way in the world I could possibly get on top of this. Get my heart and brain together?


I missed seeing him, even as I approached his house.

I missed his smell.

I missed his voice.

I missed his touch.

Shit. I could somehow still taste him.

As I walked up the stairs, it dawned on me that somehow I didn’t feel lustful. I didn’t feel horny.

Honestly, I felt lost.

But I knew I was only seconds away from finding myself.

I opened the door.

I even remembered he had asked me to lock it behind me.


Just like in the mountains.

Quiet. Except for my now pounding heart.

Almost dark.

And there he was. Opening his covers for me.

I knew I was about to disappear…

Was his smile really even bigger than mine?
I closed Samir’s bedroom door. I locked it.

I saw his clothes scattered on the floor.

Still silent, so silent I could hear Samir breathing, I slowly added each of my clothes to his, my shirt, my pants, my shoes, each on top of his, all about the floor.

Samir was still holding the covers open, showing me his beautiful naked body.

Both our smiles were somehow so serious now, as I leaned in to kiss him.

I closed my eyes, as our lips touched.

I was entranced by his body. By him.

I held his face as I licked around his lips. As I nibbled on the lower one. As he bit mine.

I gently kissed the end of his nose.

He gave me his tongue.

I nibbled.

He started to pull me in to him.

I put my hand on his chest, and somehow calmed him.

I moved my hand slowly down his left leg. Past his massive, hard, wet cock.

I stopped my hand. Rubbed my nose gently on his wet piss slit. Gently licked it.

He was so wet.

Samir quietly moaned.

He was entranced.

My heart was calming.

As I kept moving my hand, all the way down to his left foot.

I was trying so hard to focus. To get to know him. For real.

My mouth went down to his left foot. As I slowly swallowed his left toe.

Then slowly licked each toe. In between them, as I closed my eyes. Focusing on the taste of him.

He moaned a bit louder.

Otherwise, all was quiet.

I licked the bottom of his foot. Letting my tongue feel and taste its way.

I licked his toes one more time, then slowly started moving up.

I licked his calf. My left hand spread his right left further.

I licked his knee. Nibbled on his kneecap. Nibbled just above his knee.

Slowly bit the outside of his leg, just above his knee.

I was tasting him, everywhere. Slowly. Showing every part of his body how long my tongue was.
I slowly licked up the inside of his left leg. I could feel his right leg trembling.

I licked up to his crotch on the right side, even as he trembled.

Then I bit.

Fluids were running down his cock, as I put my left hand in his pubes, right at the base of his cock.

I licked all the way up to his nuts. I smelled them. I tasted the area right next to them.

I could feel his fluids running down his throbbing cock, onto his balls, and onto my left cheek.

I licked where I had bit him in the morning.

His whole body seemed to tremble.

I kissed it. More gently than ever.

I carefully licked each nut. Slowly, gently swallowed each one.

I kissed his hole. Gently teased it with my tongue.

Tasted him. More and more.

I licked all the way to the tip of his wet cock.

I looked up at him.

He was mesmerized.

Yes, I knew he was the top. For once, I could read that he was doubtful as to who was the top.

But this was my moment. As his bottom.

As I closed my eyes, and went all the way down on his shaft.

Slowly. Of course he was cumming. And trembling.

God I loved him.

I slowly came up.

I slowly climbed on. All the way on.

His pubes against my swollen hole felt like home.

I bit his right nipple. He held my head there. Tight.

I bit harder. I knew he was shooting in me.

Deep in me.

I snuggled into his left shoulder.

I was crying. Holding on to him.

For life.

My left hand went up to his face.

His cheeks were wet.

I brought the covers over us.

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