Samir: Pt 12

by Yani (Bahrain)

We got ready to head out. I was still wondering how the hell he wasn’t sore. Contrary to that, he bragged about how happy he was for what I had done.

On my end, I have to admit, I was wishing for a winter storm that would make us stay there.

And of course Samir read my mind, quicker than I did, even as he made sure I had full access to him in the truck, with his unbuttoned pants and no underwear: “You really that worried?”

His kindness and his ability to read me just hit me raw, so of course I got emotional as I told him I was really going to miss him.

Samir squeeze my hand. I couldn’t tell if he was as worried as me, or if he really was just that concerned to put me at ease: “Ok. So do some short-term planning with me.”

The roles seemed so confused here. Although he was typically the talker, I was typically the planner. But it was gradually dawning on me that his one year in age really did seem to add way more than that to his maturity over me.

So I was all ears. I really wasn’t sure he knew how much I really was worried about missing him.

“So it’s Saturday. It’ll take us an hour to get down. So say 2:00, since I’m sure we’ll stop once, anyway,” even as he gave me the cutest smile.

“Ok. But I don’t want to impose on you at all.”

“Cute. Dumb. But cute. You think you’re the only one worried here?”

Honestly, I was so worried I wasn’t really thinking that far: “Sorry. I know I’m being selfish.”

“Damn. You really can’t stop being adorable, can you? Selfish why, because you want to suck my cock and have my dick in that ass of mine?”

I went red. “I’ll do my best with even just being able to see you for a few minutes, whenever it’s ok with you. Really. My heart is so calm just being able to touch you, and know that it’s actually ok with you.”

He pulled over to kiss me. Just a nice long kiss. But it was pretty clear he was working hard here.

“I can do some errands, you can do whatever you need to do. Can you see me at 3:30?”

“Wow. You’re ok with that?”

He smiled. “Let’s try for that. Fuck. We have to work out a school schedule that works too. Now I’m fucking missing you.”

“Can you promise me at least an hour at 3:30?”

“Yes sir.”

“Fuck. Don’t get me horny right now.”

“Let’s go that far, and see how it goes. This really has been the best half-day of my whole life, baby.”

Of course I was tearing up.

He wiped off a tear and licked it up. “You do have to stop me from being a vampire though. Maybe. It’s actually pretty hot that the mountains seemed to turn us both into some kind of animals, almost.”

I squeeze the base of his cock, gently. It really didn’t seem to have gone soft, almost all morning.

“Seriously. I’m not sure my cock or my heart have ever felt this good. Ever. Don’t worry about anything. Just help me plan. Hell. I’m going to have to workout when we get back, too. So we can meet either side of that, too.”

He was almost excited. “This might be easier than I had thought, if you’ll just work with me here.”

His excitement made me smile. I was so happy to feel like his bottom. It was almost like I had matured over the course of the morning, seeing what a significant role he had been playing all along. “There’s a bunch of easy ones, that we can just get used to. Before school. Before and after practice. At the beginning and end of math. And I’m sure we’ll find at least one more.”

“Hell. Am I going to be able to make that much cum?”

I smiled. “I’m sure you will. But seriously, even just touching you makes my heart feel warm. And kissing you is like icing on the cake.”

My head and heart were still in overdrive. This really might be real.

“I’m going to work out harder. Fuck. Both to stay in good shape for you, and to make you proud of me.”

Did he really have no idea how privileged I felt to be as close as we already were?

“Wow. You’ve already taken us further than I ever thought we get, even into the next year.”

He laughed: “Plus look what a planner you’ve turned me into.”

His cock was going hard in my hand. “Is it ok if I just quietly nurse on it?”

“Wow. How did I get lucky enough to finally catch you?”

Damn. I loved the taste, the smell, the touch and the feeling of his cockhead in my mouth.

It was almost like I was a nursing baby. As I felt his fingers probe my hole.
His cock was going hard in my hand. “Is it ok if I just quietly nurse on it?”

“Wow. How did I get lucky enough to finally catch you?”

Damn. I loved the taste, the smell, the touch and the feeling of his cockhead in my mouth. I was almost surprised it wasn’t talking to me.

It was almost like I was a nursing baby. As I felt his fingers probe my hole.

But although that seemed so peaceful, the descent from the mountains seemed like the most difficult time in my life up until then.

I was glad Samir was so confident in the future, because that was about all I could try to hold onto. The morning had easily exceeded any expectations or even fantasies I might have dared to have, but now we were returning to life: practice, work, demands on Samir’s time, his girl, and god only knew what else.

Sure, Samir was older than me, and stronger, as well as more popular and everything else. At that point I hardly felt smarter, and certainly way more selfish and way more immature.

Would he still love me once he was around other people? Would I have to beg for time, and worry that I was taking him away from others?

I quietly sighed, and tried to suck on his cock as peacefully as I could. As I sighed, Samir gently rubbed my cheek, and even leaned over and kissed it. I hated crying, but the tears flowed. “Don’t worry, baby. But you also don’t need to hide your tears from me.”

Of course his saying that made me really cry for a bit, as Samir somehow slowly came into my mouth, while I sucked deeper and deeper, all the way to his pubes.

Fuck. What a mess I felt like. But somehow the bigger mess I was the more Samir seemed to genuinely love me, as I slowly milked him into my mouth, massaging his balls to make sure I got everything I could, somehow wanting to fill my entire body with him, even as he wiped my tears onto his cumming cock, somehow lubing it, as well as my mouth, even as he fingered my hole.

Did he really say “don’t worry, baby. I will prove how much I love you”?

I rested with his softening cock in my mouth, and even must have fallen asleep for at least a few minutes, since I awoke to him stopping just before we pulled onto the main road back into town, where he gently pushed me back onto the seat as he climbed on top of me to kiss me, slow, deep and strong, even as his cock hardened one more time, as he mounted me and loved one last load into me, making sure he was buried all the way to his pubes, and somehow even a bit more, making sure that they rubbed against my swollen hole as he bred me one more time before returning to civilization.

At that moment I knew he had claimed me, and I knew I had turned myself over to him, despite my fears for the future, even as he checked to make sure I had shot as well as he bred me, and used his hand to mix my seed with his as he wiped it across my tongue, then kissed me one more time.

I closed my eyes and melted into him, hoping this would be yet one more moment I would never forget.

He helped us both put ourselves together, more or less, making sure my hand was still on his cock and balls as we drove into town, and he made sure to keep me close to him.

I was still only halfway thinking as we pulled into town, and as he headed towards where he had picked me up. I totally missed him almost stopping but slowly passing it, and actually driving me home, where he pulled in and dropped me off, even as my mom came out and said hello.

Fuck. Was he really going to kiss me right in front of her?

My heart stopped. Samir knew it, and smiled as he let me get out of the other side, smiling at me with those eyes that I knew just fucked me. Damn. Even that felt amazing. Then, even with his pants still open, he rolled down his window and nonchalantly said hello to her, as he told me thanks, and said he would see me at 3:30.

Shit. I tried to act as normal as possible as I walked inside, glad my mom seemed unfazed as she headed off on whatever errand she was running.

What a relief. First, I had no idea he would have done that. Either drove me directly home, or talked to my mom. Second, I couldn’t tell whether I was happy, or somehow sad in fact, that he hadn’t actually kissed me in front of her. And third, I thought of cleaning up, since I knew I couldn’t help but smell like sex…

I slowly headed up to my room, the disheveled mess that I was, both physically and mentally.

I walked into my room, put my things down, and saw one single rose in the corner of my desk. Of course I knew it hadn’t been there before, so I was mystified. Even more so as I saw a little note attached. “Just in case you’re wondering whether I’m not thinking about you, this minute, and every other one.”

Fuck. I knew the writing. But how the hell had he managed that?

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