Samir: Pt 11

by Yani (Bahrain)

We just laid next to each other on the big boulder. One of the first places I had ever admitted to myself, months ago, how much I liked Samir. And now he knew, at the first place where he sucked me off, and shared my cum with me, together with his cum, from my ass.

He was looking at me. “Fuck. Am I going to be able to take everything that’s hiding inside of you?”

I leaned up and kissed him. “Can I help you?”

It took so little for us to end up kissing and kissing again. I closed my eyes and let my tongue explore his. Wow. Our tongues were even making love to each other. Damn. I even felt like mine was as adroit as his, licking all over inside that beautiful mouth of his, even as he did the same to me.

I opened my eyes. He was so close. So real. Sharing his eyes with me. First time I remember not feeling almost attacked somehow.

“Am I ever going to get used to how beautiful your eyes are?”

“Damn. How can you be so god-damned horny and still say such sweet things?”

He rubbed his nose against mine.

“How often is anybody up here?”

I looked at him. “Maybe once a month, at most?”

“Damn. I want to fuck you on every square foot of this entire mountain. I don’t care where you go, I want your first thought of any place to be how much you enjoyed making love to me there.”

“You’re not at all worried that you’ll get tired of me?”

“I love it when you’re stupid. Then we’ll deal with every square foot of the planet. The only thing that comes close to how I feel around you is when I first remember cumming, as a kid. And somehow you’ve eclipsed that way beyond anything I ever dreamed it could be. I’m a bit worried that nothing will ever even make me hard again other than you.”

“Wow. Although, of course, I can’t say that would make me sad. I may have more stamina here than you give me credit for. So should I trade that with a promise that you won’t ever touch your cock again?”

He almost sighed. “Challenging me yet again. So at least once a week up here. For the rest of our lives.”

Fuck. I looked at him. I wasn’t even sure I had ever seen him so serious.

“Even months ago I remember thoughts of you crossing my mind when I was having sex with my girl. At first I felt like it was fucking crazy. But the more I tried to get you out of my mind the more you seemed to monopolize it.”

“And you still waited so long to move on it?”

“Ok. So you were pretty fucking dense, it seemed. But you were also such a fucking tease. I could never figure out how such a nice guy could be so mean to me.”


“All that tormenting me with your hand so close to my crotch. All those halfway erotic back rubs. Even that time you touched my cock when I tried to pretend I was asleep. And I still swear you snuck a kiss to my back in there.”

Damn. He had known so much, for so long.

“Fuck. But here we are. Thank you.”

“Wow. Thank me?”

“That’s a future thank you. I’ve worked pretty damn hard to get where we are now. And look. You’re even talking to me.”

“Is that really a big deal?”

“You are so clueless it’s adorable. Everyone sees you as the one with the big ears and the big heart. But no one knows shit about you. I still wonder if that’s how you lured me.”

I almost laughed. “Me? Lured you?”

He looked somehow very serious. “Yes. Really. And I can’t imagine saying no to anything you ever want to ask of me. I swear. So sure, I could beat the shit out of you, technically. But if I even tried I know I’d kill myself. You already have more of a hold over me than anyone I’ve ever known. And sometimes you do scare me, because I’m seriously not sure you’ve even started yet.”

The mood lifted. “Fuck. Let’s get moving. You better fucking help me figure out how to bring this morning into the rest of our lives.”

I looked at him, trying so hard to read his heart.

The fucker even put his hand over it, as if he knew.

“Enough for now, smart guy. Just remember. I have no plans to let you go for longer than 12 hours without fucking you, at the very least. One minute over and I promise I’ll fuck you unconscious. And don’t forget I only missed getting you to touch me twice. In the last year. You’ve driven me into a crazy man.”

I kissed him gently. “My crazy man?”

“Damn. Let’s get going before you force me to fuck you again. But seriously, don’t ever hesitate to ask if you need me, even for a few minutes. I love it even more when you ask me. You are the cutest most adorable cocksucker ever.”

We got off the rock. “And look. You even seem to be talking to me.”

He helped me down.

“Damn. I love hearing you almost as much as looking at you. And now you’ve got me talking like you again.”

He grabbed my ass as we headed back to his truck.

I looked at him. “This is real, right?”

He looked at me. Then sunk his teeth into the unmarked side of my neck.

The more gently I rubbed my hand through his hair, the deeper he seemed to go.

“May I hold your hand?”

“Fuck. We do have one more stop before the truck…”
I wasn’t quite sure how my asking to hold Samir’s hand led to him insisting we needed one more stop.

Then we came into view of the table he had fucked me on: “So I have a request. And you can’t say no.”

As he pulled off his pants, all the way, right there, and sat up on the table: “I want that hickey I asked you for.”

Fuck. Was I up to that? As he leaned back and laid down. Shit. What a gorgeous man, with that damned huge cock that I swear remained all but hard.

“Right at the base of my cock.” His smile seemed to hypnotize me.

I rubbed my hands up his beautiful legs. Damn. Not sure I had ever noticed how perfectly muscled he was.

Each hand then gently took ahold of one of his huge balls. Wow. He was lying back submitting entirely: “I want to be able to see it. Seriously.”

I gently pulled each of his balls. Fuck. They would have seemed enormous had his cock not been so huge. The fucker’s abs were amazing. His pubes were adorable, and that huge cock moved as I stretched his balls and moved my face in.

After stretching his balls with both hands, I then grabbed them at the top with one hand, and grabbed the base of his cock with the other. I was a bit worried that I might hurt him. Of course he read my mind: “No hesitation, husband.”

Fuck. He would have had to call me that.

I buried my head in his pubes, pulling his balls one way and his cock the other. Fuck. It was hard to get my mind off knowing that he would likely cum soon…

As I sunk my teeth in, right at the left base of his shaft, just above the balls.

And then I felt his warm hand holding me in: “Really, mark me. Please?”

Fuck. I was sucking and biting. Had he gone a bit crazy? But the more I did, either the more he held my head in, even massaging my head. I really had no idea about how to give these hickeys, so I did my best. Biting and sucking, almost all around the left side of his shaft, even down to where his balls were.

It was almost like the fucker was coaching me. And then it did occur to me how proud I was of the hickeys he had given me…

And then my hand holding his cock felt movement. Damn. I knew he was going to cum.

I probably actually bit even harder so he would let me up. I really had to suck that beautiful dickhead. It was crazy how much I loved having his cum flow into me already. He had to have known, as he relented, as I felt the cum start to flow down that beautiful shaft.


I was obsessed. I swallowed as much as I could, and somehow all I could think about was lifting his legs. Damn. His beautiful balls. And his gorgeous ass.

He let me lift his legs, so that adorable hole was right in my cum-covered and throat-filled face.


I spread his ass cheeks, and went in. Deep. The dude had turned me into an animal.

Somehow I figured “hell, he wants a hickey, but I want to leave my own too.”

As I kissed that hole. Spread it open, even spit some of his cum in. And devoured it.

Samir was moaning like crazy, even as he pushed his cock down towards me. Of course he was cumming again, all over his hole, which I licked, bit, sucked. Like nothing I had ever done before.

Damn. I had smeared his cum and ass juice all over my face, in my nose, even a bit in my eyes. It was like the more I tasted the more I needed.

I really couldn’t stop myself as I sunk my teeth in. The fucking stud was moaning like some possessed bitch. And all that did was get me more excited.

I backed off. Shit. He was so damned gorgeous. And almost in an instant my cock was out, and in his sloppy hole. Now I was cumming as quickly as he seemed to.

Even as I looked into his gorgeous face. And the fucker told me he loved me, even as I saw the tears running down his cheeks, which of course made me emotional as well. I was both terrified I had actually hurt him at the same time my heart was overflowing with love for him.

He pulled me down on top of him, on the table. Quietly smiling, as we French kissed: “Now I have both of us, in both my mouth and ass.”

And of course he rolled me over and drove in me, as we continued to kiss.

Damn. This was the craziest kind of domination I could ever have imagined.

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