Samir: Pt 10

by Yani (Bahrain)

So that was a first for me.

Samir seemed to be shooting, but nothing was coming out, except maybe some precum.

Wow. Had I actually drained him?

He almost seemed to be working harder to shoot. I had no idea there was anything like this.

So of course I sucked harder, and somehow even deeper.

I wasn’t really gloating, but I have to admit, it felt pretty good. I may actually have the upper hand here, for once. Even if only for a few minutes. And even if I didn’t really want it.

Plus this dark horny mood seemed to be lifting. From some kind of desperately wanting him before he disappeared to actually starting to believe all these little hints he had been giving me, for such a long time already.

We really had never ever had this kind of time for each other before.

Samir easily rolled me over, and certainly would have gagged me had I not sucked so much out of him already.

So there I was, pinned down on the bed, easily, with his beautiful cock in my mouth, as his sparkling black eyes nailed me. Damn. I may actually even be getting used to his eyes. Intense, almost always, even if it didn’t seem like it. Playful, never. Either of us, as far as I knew.

So when he turned the intensity of him pinning me down to a tight hug, of course I lost my breath. And of course the fucker loved it.

So in seconds I went from feeling entirely in control to feeling even more than entirely controlled.

“So is there a time when you’re finally going to stop making it so damned hard for me to get to know you?”

Huh? Says the man who has almost fucked the life out of me, and stolen my soul? And probably has known me better than me, for who knows how long?

He laughed. Even playfully slapped my face. “Let’s get out in the wild and explore this place you’ve been keeping from me.”

I started getting dressed. He laughed again. “What the fuck are you putting on underwear for? I don’t want you freezing, but I sure as hell don’t want any more clothes on you than you absolutely have to have.” He was still laughing. “Deprive me of that ass even for a second and I swear I’ll have to kill you.”

Out of nowhere, I grabbed him, and bit him right in the middle of his chest. “I wish I could just reach in and grab your damned heart out, and switch it with mine.”

“Shit. Deal.”

We threw on as little as possible and headed out. Of course after he made sure he left one more hickey on my lower lip.

“Damn. How the crap am I supposed to explain all these marks?”

Samir laughed, such an adorably cute laugh that I swear I had never heard before. “You have all sorts of options. Tell people I own you? Tell them you sold your soul to me? I’m sure there are plenty more.”

And then he looked a bit more quizzically: “Or of course do that damned thing you always do, which is turn it on them, and get them to expose more of themselves to you, while you continue to play it close and never reveal anything. I may need to get a lock for you to wear around your neck, and wear the key around mine. Just to keep you reminded that I am no longer one of the others.”

Then he dove down into my chest and bit my right nipple. “God I love you.”

“Fuckkk.” I held him close, and almost teared up. But for a first time, not entirely.

I went to open the door. Of course he stopped me, and did it for me.

“I can’t wait to explore this bit of wilderness that must have made you the freak you really are.”

I smiled at him. “You and those damned blue eyes.”

He slipped his hand down my unbelted pants and fingered my hole as we walked outside.

I tried not to tremble. But of course I failed. And of course he noticed. “Mine, dear. And don’t ever forget it.”

The cool mountain air almost covered us, and he grabbed my hand and held me close. Then he brought me even closer and kissed me in the late morning light. He laughed again: “Hallelujah. God finally knows about us. About time, since satan seems to have had an upper hand for plenty of time already. Too bad some angel doesn’t appear and marry us.”

Standing outside in the wild light was somehow amazing, beyond belief. The air, the chilliness, having him right there next to me, nothing but the sounds of nature, and what looked like some frost here and there. And he threw out the m word right there in front of the whole world?

Damn. Was he serious? Even his playfulness went deeper than I ever would have expected, as we quietly walked up the hill, through the trees. “This was seriously the best idea you’ve ever come up with.” And he squeeze my hand.

I breathed in. “You’re really not going to leave anything to just me, are you?”

He looked at me so seriously. “Hell no. Not a single damned thing. You may end up being lucky if I even let you wipe your ass by yourself anymore.”
I hugged him. “Thank you.”
He laughed again. “Yayy! I’m the winner!” He can’t be both that cute and that gorgeous.
I felt his having conquered me all the way to the deepest part of my ass, almost at the same time I felt it deep in my heart. “It is beautiful out here. I love the wild.”

“Shit. Like I never would have dreamed. Just remember, the more you let me into this damned personal castle of yours, the more I’ll be able to protect you. And us.”

Fuck. I loved him so much.

I wished we could have stayed there forever, but we more or less put ourselves together, as Samir continued to open us up to the world. Seemingly wandering around disheveled on a hill I knew so well by myself. Wow. Eddie walking around disheveled. Even that was amazing. The dude with never a hair out of place, unless he put it there.

Of course only after I sucked him off, after he pulled out. Even if I did worry I might be getting addicted to the taste of him.

He sensed it: “I promise. Whenever you want it.” He smiled as I bit him, just a bit, right at the base of his almost never soft cock.

“You’re worse than Viagra…”

I don’t know that I would have ever even imagined that was a thing, but the more we wandered around, the more connected we seemed to be, even to the real world. And the more Samir was bringing me out of a shell I had been hiding in, for such a long time already.

A squirrel ran across our path. Samir squeeze my hand. I grabbed his cock. “Even that squirrel probably knows what a horny fuck you are.”

I smiled. Honestly, I really wasn’t an out-loud laughing kind of guy. The squirrel stopped. I knelt down and put Samir’s cock in my mouth.

“Trust you.”

“Please. Even squirrels deserve a bit of proof, no?”

“You’re going to have me fucking you in public if I’m not careful.”

I came as close to laughing as ever: “And maybe even if you are. But you know I’m joking.”

“Fucker. I kind of wish you weren’t.” And he kissed me. With a tinge of evil in those eyes.

I was gradually actually getting used to him. Even out in the sunlight. I had never wanted to admit to myself how nice it was when he touched me. In private was one thing. Behind his bedroom door. Underneath a desk. In an empty locker room. But this was out in the wide, wide open.

I had never imagined I’d be able to take his hints as real.

But it was so nice how things were developing.

“I have to show you something.”

He looked at me quizzically. “Out here? You are a freak.”

“Maybe. Just around these trees up here.”

We rounded the corner. There was a massive boulder. Samir looked at me.

“So. Here’s where I used to come and sit and jerk off. All by myself. Just thinking about you. And how lucky I was to have you as a friend.”



“You’d jerk off just thinking about how nice it was to be my fucking friend?”

“I did. More times than I want to admit. You’re gorgeous, man. And talented. And kind, at least to me. And so nice to have reached out to me.”



“At the same time that I was jerking off almost every damned day wondering if I was ever going to succeed at getting you to suck me off. Hell. And I never would have even let my fantasies wander to the possibility of you swallowing my cum. Let alone me fucking you.”

I smiled. It must have been at least a bit devilish. “Or me fucking you?”

He grabbed me. It startled some birds that had been quietly milling around us. “Of course you need to show me exactly where you sat.”

“Damn. How can you be so big and so strong AND so adorable?”

I showed him. He insisted I sit there. Damn. Was I ready for what he might do?

As the fucker pulled my pants down and went down on me. Shit. Right there. As he fingered my leaking ass as he sucked the cum out of me. Plus got some out of my ass and rubbed it on my tongue.

He laughed as he looked up at me: “So much for just thinking it’s nice to be my friend.”

And then he climbed right on top of me and began to spit at least some of my cum into my mouth. “So you know both of our cum is together in there, right?”

Damn. And then he sucked the air out of my lungs.

Fuck. He was going to push some of our cum right into my lungs.

I put both hands into his thick hair. Damn. Just knowing that it was ok for me to do that almost put me over the edge again.

I was so happy to surrender.

“How’s that for thinking that I’m your cute friend?”

Of course I teared up. And held him so gently. “You’re my most adorable friend ever. I love you, Samir.”

“I told you. I’m taking over. Everything. Including things neither of us have ever even dreamed could be possible before.”

And the whole wide wild world knew.

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